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At first glance, this seems the worst kind of advice that any real estate agent would give you.
Most people assume that overpriced homes are not worth even negotiating for because their owners surely know what they are doing, and they are obviously just waiting for someone gullible enough to take the bait. Well, you know how not all assumptions are right and the only way to find out the truth is to ask. Again, everything boils down to your willingness to take chances and just how much you like that house. Finally, there’s the possibility that the property in Lakeland Florida that you wish to purchase may not be overpriced at all.
Petra, it really does not hurt to ask and if you are the only person who does, you may get into a good dialog that will produce a satisfactory result for everyone.

With the limited inventories we are seeing these days the well overpriced listing in my neighborhood just went under contract. I have always been surprised that agents do not even attempt to write on listings that appear to be overpriced, like you said, why not try. Petra, if I could get buyers to buy overpriced homes I'd be rich but it is against my better self to lead them that way.
Why should a homebuyer even consider making an offer for an overpriced house in Lakeland FL?
It’s just that nobody actually got around to talking to the homeowner and finding out why he asked for such an amount. It may be that the homeowner was indeed hoping for that price but is willing to negotiate – with the right person.

No doubt I know Lakeland FL is a great great neighborhood with great people.Good luck on your business and continue being the best and hard working Lakeland FL Short Sale Agent. What if the homeowner was just waiting for a buyer who liked the house enough to negotiate the price even if it meant the possibility of getting turned down before he even finishes his question?
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