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Shark Reef Aquarium at Mandalay Bay will eerily transform into Haunted Reef on Saturday, Oct. Fearsome predators including sharks and a rare Komodo dragon with dagger-like teeth and piercing razor-sharp claws will lurk in exhibits, terrorizing spectators. After reading this article, other people viewed:Diego De La Hoya Shines in his Grand Return to Las Vegas An action-packed card kicked off a weekend of back-to-back fight nights in Las Vegas, preceding the highly-anticipated Miguel Cotto vs. Taking over The Adventuredome at Circus Circus the entire month of October, Fright Dome will feature 250,000 scare feet of fear, six new haunted houses, four all new scare zones, live shows and much more.
Fright Dome owner Jason Egan is looking to fill more than 400 positions for this season ranging from guides, actors, sideshow entertainers, strolling entertainers, stage performers and other unique hires.
Applicant interviews will take place on the dates listed below at Circus Circus in the Skyrise Casino Tower on the promenade level. Halloween brings out haunted houses by the thousands, but McKamey Manor is being touted as the most extreme and frightening one in the world.
The promotional video below is from 2013, and gives the viewer just a taste of what they will get if they are selected to be one of the few that are allowed to enter this Halloween season. California is the state that hosts this one-of-a-kind interactive fright fest, and the walk-through took a minimum of two hours last year. The creator of McKamey Manor, Russ McKamey, has even more in store for the brave that dare to enter this Halloween. Not just for Halloween anymore, this extreme experience is open year round, and the only way to get in is to go to their website and make reservations. This gives people, who no longer get themselves scarred witless by Fox News, another chance for cardiac arrest. Boxing Legend Sugar Ray Leonard Hosts Book Signing at Caesars Palace 3 seconds agoMMA Awards Red Carpet: Holly Madison, Ben Askren, Claire Sinclair, Melody Sweets, Sabina Kelly, X Burlesque, Fernando Vargas, Jersey Boys, X Rocks, MO5AIC, Chippendales, Chumlee, Ricardo Laguna and More! Here is a list of parties and other Las Vegas Halloween events taking place at top nightclubs on October 31, 2015! Palms Casino Resort hosts Las Vegas Halloween party at its two nightclubs Moon and The View. If you are looking for special things do in Las Vegas during Halloween, then you must indulge in the ultimate virtual zombie hunting adventure called Operation Zombie Apocalypse. Circus Circus hotel's Fright Dome is perhaps the most popular Halloween attraction and the scariest haunted complex in the US. Las Vegas Halloween events in October 2015 at the Fright Dome include Leatherface - 6 new Haunted Houses and 4 new Scare Zones, Nightly shows and more! The HalloFete could be just the event that brings celebrating Las Vegas Halloween to a new level. Las Vegas Halloween events 2015 at Freaking Bros offer 3 horrifying haunted houses in once place - you can visit all 3, or select one.
The Coven of 13 is all about chanting dark spirits - Witches and Warlocks coming back from the dead. At Gates of Hell you will encounter creatures from hell - we hope you did not sin - otherwise you are in trouble! During Halloween season in Las Vegas there is nothing more unique than hunting zombies with your paintball gun at Combat Zone Paintball. Haunted Vegas tours take place throughout the year, not just during Halloween!But it would make a great addition to Las Vegas Halloween events during your vacation! This scary tour, designed by the famous Vegas ghost hunterpreneur Robert George Allen, will take you to the ghost town Goodsprings close to Las Vegas, for a good old ghost hunt!
CenturyLink is hosting a fun family Halloween event in Vegas with free admission at our office with proceeds benefitting United Way of Southern Nevada. Lonely travelers, you are welcome to visit the decaying town of Bonnie Screams and its dead residents - zombies and clowns! Springs Preserve is a perfect place if you are wondering what to do with your kids during Las Vegas Halloween in 2015! This fascinating October event features the massive Viva Vision video screen that plays custom, Halloween-themed shows created in real time.
A month-long street party featuring nightly live entertainment, custom Viva Vision light shows and probably more than a little beer. Harris is one of the few actresses to make a successful transition from child star to becoming one of the most recognizable and in-demand female stars in the horror film industry.
During an attempt at an enhanced version of one of their tricks, world-renowned magicians Penn & Teller accidentally nuke the city of Las Vegas, Nevada.
The story behind Penn and Teller's New(kd) Las Vegas is that in an attempt to enhance one of their signature magic tricks where the duo catch a bullet with their teeth, they decided to ditch their revolvers and instead settle for intercontinental ballistic missiles.

After guests recieve and put on their "radiation shields" (which are ChromaDepth 3-D Glasses which make some bright colors stand out) along with seeing a "radiation suit technician" vomiting, the house begins in a radiation-free room. Following the casino area, guests will enter a "honeymoon suite" which uses a portion of Marvin Gaye's Let's Get it On as background music. The 3rd room is a re-creation of Penn and Teller's backstage room in the hotel that they perform in.
The 4th room is an electrical light maze in which a scareactor who is dressed up in lights pops up to scare guests. The 5th room is a slot machine room where at first everything seems in working order, until the lights go crazy (while the background music abruptly switches from Elvis Presley's "Viva Las Vegas" to a sudden metal guitar riff), and scareactors dressed up as roman guards (in reference to the Caesar's Palace Resort and Casino) and Cleopatra (in reference to the Luxor Hotel and Casino) scare guests during the confusion. The 6th room is the Wedding Chapel where guests get scared by Siegfried, who spontaneously shouts "Sarmoti" (an acronym for "Sigfried And Roy: Masters Of The Impossible), Roy, who pops out to scare guests with a tiger attacking him (a reference to an incident in which a tiger attacked Roy Horn) and a Minister Elvis with trusty bible, who scares guests as they leave the room. The first part of the 7th room is the buffet area where guests are not only confronted by a mutated cook, but they also are the targets of vibrating floors, jet blasts, and blasts of mist, while the second part features a control panel with various buttons (some which are lit up), which guests can push to trigger the buffet effects.
The final room features Penn and Teller on a television monitor congratulating the guests for making it through, but not before getting ambushed by 2 mutant clowns (in reference to Circus Circus Hotel and Casino). Rattling chains, creaking doors and haunting music will replace the normally soothing sounds of the ocean and the jungle. Canelo Alvarez card at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino on Saturday, November 21 on HBO PPV (Pictured: Diego De…Ho Ho Ho!
We have some of the greatest celebrity photos you've ever seen so check us daily for the latest news about Las Vegas! With this being the event’s 14th Anniversary of horrifying the masses on the renowned Las Vegas Strip, Egan is looking for the creepiest, most terrifying cast he has ever hired including interactive positions for newly designed houses. All applicants must bring a valid government-issued ID and Social Security card and must be 18 or older to be considered. To even enter one must be 21 years old, sign a disclaimer and have advance reservations to be fully immersed in this hands-on experience.
Be forewarned that this is no ordinary walk through, as touching, gagging and coming out bloody is on the agenda, and this is putting it mildly.
If starring in a horror film is on the bucket list, this is as close as one can get without actually being cast in a movie. The website also boasts the fact that this show has been featured on Making Monsters and Halloween’s Craziest. 5 seconds agoThe Amazing Johnathan to Hold Free Classic Car Show and Sales Event Open to the Public Dec. This 2-hour virtual adventure will place you in the hands of Special Ops leaders that will take the fight to the underworld in an effort to save the world. On October 2, the hotel's theme park Adventuredom transforms into a scary park filled with spider web, splattered with blood, with ghosts and other creepy creatures hiding in every dark corner and ready to scare you! Imagine the beautiful scenes of Carnival in Rio de Janeiro with the bright costumes and the people painted with joy. The show is ongoing, but we thought it would be fun to watch it during scariest period of the year! With a superb haunting layout you will be able to confront and destroy those dreaded zombies as you travel through a maze of threatening underworld entities. The Asylum is sanitarium filled with scary patients, and the Hotel is, naturally, filled with hotel guests. This tour takes you to the city's most spooky places where paranormal activity was recorded or where many celebrities have died - the Motel of Death, or Benjamin "Bugsy" Siegel's Secret Garden - a site that is believed to be haunted by the spirit of "Bugsy" Siegel, among other ghosts.
The tour takes place all year long, it among the coolest things to do on Las Vegas Halloween. Come trick or treat from trunk to trunk and enjoy the bounce houses, carnival games, concessions, costumed characters, petting zoo and photo booth. The spooky little town magically appears at the place of the Bonnie Springs Ranch, located at the Red Rock Canyon. Family friendly activities include Haunted Harvest, midway games, petting zoo, trick or treat tables arranged along the preserve and plenty of fun!
25 seconds agoThe Amazing Johnathan to Hold Free Classic Car Show and Sales Event Open to the Public Dec.
But don’t worry, it’s nothing a fresh coat of new paint and a few truckloads of BS can’t fix. Unfortunately, this souped up trick goes horribly wrong and in turn the city of Las Vegas is irradiated as a result of this botch.
Prior to entering the casino area, guests could push a red button which could cause the "purification system" to activate and blast guests with a jet of air.

On the left there is a magician's assistant whose severed from the torso, while a mutated half dove half magician pops up next to the radioactively altered doves.
To make the camoflauge more effective with the scareactor, his lights are mixed up with the room's ever changing lights.
As visitors walk through Haunted Reef’s dark and spooky tunnels, they will pass ghostly decorations and jack-o-lanterns lining the walls. Egan hasn’t forgotten those with a slightly less frightening resume as the hauntreprenuer also is looking to fill positions for management, promotional staff, makeup artists, FX specialists, retail sales and more. Costumes, face paint and masks are not permitted inside of Circus Circus during the interviews, applicants are encouraged to instead bring portfolios, photos, etc. Life Time Athletic Green Valley to Host Yoga Event Featuring Wine and HEXX Chocolate Life Time Athletic Green Valley, located at 121 Carnegie St. Fans of walking through these seasonal events have no idea how extreme the experience can be, and a person in a mask jumping out to scare the visitor is not on the agenda of this haunted house. Along with the age requirements, potential victims are asked to sign disclaimers stating, among other things, that they are in good physical health.
McKamey explains that a Marine and an adrenaline junky were immersed in the new show, and each had to be removed due to medical issues that he refused to explain. There are plenty of things to do, haunted houses, haunted tours, events and parties that take place every Halloween weekend in Las Vegas, and October 2015 is no exception.
Operation Zombie Apocalypse brings an extreme virtual world environment that will leave you breathless and on the edge of reality. If you ask me, this is an event not to miss this October - it's sexy, funny and it's just the opportunity to flaunt that leather outfit you've been hiding! You are supposed to walk in line with others with your hands on their shoulders for moral support, or just so they don't get too scared and run away. General admission tickets are $36.95 and fast pass tickets are available for an additional $15 allowing express line entry for all five haunted houses. 15 27 seconds agoDat Phan to Headline at The Improv at Harrah’s Las Vegas 30 seconds ago“Blue Crush 2” Actresses Elizabeth Mathis and Sasha Jackson to Celebrate Summer at Gallery Nightclub Aug. It was confirmed in August 2012 that the Halloween Horror Nights design team was collaborating with Penn and Teller to create a new 3-D house for this year's event.
Come on down to New Vegas, where all that glitters isn’t gold, and in fact probably has fatal levels of radioactivity. Penn and Teller however were able to salvage what was left of the once thriving casino city and has placed it under "radiation containment tents". Upon entering the casino, the guests would meet up with the irradiated casino dealer, as well as the three-breasted showgirl from the queue video.
This room uses a portion of Prince's 1984 hit, "When Doves Cry", in which Penn jokingly asks Prince if he has ever heard a dove cry, which leads to Penn mimicking a dying dove who both cries and has a hacking cough. Costumed children 12 and under will receive complimentary access and sugary sweets. Guests 17 years of age and older will also receive complimentary admission upon donating blood at the United Blood Services booth. 25-27 Rattling chains, creaking doors and spine-chilling music will fill the air during Haunted Reef at Shark Reef Aquarium Friday, Oct. Signing this document is the first scary part, as it sets the mind to racing in many directions as to what could be in store and how extreme it really may be. He does however, explain that in one case the mind gave out and in another the body gave out. If you are going to any sexy Halloween party in one of the nightclubs - feel free to wear a sexy costume inside the clubs!
The best part is that Las Vegas Haunts use their own ghoulish characters that you haven't seen anywhere else, played by talented actors who specialize in hiding in the dark corners. The website also shows footage of the last visitor that made it through, and the abject terror is so apparent on the faces of those that choose to subject themselves to this experience that it makes one question whether or not they are strong enough to survive.
As the city is getting ready for Halloween, I will be adding more attractions, Las Vegas Halloween events in October 2015, and things to do during the Halloween weekend. The city starts celebrating Halloween in the end of September - you don't need to wait for October 31 to get scared!

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