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The Portland West Hills are chock full of these gracious homes which began making their mark in 1910.
Ahhh the Portland favorite and scattered throughout the town, Bungalows, Prairie and Craftsman style seem to be a bit confusing–and the differences are subtle.
Unlike Bungalows which can be symmetrical or not–Craftsman homes in Portland as typically all asymmetrical.
Typified by similar details as previous homes, the Arts and Crafts style dresses up a bit with by windows, leaded glass windows, carved interior beams and beamed ceilings. Born in Portland, I love showing my wonderful clients the nooks and crannies of our Metro area. When you get the bug to buy and live in a historical home there’s nothing quite like it. Historical home in Portland Oregon certainly bring back memories of a time years past when gabled roofs, bay windows, and unfinished basements were the norm.
Of course many of the Victorian homes in the Portland area, especially those on Queen Anne Street, can offer exquisite designs with restored wood beams and beautiful staircases. When looking at a historical home you’ll need to be aware that homes over 100 years old may have outdated wiring and plumbing. These historical homes in the Portland area are few and far between because once someone lives in and enjoys the beautiful historical design and style that these homes have to offer they rarely hit the market. One of Portland’s best architectural gifts are the myriad of colonial homes that can be found throughout our city. Marked with curved edges at the roof line, open porches, gabled dormers and arched entry ways are consistent throughout.
The Bungalow is marked with low pitched and widely extended eaves, multiple dormers, stone or rustic foundations, continuous rows of casement windows, expansive porches and simple trims.

Roofs continue to be steeply pitched and are finished on the exterior with shingle, stucco and foundations are stone or brick.
You usually want that old world design, historical style and grace, heavy emphasis on deep, dark, solid woods, and the general era that calls to a time the once was. Those that choose historical homes are a breed all their own and if you’re looking for an historical home in Portland Oregon we have the epitome of the ideal design and style that you may be looking for. One of the biggest drawbacks to historical homes which is those that love them never seem to mind are the fact that most have only one bathroom, regardless of the number of bedrooms. A huge benefit to these stunning and nostalgic homes is typically the square footage and the lot size.
This is something you’ll need to discuss with your home inspector to make sure you are up to standards and code. Most of these older homes will naturally have lead-based paint that may be painted over with dozens of layers of new paint. Similar to Tudor homes, These English Cottages continue with the half timber and stucco combinations on the second (and above) floors. Historical homes in Portland Oregon certainly meet all the criteria from the beautiful dark hardwood staircases to the claw foot bathtubs and pedestal sinks.
Whether it’s a Tudor, colonial style, Victorian or other style of historical home, the Portland area has many neighborhoods to suit your needs. Even those with four or five bedroom layouts may still only have one or one and a half baths. Many have larger footprints with beautiful fireplaces, beamed ceilings or high vaulted ceilings, and updated kitchens. While most owners don’t know for sure if their home has lead-based paint in it, you more than likely can determine that these older homes do have it.

This home features all the architectural details desired in this era home including wide, unpainted woodwork, pocket doors, hardwood floors, period fixtures, and built-ins. Spacious central halls, parlors and studies on one side and dining rooms with libraries on the other.
Starting literally two centuries ago, many of the homes and historical neighborhoods can range from the 1890s to the 1920s and beyond.
This is something that those that have come to love historical homes learn to accept and gravitate towards.
Take this with a grain of salt, don’t sue the current renters or owners for mis-knowledge and simply choose not to allow your children to chew on paint chips. I would love to showcase any of the historical and nostalgic homes around the Portland Oregon area with you. As a full-service RealtorĀ®, I work very hard for my amazing sellers and buyers as they list & sell, purchase, renovate and create their dream abodes.
Beautiful Victorians offering gorgeous locations and lifestyle designs add appeal and vintage design to beautiful crown molding, wainscoting, high ceilings, and stunning staircases. This is not necessarily a drawback but if this is your first time purchasing or looking at historical homes it may be different than the normal home which now has between two and four bathrooms.
From all stages of life--downsizing, expanding or relocating or handling a family estate, it is my pleasure to take great care of you. You have to be sure that this is the design that you’re willing to live with but for those that simply want a one or two bedroom home, one bathroom is no obstacle.

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