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Pictures Chalet Leuk Switzerland traumhaftes Chalet Majema in den Walliser Bergen www.majema. The Fort Monmouth Economic Revitalization Authority made a housing site of 120 homes available for purchase Wednesday in response to Hurricane Sandy. The Presbyterian Church at Hammonton will give away the 13-room, 2,500-square-foot Victorian house to a new owner who can haul it from its location on Vine Street near Town Hall, the report said.
The church is also requesting for a plan on how the owner will use the structure, the report said.
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The state agency, acting on a complaint, found that the restaurant's liquor license does not permit outdoor alcohol consumption and mandated that the activity stop until the proper permits are obtained. That could take up to six weeks, said Dori Fifis, who co-owns the restaurant with her husband. Fifis said several previous owners before them have entertained and served alcohol on the outdoor patio without a needing a separate license. The ABC mandate, the latest by-product of a prolonged dispute between the restaurant and its neighbors, came as the Fifises launched a counter attack to some recent bad press. In an e-mail sent to customers yesterday, the family denied allegations that the restaurant was holding sex parties for swingers and catering to a raucous college crowd. The family said the stories were more falsehoods generated by two neighbors determined to put the restaurant out of business by drumming up bad publicity as Erini's liquor license renewal comes up for a public hearing next week. The smear campaign included hundreds of unfounded complaints to police, local and county code officials, and now the ABC, the e-mail alleged. Fifis said customers who have booked parties at the restaurant are worried about the allegations, especially talk of sex parties. The e-mail said that the restaurant, like many others in the area, has rented its banquet hall to a "meet and greet" by an area swingers group.
Last week Mayor Jack Ball said police had not been informed of the sex allegations until recently. One sympathetic patron called the barrage of complaints a "witch hunt" by the neighbors who live across the street. Peter Bonanni, who lives next door to the restaurant, said he doesn't find the place to be excessively noisy.
Even for a kiddie flick, "Hotel Transylvania" is heavy on the scatological, and guess why? Especially "Hotel Transylvania." Even for a kiddie flick, it is heavy on the doody, and guess why? Plot: Single dad Dracula wants to protect daughter Mavis (Selena Gomez) from the fate of her mother, who was killed by torch-wielding humans. A clever update occurs when the monsters blunder into a festival not unlike a Fangoria or Chiller Theatre convention.
Meanwhile, "Fire, bad!" harkens to 1935's "Bride of Frankenstein," and Dracula's hearse looks like something car-customizer George Barris would have cooked up for "The Munsters" or the Aurora Plastics Corp. The real-life Dunham is a phenomenally gifted writer-actress who has turned the Hannahs of the world into the lead character of a hit HBO series, which snagged two Golden Globes on Jan. From the first scene of the pilot, it's clear that Dunham hasn't shaped her fictional counterpart as a heroic character. Later, a job interview is going swimmingly for Hannah — that is, until she makes a joke that casts her interviewer as a serial date-rapist. We then glimpse into Hannah's pathetic love life — knocking on the door of her goofy, gangly sure thing Adam (Adam Driver) for a little action, which usually involves some measure of degradation. TV recaps, movie and music reviews, local dining guides, and the latest in Atlantic City entertainment news delivered to your inbox!
NUTLEY — For years, Roche's Nutley campus contributed to the state's reputation as the nation's medicine chest, turning out such powerful drugs as Valium and, more recently, Zelboraf, a new treatment for melanoma.
Tuesday, Roche, a venerable cornerstone of New Jersey’s pharmaceutical industry, announced it will close its Nutley campus and shed nearly 1,000 jobs by the end of next year as part of a plan to consolidate its research efforts.

For New Jersey, the announcement was another painful contraction of an industry that once dominated the state’s economy. Schwan, Roche’s CEO, said in his e-mail to employees that management decided to leave Nutley after evaluating the prospects for a number of early-stage drugs, especially new medicines for inflammation, that were being developed on the campus. As part of its announcement Tuesday, the company said Jean-Jacques Garaud, head of Roche’s early development research, would leave at the end of the month. Roche said the discovery research in virology and oncology that was carried out in New Jersey would be spread out among sites in Penzberg, Germany, and in Switzerland, where the company has facilities in Basel and Schlieren. The company notified employees at the start of the day that there would be a late-morning meeting to discuss the state of the site. Tom Lyon, head of the Nutley site, said employees will be provided with a range of support options and services to assist them during the transition. Meanwhile, the company will start searching the East Coast for a site to locate a new clinical research center.
The proposed center, which is expected to be open by early next year, will employ 240 people, many of whom could come from the Nutley site, according to Roche. Hughes, the dean of the Bloustein School, said Roche was probably going to focus its search in Massachusetts, which is known for having a hub of hospitals and universities that carry out clinical trials. A win at Dartmouth Saturday will give Princeton University football the Ivy League title outright. Another week, another Ivy League Player of the Week award for Princeton University's Quinn Epperly.
PRINCETON — Princeton University head football coach Bob Surace brought his 1989 Ivy League championship ring to the team meeting Sunday.
The Tigers assured themselves a silver ring Saturday with their 59-23 rout of Yale on Homecoming. The fourth-year head coach estimated that 35 of his former teammates helped celebrate Saturday’s win.
Luck hasn’t really been needed this season, despite falling behind in five of the last six games. That theme has been as familiar as the statistics and awards the team has accumulated during its eight-game winning streak, since the one-point loss to start the season against Lehigh. Quarterback Quinn Epperly Monday earned his sixth Ivy League Offensive Player of the Week award and his fifth in a row. The offense already has the Ivy League record for total yards in a season at 4,702, and has now scored 50 or more points in a game this season five times.
In addition, as usual, a plethora of players either caught the ball (nine) or ran the ball (10), including Epperly and quarterback buddies Connor Michelsen (one catch) and Kedric Bostic (two). Perhaps the most astounding stat from the Yale game was that, in the fourth quarter, Princeton held a time-of-possession advantage of 13 minutes to two.
And this weekend it’s against a team that has beaten the Tigers three straight years. The options at quarterback for next season are Gary Nova and a trio of unproven youngsters. Young quarterbacks Mike Bimonte (#16) and Chris Laviano (#5) will compete with Gary Nova for the starting job this spring. NORTH BRUNSWICK - All juvenile offenders being detained by Monmouth County authorities will be housed in Middlesex County under a shared-services agreement that is expected to reap millions of dollars in savings for Middlesex County.
NORTH BRUNSWICK -- All juvenile offenders being detained by Monmouth County authorities will be housed in Middlesex County under a shared-services agreement that is expected to reap millions of dollars in savings for Middlesex County.
Under the plan approved by Monmouth County freeholders today, juvenile offenders in Monmouth will be brought to the Middlesex County Juvenile Detention Center in North Brunswick. Monmouth County will pay $2.5 million annually for the service, but the county will save a nearly equal amount by closing its own juvenile center, located in Freehold Township, which needs about $12 million in improvements, Middlesex County officials said. Currently the Middlesex County facility houses about 50 juveniles daily from Middlesex and Somerset counties.
The North Brunswick center can accommodate 100 juveniles, and under the new agreement Middlesex County will provide beds for 37 people from Monmouth County, officials said.

Monmouth County will pay for transporting juveniles to the center, and may provide transportation for relatives, Middlesex County officials said.
Also, the two counties may develop a system permitting relatives see and speak juveniles over a computer link between the jail and a Monmouth County facility, officials said. Phillipsburg High School wrestling team defeated Voorhees 46-13 in Glen Gardner on Wednesday, Jan. All rights reserved (About Us).The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of New Jersey On-Line LLC. Yesterday he would neither confirm nor deny that police had visited the premises while the swingers party was in progress. He said the Fifises may be catering to a younger crowd than past owners but he said as long as no laws are being broken, Erini should be allowed to find business where they can in these tough economic times.
Adam Sandler is its executive producer and star (doing a typical third-generation Bela Lugosi imitation as the voice of Dracula). Monsters gather at Dracula's hotel to celebrate Mavis' 118th birthday, when in stumbles a backpacking mortal slacker (Andy Samberg). In 2009, a wave of consolidation erased two other major drug makers, Wyeth and Schering-Plough and hundreds of high-paying pharmaceutical jobs. The drug maker pays $9 million in annual property taxes, which represents roughly 9 percent of what Nutley collects, Mayor Alphonse Petracco said. He also cited the high costs of running a small research facility on the oversized campus as a factor. Assembled in the company’s cafeterias and an auditorium, the employees received boxed lunches along with the news that the campus would be shut down.
A season-high crowd of 14,824 watched them win their first Ivy League title in seven years. They met after the game on campus for close to three hours, then followed Surace to his house to reminisce and tell exaggerated tales for another couple of hours.
The Big Green are 5-4 but have won three of their last four, the only loss coming to Harvard by a field goal. The options are clear: Nova, who has 28 career starts, or one of the young QBs who hasn't taken a collegiate snap.
Somerset County’s juveniles has been housed in Middlesex County for more than 30 years, officials said. Last year Monmouth County officials expressed concerns about their juveniles being far from their homes, and the difficulty of relatives traveling to North Brunswick for visits. 4, said there would be a 10-year agreement, providing more than $20 million in revenue for Middlesex County and $20 million in savings for Monmouth County. Hannah whines that they should be overjoyed she hasn't become an unwed mother or a heroin addict.
Much of "Revenge" was shot at Marineland in Florida, so we see fish-out-of-water moments (pun intended) such as when the Creature, on (albeit, webbed) foot, attacks theme park patrons.
Head-scratcher: Doodles Weaver received billing for a split-second shot as a kiddie show host. Roche, which many people know as Hoffman-LaRoche, will continue to employ 400 people at its diagnostics facility in Branchburg. If they win at Dartmouth this Saturday they will have their first outright championship since 1995. Epperly, who now has thrown for 23 touchdowns and run for 17, threw for three and ran for one against Yale.
All indications are that there will be a full-out quarterback competition this spring to make the decision.

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