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It is not perfect, but we can all be proud of the people, systems and institutions that make up our democracy.Meaning of the MandateOn the day of Election, I witnessed a young man carrying, cradled in his arm, an obviously bed-ridden elderly man from a polling station. In the bustle of the busy school yard, as they passed, the elderly man pointed his ink stained finger at me and said, “Andrew, do the right thing!”I stand here humbled by the awesome power of you, the people, and I commit to doing right by you. The people are sovereign and their views and votes must never be taken for granted.The people of Jamaica did not vote in vain.
They expect a government that works for them and by the same expectation, an Opposition that is constructive. This means that the winner cannot take all, or believe we can do it alone.Leading Partnerships for ProsperityTo achieve the vision of shared prosperity through inclusive economic growth and meaningful job creation, now more than ever, Government must lead, activate, empower and build real partnerships. From the politician making policy to the civil servant processing an application, we must act dutifully to fulfill our responsibilities. We will fulfill our commitments.Our actions can achieve so much more if they are coordinated. There is more hope than despair and this creates a great opportunity to form partnerships for prosperity.Partnership with FamiliesYou know, I am now joined in Parliament by my life partner Juliet. This how we will increase local effective demand in housing, manufacturing, and agriculture. This is how you can play a part in creating in jobs while satisfying your wellbeing.We will continue our policy of tuition-free education and no user fee access to health care.
However, will enable you to save in an education bond for your children’s education and in a national health insurance scheme your healthcare.We will enhance our social safety net for vulnerable families, and will provide support for parents in crisis, but you must be responsible and send your children to school.

Our men must take care of their children, and couples must be responsible in having the children they can afford.Our government commits to creating the environment in which families can flourish and form communities of social mobility from which every ghetto youth can be star.
However, every family member must do his or her part by being personally, socially and economically responsible.I am sure Juliet will understand if I seek to build another partnership in Parliament. Leader of the Opposition, Portia Simpson Miller has given long and dedicated service to the country and I believe the mandate is saying, we may not be on the same side of the road, but as much as possible we should hold hands in cooperation to overcome obstacles for the good of the country.
We have evolved without formal structure a very good partnership in education and we intend to continue our informal collaborations in this area and pursue other such areas of cooperation between Government and Opposition members.I still believe it is a useful symbol of national unity for the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition to appear together in zones of political exclusions. I again extend the invitation.Partnership for Growth with Private SectorThe priority of this Government is to grow the economy and create meaningful jobs. I am sure we all agree that much of Jamaica’s development has been achieved without growth, which has left us with much debt. This is unsustainable.Going forward, Jamaica’s development must rest on its ability to create propositions of value and attract investments to convert the value into wealth. In this model, Government is not the main investor, it is the Private Sector whether they be large enterprises or small business. We want to see the return of the pioneering drive to create new industries, the entrepreneurial willingness to take risk, and the innovative insight to do things better. Now is the time for growth.Partnership with international partnersWe are not naive about the challenges we face regarding our debt and the need to maintain fiscal discipline. This is why we will continue with the principle of joint oversight of our Economic Programme and performance.We recognize the importance of, and value our relationship with our bilateral and multilateral friends. It is not lost on me that I am the first of the Post-Independence generation to lead Jamaica. More than anything else we want to see Jamaica take its true place as a developed country in the next 50 years. It is through our economic independence that we secure real political independence.However, after 53 years of independence, there is need for institutional review of the Jamaican State both in terms of modernization of the institutions of the State, and the structure of the State.
Government has to improve its business processes and become more efficient as a regulator and a service provider.There is need for us to have a say in the fundamental institutions that define Jamaica, the rights we secure for our citizens and how we want Jamaica to be. We will give form to that voice in a referendum to decide on the constitutional matters and social matters.Independent Jamaica must remove the culture of dependency from our midst.

We must teach our children that there is no wealth without work, and no success without sacrifice. We must remove the belief from the psyche of our children that the only way they can step up in life is not by how hard they work, but by who they know.As Prime Minister I have a duty to align our incentives and reward systems for those who work and follow rules.
We must create a Jamaica where the man who plays by the rules is rewarded!It is important that the citizens of Independent Jamaica have a sense of entitlement to good service from their country. Jamaica has benefited significantly from the civic pride and sense of nationhood that drove so many to give generously of their talent and treasures to build our great nation.The spirit still exists, to a great extent, locally and in our Diaspora.
However, we have to be more active in promoting civic responsibility, volunteerism and ‘giving back’, particularly among our youth. And we have to integrate the incredible talents and assets of the Jamaican Diaspora in local development.
Too often I hear complaints from the Diaspora that they experience difficulty in giving to Jamaica. Giving should be easy, as part of our Partnership for Prosperity which includes the Diaspora, we will make it easier for you to contribute to the development of your homeland.Jamaica is too rich in people and talent to be a poor country. With good governance and a prospective outlook, Jamaica, within a decade or less, could emerge as a booming economy and a prosperous society.Jamaica is geographically central in the Caribbean. A centre of finance, trade and commerce, technology and innovation, and the centre of arts, culture, and lifestyle regionally. Despite any negatives, Jamaica still has a powerful and alluring brand amplifying our voice and influence in the world.We cannot be satisfied with things as they are. Where we can encourage our children to dream big and be optimistic about their life chances.
A Jamaica that is booming and investors and entrepreneurs can have a confident outlook on the economy.

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