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March 25, 2013 by Staff Reporter 17 Comments Interested in building or buying one of those eco-friendly, mortgage-free tiny houses in Florida? Much of the buzz about the tiny house movement is centered on the West Coast, however they suffer from a nannyish government complex that makes living in a tiny house difficult, especially in large metropolitan areas.
Middleburg: In the Jacksonville area, Marc and Trudi Boese built a house on wheels on an acre of land in Florida that also houses several chickens and their vegetable and fruit garden. Zephyrhills: Cy Englert has started a Tiny House meetup group in Zephyrhills, which is near Tampa.
SignaTour campers, small houses built on wheels in the Tampa area, also sell light travel trailers. Mobile home makers are following up on the tiny house trend, though its still a mobile home!
Historic Shed is based in Brooksville, FL and offers site built cottages with traditional Florida styling from 224 sf to 800 sf, delivered and installed anywhere in Florida. I have a new Tiny House for sale, it needs the inside finished, I have all the materials to finish it. I too am looking for property to rent, lease or purchase…where I can place my Beautiful New Tiny House. Does anyone know if Monroe County in the Florida Keys allows tiny houses on your own property?
Elvira Garner’s Ezekiel of Sanford, FloridaOne great, forgotten Florida author is Elvira Garner.

Save Silver Spring Movement GrowsOCALA – Citizens of this Florida town, home to Silver Springs, are banding together to help support the historic attraction. The climate and growing season make it perfect too; with the 12 month sunny season an outdoors lifestyle is possible. However, in some jurisdictions in Florida, zoning laws are not carefully enforced because of the large transient population and prevalence of mobile homes. The story listed is a few years old, but it gives a vivid picture of how beautiful life can be in Florida with a small house. Dan Loche’s company focuses on teaching folks how to build tiny houses with two-day seminars.
Also related to the meetup is Emily Lindahl’s Facebook page group of Florida Tiny Houses. For instance Jacobsen Homes sells a cool looking smaller mobile home that echoes a tiny house.
Many older models are quite inexpensive and marina slips can be but a few hundred a month, including utilities. Very many zoning departments say that they encourage this, but when it comes to actually building a tiny house, the reality is different. Across the state, many local contractors and companies build smaller sheds that work as offices, etc. Garner, a native of Sanford, Florida, wrote two famous children’s books of the 1930s, Ezekiel Travels and Sarah Faith Anderson, Her Book. The New England Oyster House apparently still isn’t around, but in the 1960s and 1970s, they had locations all over South Florida.

Franklin was comedian, but his nightclub became a place were all sorts of talent was discovered. More than two hundred lots have been apportioned for the Country Meadows neighborhood in Manatee County.Due to its proximity to the celebrated Lakewood Ranch communities in Southwestern Florida, Country Meadows is being developed with a certain ethos that aims to protect the natural beauty of the region and provide a lifestyle that is both comfortable and sustainable.
Most expensive houses have large patios and porches, and some families live outside most weekends. Agriculture, with its need for multiple outbuildings and staging areas, also means that a well-kept tiny house can be seen as a civic asset, not a liability.
Tiny houses are all about growing food and living sustainably and frequently attract younger residents who are seeking to downsize or live in a more authentic way. For instance, there are depressed counties and areas around Port Charlotte that have hundreds of lots that fill up unsuccessful subdivisions from earlier eras. We would love to gather up a listing of companies that sell these sheds, especially those that are larger.
Ezekiel was about an African-American boy in Sanford, Florida, who lived with Mammy, Pappy and his sister Emancipation. However, deed restrictions and county zoning prevent small houses from being constructed there.

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