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Be it luxury homes or apartments, real estate in Las Vegas has developed to a great extent.
Las Vegas is the place to be for anyone involved in the gaming, hospitality, and entertainment. Besides gaming, Las Vegas offers numerous attractions including a lively arts district complete with a monthly art walk.
Copyright © 2012 Autos Weblog, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. Apart from being a tourist destination, it is also favorite destination for real estate investors. Beyond the neon lights of the iconic Las Vegas strip is a real city with community, culture, and industry.
Casinos and hotels are the major employers, but Las Vegas supports many jobs that are only indirectly related to gaming.

Ever since it became a city in 1911, Las Vegas has continued to be one of the fastest growing metropolitan areas in the country. The 6,709 square foot building entitled?Tenaya Residence is located in Las Vegas and is in fact a design transformation of a former architecture project nestled in the area. In 2004, Forbes listed The Ridges in Las Vegas as one of the most amazing places to live in America. Most Las Vegas luxury homes are owned by high net worth individuals who live with their families. The last 20 years has seen an influx of families to the area, which has led to a boom in new home construction. Here is more from the architects: ?The residence is a remodel and an expansion to an existing house within a well established neighborhood. Las Vegas has many housing options ranging from single family homes to investment homes, luxury high rise condominiums, townhouses or even home rentals.

The addition of a new wing and a free standing casita utilized the site in an all new way by forming a private interior courtyard which functions as an extension of the entertainment and public areas of the house.
Long overhangs and curved roofs form the dynamic street elevation: a welcome addition to a settled community.? The interior design of the house is highly modern and stands out due to futuristic elements and striking lighting schemes.

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