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Directly across the river from Kingston (our home office) is Dutchess County, which stretches to the Connecticut border.
Attorney’s Aides of Kingston can provide process service, foreclosure and eviction notices, document services, property management, and real estate services to all of Dutchess County.
What are peoplea€™s expectations from government in a challenging economy?  Do they differ from expectations during a thriving economy?  Who are the different diverse constituencies with all these expectations?
Home foreclosures in 2009 were up 35% compared to 2007 prior to the economic downturn, and are expected to continue to rise in 2010. A notable barometer of the sagging economy is that in January 2010, the Department of Social Services reports a total caseload for its TANF, Safety Net, Medicaid, SSI, Food Stamp and Family Health Plus programs to be 38,006 versus 28,357 for the same period in 2007.
Alert To Taxpayers: The total estimated cost for state mandated programs and services in 2010 is nearly $126 million - not including staff and costs to administer these programs. Every business and job in Dutchess County is worth fighting for because behind that job or business are people and families - perhaps a personal friend or neighbor. 2009 was a significant year, highlighted by the Hudson Fulton Champlain Quadricentennial and the opening of the Walkway Over the Hudson. Thanks to the county dollars we direct to Dutchess County Tourism, we had designed, produced, and distributed 75,000 travel guides, 90,000 calendars of events and hosted a record 50 travel writers who generated more than $2 million worth of articles in various national and international publications. More than 600 tourism businesses, employing thousands of local workers, were promoted at six travel and trade shows; the leads generated at these shows were distributed to 60 businesses interested in group markets, 13 new experiential tours were created for the group travel market and 27 packages were posted to Getaway New York designed to generate overnight stays in leisure market.
As we head into 2010, the department, led by newly appointed Commissioner Kealy Salomon, will be focused on a full agenda of planning and community assistance projects, affordable housing projects, community development support and more. In 2010, we will continue to work to meet the needs of seniors in our community with new and innovative programs. Another new initiative for 2010 includes Dutchess County as one of a handful of counties chosen by New York State Division of Aging Services to participate in the Community Living Program in 2010.
Food stamp benefit payments through October 2009 totaled more than $23 million, reflecting a 94% increase when compared to the same time period in 2007. In 2009, Child Support collections totaled more than $31 million, a 5% increase as compared to 2007. 2009 Medicaid gross cost was $345 million with a county cost of $35 million, 18% higher gross than in 2007. A new Non-Emergency Medicaid Transportation Broker service contract, developed by an in-house administration team, provides improved customer service and saves taxpayers an estimated $1.25 million.
The Special Investigation Unit for Temporary Assistance, Medicaid and Food Stamps has been able to avoid over $12 million in ineligible benefits.
Imaging of records has improved efficiency and also requires fewer staff for filing and pulling records. A new greeter and line control system in the reception area minimizes wait time for customers.
The new MY Benefits Electronic Food Stamp application process gives residents the ability to apply online for Food Stamp benefits.
The Eastern Dutchess Government Center offers appointment service, and currently carries 600 active cases, bringing County government services closer to our customers a€“ improving access and convenience. DMH has also begun a major initiative - its plan to reform and restructure the department and realign its resources. Evan Handel has a brilliantly keen ability to handle a real estate deal with professionalism, expertise, and ingenuity. Evan Handel employs a full staff of professional individuals who are quite well trained and eager to keep up with the high pace of the firm. The law firm of Handel & Carlini has recently opened an office in Wappingers Falls, New York, while also maintaining a location in Poughkeepsie. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Advanced REO properties search by home address, REO # and MLS #, property type and status, price range and realtor name. This Other property situated in 1335 Pine Street West Columbia, SC 29172 is currently for sale and has Active status.
I commend the entire Locust Grove organization, both professional staff and community volunteers, for your dedication and commitment to this precious community resource.
The winning management strategy for a government, then, must include constant vigilance and self scrutiny and a broad, well developed understanding of what future challenges will be before the challenges actually present themselves.  Some might call that vision! Our 2003 Tobacco Securitization and the accompanying low interest rates allowed us to securitize tobacco proceeds and thus reduce debt for a net savings of $5 million in 2003 and lessen future payments. In 2006, we successfully negotiated with our employee unions to make available New York Statea€™s Empire Plan in place of the countya€™s self-insured health plan, bringing greater price stability as well as savings estimated at $1 million in the first year and more than $4 million in cost avoidance over the following five years. We continue to work aggressively to hold the line on spending, scaling back or deferring operating expenditures as needed to adjust to the changing economic environment.
We continue to maximize our state and federal aid reimbursement through inter-departmental contracts and departmental collaboration. Over the past several years, the administration has planned carefully the application of fund balance on a multi-year basis, and has continually stressed the need for long term financial planning to insure we have a strong financial foundation to see us through tough times.
The total estimated cost for state mandated programs and services in 2011 is nearly $131 million a€“ not including staff and costs to administer these programs. State imposed mandates choke county government budgets and leave fewer and fewer dollars for local services such as road maintenance, Sheriffa€™s services, veteransa€™ services, youth programs, park facilities and other programs that are important to our local residents.

Dutchess County government has been ranked among the lowest of all 57 New York counties for spending and taxes per resident.
In the past, Dutchess has had the best ranking of all the medium and large sized counties of the Mid-Hudson region in several key categories, with the lowest spending for total expenditures per capita, lowest taxes per capita and lowest debt per capita. In November 2010, Moodya€™s Investora€™s Service, our bond rating agency, assigned a Aa1 rating to Dutchess County, substantiating the countya€™s sound fiscal management.
That is why I proposed a 2011 Dutchess County budget with no increase in the tax levy and a decrease in spending. Counties across the state have eliminated positions and services, and are anticipating further cuts in 2012 and beyond as stimulus funding disappears, further state aid reductions are likely, and the economic downturn continues. In the mid 2000s, we went through a year long workload review of all internal and external programs which led to administrative reorganization to increase efficiency.
In 2010, Mental Hygiene activated change through the consolidation of four Continuing Day Treatment programs into three and closing the Southern Dutchess Continuing Day Treatment (SDCDT) program, reassigning staff and patients to other programs.
The Clinic for the Multi-Disabled and the Special Services Team were consolidated to generate more revenue and increase efficiency with the overall aim of improving access to treatment and quality of care using less staff.
Intensive case management - one-on-one case management working with employer and client to establish goals and design a plan that will permanently remove barriers in order to become self sufficient. DSS Work Training Program - DSS hires TANF recipients to work in the department; many have been successfully hired by DSS or for community positions.
In 2010, DSS partnered with Dutchess County Regional Chamber of Commerce and the Dutchess County Workforce Investment Board to implement the Transitional Jobs Program which partners with local businesses providing subsidized funding to hire DSS clients. Partnership with Grace Smith House to provide two domestic violence liaisons to work with DSS. Astor & Childrena€™s Village B2H program which serves children to age 21 who are severely emotionally disabled, developmentally disabled, and medically fragile.
Mental Hygiene and Astor High Risk Services program to help prevent the need for psychiatric hospitalization and residential care. Over the past decade, our Health Department has been changing and evolving from the role of provider of direct services to better align themselves to fulfill the three core functions of public health: assessment, policy development and assurance. In our ongoing efforts to be prepared in the event of any and all hazards, natural or manmade, the Health Department along with other departments and volunteers from the Medical Reserve Corp (MRC) conducted two Point of Dispensing (POD) drills in November and December. In the coming year, MRC will be expanding its mission profile to Community Based Care Sites (CBCS) and community health education in coordination with the Health Department.
As we move forward we will continue to grow, continue to train and continue to adapt to the changes we face in our community.
Our Department of Emergency Response is a prime example of where change has been necessary in order to adapt to the needs of our community regarding fire, police and emergency medical service response. When I took office in 1992, there was no centralized communication point, no centralized answering service for emergencies. Our Simulcast Radio Dispatch System installation in 2009 now provides robust radio communications with all agencies in every location in the county.
Our Emergency Response campus hosted more than 3,000 career and volunteer emergency responders for various training last year to ensure they are up to date on latest procedures and requirements a€“ that benefits everyone across the county.  How is that for an excellent example of shared and consolidated services? An internal phone system has been installed allowing us to incorporate Next Generation (NG911) standards currently being developed. To further enhance our dispatching capability, we have upgraded Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) over the last several years allowing us to interact with multiple departments, both inside county government as well as outside agencies. This is a rapidly changing industry that requires us to anticipate change before ita€™s needed to keep our emergency response system responsive to the public safety and emergency health needs of our residents.
A field reporting application provided to Sheriff Andersona€™s office for Deputy Sheriffsa€™ mobile computers allows deputies to write reports and access the Countya€™s integrated Public Safety System from their vehicles so deputies are able to spend more time on patrol rather than in the office.
These technological changes help us serve our residents better, allow our employees to work more effectively and save county property taxpayers millions of dollars annually. In the north are the the villages of Red Hook and Rhinebeck, locations of the popular Dutchess County Fair. If you are seeing this message, it is probable that Javascript is disabled for your browser is disabled. Again in early December, the state reduced and delayed state aid payments to schools, local governments and nonprofit service providers so the state would have sufficient cash to pay their own bills. We spent a great deal of time, energy and effort to convince SpectraWatt to locate here in our community. The Quad brought numerous events and activities on the Hudson River including the replica of the Henry Hudson ship, the Half Moon, during the Memorial Day weekend and the John J. Eight distinct e-newsletters were distributed to more than 9,100 business and leisure travelers.
If you believe we are sitting idle waiting for new investment, that would also be a serious misconception.
In 2010, construction will begin on several significant affordable housing developments within Dutchess County, creating more than 90 new units, including 72 senior and family rentals at Pendell Commons in the Town of Poughkeepsie, and rehabilitating over 34 occupied units at Livingston Arms in the City of Poughkeepsie. One new initiative is for OFA to work collaboratively with the Department of Mental Hygiene to implement a demonstration program of depression screening for case management clients as well as a depression identification and awareness program for those who have contact with homebound elderly, such as volunteers and letter carriers. The first phase was the recent closure of the Southern Dutchess Continuing Treatment Center and the transfer of patients and staff to other appropriate treatment programs.
His focus is primarily on real estate representation for home buyers and home sellers, including standard purchase and sale transactions, short sales and foreclosures.

While he has created a modern and distinctive image in the real estate law arena, he has also gained the confidence of literally thousands of buyers, sellers, and real estate agents and brokers in the local market. He is down to earth, energetic, and balanced, and essentially one of the main driving forces behind a successful real estate transaction. If he is unable to immediately assist a client, many feel quite confident in the knowledge and experience of his legal assistants. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. View all required contact information like name, phone and email, realty firm name and address. The Health & Human Services Cabinet which I created in 2005 has played a key role in establishing these relationships, setting a strong foundation for change to move forward with our departmental consolidations in 2011. This year, Veterans Services will repeat this successful program in another part of the county and will also hold its Sixth Annual Veterans Appreciation Day, November 5 in the Wallace Center at the FDR Library as part of our outreach efforts to those who have served our country. Conversion to a modified electronic record and the electronic prescribing of medications implemented for the psychiatrists and nurse practitioners were also completed. The program goal is to provide the individual with employment, training and educational opportunities to help them prepare for unsubsidized employment.
The number and nature of cases in this small space creates increasing hazardous conditions which could result in evidence contamination, conflicts of interest and potential legal issues. Volunteers are in high demand in all areas of emergency services and we have a highly educated, professional, energetic and dedicated group of individuals who will be available for needs as they arise.
Communication plays a critical role in emergency response efforts and we have been extremely responsive to incorporating the technological changes and the functional tools to create an effective operating environment. This ensures that a single dispatch is now received by all agencies needing details, allowing for a quicker and more coordinated response. In 2010, the Dutchess County Mutual Aid Plan which organizes, supervises and coordinates the reciprocal assistance of personnel, equipment and physical facilities among fire and other emergency agencies throughout the County of Dutchess and adjacent areas was revised. Combining CAD with our GIS capabilities affords Dutchess County coverage and interoperability that ranks Dutchess County with the best 911 facilities. The administration has a strong history of commitment to modernizing operations with Information Technology (IT) investments including the Financial Management System, as well as the Criminal Justice and Safety Computer System which have improved operational efficiencies within county government for organizations like the Sheriff, District Attorney and others. Since then, we have added to and enhanced our capabilities ensuring sufficient bandwidth to provide good response for our users and sufficient availability for application growth. These state of the art map-based tools are used extensively by hundreds of officials, assessors, planners, zoning administrators, and more.
This is a notable achievement because SpectraWatt is the first solar cell manufacturer in New York, and will occupy 110,000 sq. Harvey historic fireboat on the 4th of July where more than 8,000 people gathered on river shores to see fireworks and first-time-ever lighting of the sprays of the Harvey. Last year alone, planners for the Countya€™s Department of Planning and Development handled approximately 600 municipal referrals submitted for review of proposed site plans, special permits, zoning amendments, and SEQR under GML 239.
Evan’s expertise has also led him to representation of numerous local and national lenders.
If issues arise, he is able to tend to them with high proficiency, and handle them in the manner that is precisely geared toward a positive outcome.
His business continues to thrive and grow as more individuals and businesses seek to obtain his services. These changes and the continued emphasis on efficiency allowed us to eliminate 26 positions in the 2011 budget. In recognition of our successful efforts, we have been awarded a $5,000 Capacity Building Award every year since the inception in 2006. The limited communication infrastructure had no standards for telephone answering or communications.  Just think about that for a minute!
In 2011 we will begin the upgrade of our dispatcher consoles which connects them to all of the radio frequencies and brings capability with NG911. In 2011, we will add a new IP (Internet Protocol) based county-wide phone system highlighting our proactive planning and diligent attention to our communications infrastructure. Usage is high with an incredible 11 million pages served over the past year for just these two GIS application suites. He is advanced in real estate finance, business law, condos and cooperatives, wills & estates, and landlord and tenant representation. He has a massive referral base, including business professionals, housing industry experts, and former clients of the firm. This implementation will result in taxpayer savings in excess of $2 million over the next 10 years. Recording of video images will allow us to retransmit pictures to other law enforcement entities that will mean significant public safety benefits.
I am pleased to see first hand the success of our work to recruit this exciting opportunity to Dutchess. This recruitment is especially exciting because it is hoped it will add to a new evolving synergy cluster for other solar-related businesses and jobs to locate in the Hudson River Valley.

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