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Call or text 704-575-3548 or 704-771-0794 to view any listings and for information on buyer's representation services (No cost to you). Elizabeth is the founder of CIRCA and a practicing writer, architectural historian and preservation consultant living in Brooklyn, NY.
At just under 1,500 sf, this charming brick cottage in Malone, New York is just delightful.
Ok, before you go looking at the pictures below, keep this in mind: All photos were taken BEFORE this house experienced significant fire, smoke and water damage last November. Say what you will about Detroit — no one can argue that the architecture there is unparalleled. Elizabeth has loved historic houses for as long as she can remember, having grown up in an 1850’s Greek Revival gem that was lovingly restored by her parents. I’ll search around the Fairfield and see if we can find anything around there for our next 10 Under $50,000 post. But this weekend we rekindled the tradition and spent the day doing things around the apartment that had been piling up for weeks, talking and playing with Banjo (who, as many of you know, is our old house-loving beagle).

Boasting a standing seam roof and a beautiful historic staircase, there is much to love about this house. Taylor House is folk Victorian cottage dating from 1912, and one of the first properties listed on CIRCA! Just wonder this: can a foreigner who lives in the USA but doesn’t have US citizenship buy one of these houses?(in cash) What do the real estate laws about foreigners say about this?
The exterior has some modest Craftsman ornament, and inside is just enough original detail to keep things interesting. This one has long been on the radar of Preservation North Carolina, which tells us that while the property is in need of complete rehabilitation, it is also within the boundaries of the Goldsboro Certified Historic District and is thus eligible for federal and state preservation tax credits.
It also made me very excited to tackle new house projects and to think about how much fun it’ll be when we finally find our perfect fixer-upper. But if there is ANY WAY IN THE WORLD it can look even remotely close to what it looked like when these photos were taken, then sign me up now.
I will love sitting on your incredible wrap-around porch drinking lemonade in the hot Georgia summertime.

We travel to Cincinnati every week for my daughters gymnastics training and are looking for a neat place under 50,000 to fix up. I’m sure something beyond my wildest dreams lives underneath that drop ceiling, and the first person to produce $40,000 gets to find out what it is.
I will love your wood floors, your perfect symmetry and the fact that you cost just a little more than my annual rent in Brooklyn.
By the way, I looked on Google street view, and there seems to be a folk Victorian fixer-upper right next door.
Thus I was extra excited to put together this week’s round-up of 10 houses under $50,000, any one of which I would gladly welcome into my life as my newest project.

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