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Those looking for a classic small-town home should be well pleased with Upper Marlboro, Maryland. First settled in the late 1600s, the area has long been the center of political and social activity for Prince George County. Inside the town limits, you'll find a lake with a walking path, a horse racing arena in which civic events are held, and the spirit of community you expect to find in such a small town.
With a population of less than 700 people, the town truly embodies the spirit of local living. The current courthouse, which has been rebuilt several times in the last 300 years, stands in the spot of the original courthouse and maintains all the character and charm of the last three centuries. As the county seat of Prince George County, Upper Marlboro offers its residents the peace and easy living of a tight-knit community without sacrificing the amenities intrinsic to a large metro area.

Shopping in city limits is scarce, but the town rests a mere hour from Washington DC and is even closer to several other metropolitan areas, including Bowie, Clinton, Brandywine, Waldorf, and Forestville. It is the birthplace of notable figures, such as the founder of Georgetown University and the first Catholic Archbishop in America, John Carroll, and his brother Daniel, who was one of the signers of the U.S.
Homes for sale in Upper Marlboro and Greater Upper Marlboro run the gamut from townhomes and historic single-family homes to starter homes and ranch-style neighborhoods. Historic downtown plays host to a number of locally owned businesses and shops that cater to the residents of Upper Marlboro. If small-town downtown living isn't for you, the surrounding area, known as Greater Upper Marlboro, encompasses over 77 miles squared and 20,000 residents. First established as a port town for tobacco shipments in the 1700s, the town has flourished for decades without ever losing its commitment to its sense of community and family.

As one of the oldest established settlements on the East Coast, Upper Marlboro boasts a history rich with tobacco, horse racing, shipping, politics, and religion, making this a town with a thriving culture. Whatever home style you fancy, you can find it on our website of homes for sale in Upper Marlboro.

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