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A New York State Department of Financial Services Foreclosure Relief Unit van visited Islip to provide individuals who are facing foreclosure with counselors who can assess where homeowners are in the pre-foreclosure or foreclosure process. The mobile unit, which is eequipped with computers and communications, looks to slow the number of foreclosures in the state and to provide information about loan modifications available to homeowners under federal law.

Islip, which is located in Suffolk County, has the highest foreclosure rate in New York State. We’re seeing price appreciation and bidding wars reminiscent of the peak of the bubble years.In the judicial states—particularly New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut—we’re seeing much lower home price appreciation. This is the effect of depressing prices, especially in areas such as the Rust Belt, where vast swaths of cities are vacant.State laws also affect the value of mortgage servicing rights.

Typically, mortgage servicing rights in states such as New York and New Jersey trade at a 25% discount to other states.

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