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This single family home was the most expensive home ever fought over in a divorce case (Donald Trump’s of course!). Homes often described as Victorian refer to a time period during the 60-plus-year reign of England’s Queen Victoria, in which various housing styles were popularized or brought back from other times. Victorian architecture can be said to encompass several different styles, but there are some common elements to look for.
Unlike in today’s subdivisions where multiple houses are built by the same builder in not-too-subtle variations on the same theme, the builders of what was Toronto’s first suburb were a very eclectic and imaginative bunch.
By the mid-1880s most of Seaton and Ontario streets were fully lined with homes, each built individually from patterns that originated in England and Scotland.
In the first statement of your article, you say that Victorian is not actually a style of architecture.
Heather spent a lot of time working with me to eventually find exactly what I was looking for!
Once owned by Coca-Cola heir Michael Bird and his wife, Bonnie, this 38,000 square foot Mediterranean estate remained unfinished for a number of years.
Whether it was a large farm in the country, a small worker's cottage or a town house in a growing urban centre like Toronto, the residences could boast good solid craftsmanship and decorative touches.

The first building lots were sold in 1845 along Sherbourne Street, with the land being subdivided into a grid pattern of streets by city surveyor John Howard.
Sherbourne Street became an alternative, where wealthy merchants and gentry built spacious two and three-storey brick homes alongside the skinny row houses. Carpenters built each house to be unique; even homes attached in rows have subtle differences in their windows, roofs and trim that make each one a custom work of art. The streets were not originally paved, but there was public transit; first in the form of horse-drawn trams and later streetcars running along Parliament, Sherbourne and Carlton as they do today. It's important to trust your real estate agent both pre and post-offer and I certainly felt confident that Heather was steering me in the right direction.
Ocean Boulevard – This property was started by an unknown architect then finished by Mark Timothy. Ocean Boulevard – This property was designed by Randall Stofft and built by Terence Cudmore. The typical Victorian house builder (even the Gothic Revivalists) wanted to ‘dress up’ the house with frills, swirls, patterns and details – just as the Victorian dress maker worked with lace, puffs, ribbons and crinolines as well as fabrics. Serious development of homes in the nearby streets really got off the ground about the time of Canada’s confederation in 1867.

The homes, bought by professionals such as bankers, doctors and lawyers, were built using the finest materials and techniques available to home builders of the day – which has contributed to the longevity of Cabbagetown’s Victorians. From about 1895 to 1915, middle-class tastes turned away from the clutter and closed off rooms of the traditional Victorian home to more open, flexible spaces: the living room replaced the parlour. This led to criticism by some European factions who considered the styles to be unnecessarily cluttered and complex.
Simpler wood furniture and interiors displaced the former upholstered and multi-layered look typical of the Victorian home. Though there was doubtless a tremendous mixing of the architectural styles throughout the period, the final product always seemed to have a unity of design that made everything work. At the turn of the nineteenth and into the twentieth century, working-class and middle-class homes reflected contrasting material standards.

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