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One of the coolest things about buying a historic home in Orange County is the range of sizes, locations and prices.
When looking at historic homes for sale in Orange County, probably the biggest factor never explained on the MLS is the neighborhood.
When people think about Old Town Tustin, most people think about the Chili Cook Off (which we’ll be serving at again this year!) and Tustin Tiller days. I’ve walked past this gallery on Main street a million times and thought it was just a jewelry store.
If you’ve been thinking of a place with an real bustling downtown, tree-lined streets, and walking to just about everything, Old Towne Orange is right for you. One of the most unique things about Old Towne Orange is the variety of architectural styles and sizes of homes. Old Towne area of Orange is safe but even outsiders will notice that things degrade once you pass to the West side of Batavia street.
Don’t let the smaller size fool you, Old Town Tustin features many of the activities that make living in a historic area fun.
If you’re thinking of moving or relocating to New Jersey and would like to access demographic and school data and details for lovely South Orange, NJ, Click Here. Featuring a variety of over 50 architectural styles, Old Towne Orange provides a community atmosphere and offers a range of services that date back to its early establishment. From 2 bedroom craftsman bungalows in Santa Ana to Mediterranean revival mansions in Old Towne Orange, there is a historic home for every budget.
By OC Historic Homes standards, this one is older than most and it still has the super wide plank wood flooring. I haven’t checked the city records to see if it is fully legal as a second rental unit, but it appears to have been there a long time (built in the 60s, I think) and the unit has a separate house number.
New galleries have joined older galleries in the Old Town area and I couldn’t be more excited! There are 500 square foot clapboard bungalows on postage stamp plots and sprawling brick mansions on double lots.
Old Towne Orange is a delight for the homebuyer who wants numerous dining options within walking distance.
The police station in Orange (along with the City Hall and largest library) are located in close proximity to Old Towne and that keeps crime at bay.
Every June the streets of Old Town are transformed into the West’s largest one-day chili cookoff.

This quaint district of Orange offers its residents a glimpse of life in Orange from 1888 to 1940, adding a unique level of charm to the county. Economically, if this unit is legal, it could make this property an EXCELLENT opportunity to someone who wants to have their mortgage largely paid by a renter.
Not only do we have more than just a couple of artists, we have artists of all types living and making a living here in our town. Then, I took a step back to look at the sign and found out that James Kanan is also a sculptor!
Having a big yard means my husband has lots of space to work on his sculptures without disturbing our neighbors and we still have plenty of room to entertain and have a garden.
The majority of the homes in Old Towne are craftsman bungalows built between 1915 and 1930.
Orange definitely has one of the better school districts in Orange County, especially for elementary. It’s amazing to think that in 1900, this was the place the local farmers came to visit the blacksmith shop (it still exists!), see the doctor, and attend church. Outside of San Juan Capistrano, Tustin features some of Orange County’s oldest homes. In fact, the police station is located just a few block from Old Town Tustin, right next to the city hall. Please feel welcome to share with family, friends and co-workers.Visit the South Orange NJ Official Website here. It has a great central location in Orange County but the prices are much more affordable than Old Towne Orange. Her studio is located in the new lofts that were built on Prospect and 3rd street where she paints fine art with oils and doodles with pen, ink, oil and acrylic. The windows always seem dark, but the open sign was in the door, so I gave it a tug and walked right in.
However, the railroad came to Old Towne Orange and, as a result, it grew to be much larger. Old Town Tustin is much smaller than Old Towne Orange and the homes are much less homogenous, the streets a bit sleepier.
Tustin also features award-winning schools and has recently embarked upon a massive capital improvement project, updating facilities at the high schools.
Close to shopping and entertainment, though having an Old Towne feel, Historic Old Towne Orange promotes time travel and places you in a world of rich history and culture, yet remembers to be the liaison between past and modern times.

There are more houses, more shops, more restaurants, but also more traffic and more bustle (and you’ll need more greenbacks to buy the same house) . Craftsman Bungalows, Victorian, Spanish Revival, and even Mediterranean styles are all examples of historic homes you can find in Old Town Tustin.
Residents also quick access to more modern shopping as well, with the nearby Tustin Marketplace. In 1997, Old Towne Orange was notably recognized as one of the Nation's Historic Places, as it is apart of the National Register as California's largest National Register district.With such affluent history and tradition, it is easy to make Historic Old Towne Orange your home and fresh start. The kitchen looks like someone started to renovate with some period-correct oak cabinets but then finished the job with cheaper Home Depot-grade materials.
We like it because it has a great mix of culture, some wonderful architecture and an open minded community.
Having art in our community enriches the culture making Tustin a great place to buy a home. The city has established a historic preservation zone, which does restrict what you can do with your home (at least visually). Holidays are taken very seriously in Old Towne and Halloween brings about an army children in costumes and a plethora of haunted houses. Let me help you find your palace here in this wonderful coastal valley community.his wonderful coastal valley community. I think there’s a lot of potential to finish this one right and keep it under budget. It’s a great community for those who are looking for substantial garden space in addition to just the historic homes. This can provide for substantial property tax savings, but also leads to stricter conditions. These restriction do help preserve the historic nature of the homes and its readily apparent.

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