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Read news of foreclosures, learn how to invest in fixer upper homes and find out how to make money with distressed properties for sale.
Sellers of distressed homes for sale by owner in Cedar Rapids and Iowa City in Iowa got some tough challenges from sellers of executive dwellings in the area. A lot of buyers did go for cheaper distressed properties in 2010, including fixer upper homes for sale in Cedar Rapids Iowa. Although the increase from the total of 19 sold in 2009 was slight, realtors stated that an increase in this category is still significant, given that the home-buying market is dominated by low-priced distressed homes in Iowa and selling dwellings worth at least $500,000 can be a real challenge at the current condition of the housing industry.
Meanwhile, distressed homes for sale by owner and foreclosed properties accounted for a huge percentage of housing sales in Johnson County in 2010, leaving only a small space for more expensive homes.
For the first few months of 2011, four houses worth at least $500,000 have already been sold in Johnson.

Most realtors admit that the executive home market will continue to be edged out by cheaper distressed homes for sale by owner and foreclosures. Copyright © 2012 Autos Post, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. Sales in the latter category were strong in the region during 2010, according to recent data presented by the Cedar Rapids Area Association of Realtors. However, executive dwellings, or houses priced at least half-a-million dollars, were able to hold their own and gain some of the home buying market's share.
For the current year, realtors reported that no existing executive residence has yet to be sold in Linn, although as of the last week of February 2011, over 30 houses worth more than $500,000 have been listed in the area. The county posted a total of 29 sales in the executive residential category last year, down from 2009's total of 43.

The Iowa City Area Association of Realtors also reported that as of the last week of February, 59 houses in this price category were listed in the area. However, they also claimed that although executive homes will not be able to return to pre-crisis level this year, figures are likely to remain positive for the rest of 2011. Data from the association showed that 21 houses worth $500,000 or higher were sold in Linn County last year. Local realtors reported that the supply of higher-end dwellings in the region has increased in the past months, despite the presence of numerous distressed houses.

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