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In one of our latest articles we discussed how community involvement can be a key to success for funeral home owners and what better way to get the community involved then to turn your funeral home into a Haunted House! Communicate clearly to the community that you’re turning your funeral home into a haunted house.
You can promote your haunted funeral home within your community through creative partnerships with other local businesses. As we mentioned in an earlier post here on the Heritage Coach Blog, your local community is your customer base.
About the Author: Stacy Jo reports on vehicles, shows, events, activities, local life, etc. Halloween is upon us, and in celebration, I’ve compiled here my 5 favorite haunted houses to get you in the mood! Tanner is a cool cat from Alaska who left the arctic in search of the hot fashion scene in NYC. Though this is a little further away, the Terror on the Fox is definitely notable, having been voted one of the top ten haunted houses in the country. The Burial Chamber has been voted the best haunted house attraction in the Fox Valley by many publications.
Tales of some of the greatest American hauntings emerge this time every year that serve as a darkened overtone to the season of the witch and All Hallows Eve. Winchester House (San Jose, California): William Winchester’s widow, Sarah, conducted nightly seances to get inspiration from her dead husband to assist her in designing her home.
Gardette-LaPrete House (New Orleans): A Turkish merchant renting this home was buried alive in the backyard, and every member of his harem was murdered.
Hampton Lillibridge (Savannah, Georgia): This home was built on top of an old crypt and is haunted by a male presence. LaLaurie House (New Orleans): Slaves, who were reportedly subjected to torturous medical experiments, haunt this home.
Franklin Castle (Cleveland): Home to many fierce murders, this castle produces frequent door slamming, footsteps and sounds of babies crying. McPike Mansion (Alton, Illinois): Although the reason for this particular haunting is unknown, residents claim to have been hugged by an apparition. Borden House (Fall River, Massachusetts): It was here that Lizzie Borden is said to have chopped up her parents, Andrew and Abbey Bordin, with an ax. Chambers Mansion (San Francisco): This home is haunted by the sister of wealthy silver miner Richard Chambers.
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We have touched on the subject of turning your funeral home into a haunted house here on this blog before, but in this article we will really dig into how Funeral Home Owners and Funeral Directors can create a brand new revenue stream by turning your funeral home into a haunted house.
Family members of the deceased may find it unappealing and patrons may be a little freaked out by it.

You don’t want to take away from your main business, but if everything is scheduled properly and planned for, you can make a very generous profit in 1-2 weeks without disrupting your core business. Find out what other area haunted houses and hayrides are going for and either price it either a little more or less than those. A great marketing strategy would be to get involved in your local community by attending events and also hosting your own events.
He stays hydrated in the heat drinking coconut flavored anything and warm in the cold by cocooning himself in layers of his hand knit scarves. Consisting of 4 major attractions, including 2 huge indoor haunted houses and 1 outdoor haunted woods, expect a full night of scary entertainment.
Check out Adrenaline, a dark haunted house that will keep your senses alert, or Insanity, a brand new interactive haunted house that’s full of misdirection and scary effects. Frightening stories from the eccentric lunacies of William Winchester’s widow to the infamous Lizzie Borden murders all come to mind when one thinks of the scarier places in the country. After 38 years of construction, the home is full of dead ends, secret panels, staircases to nowhere and rooms built and closed off as a means for throwing off evil spirits. Now, people say that exotic music and incense can be heard and smelled coming from the home. After Thomas Whaley built his home where the gallows once stood, sounds of heavy footsteps could be heard moving around the house. Another BIG activity during the month of October is attending haunted houses and riding haunted hayrides.
Ensure the families of your customers and the local community know that there will be no dead bodies inside the funeral home during the event, when your haunted funeral home will be home, the costs, etc.
Determine the value that your haunted funeral home is bringing compared to your competitors and then price it accordingly. Flickr could be a great tool for you to use as you can post pictures of your haunted funeral home and scared patrons.
Turning your funeral home into a haunted house would be a great community event that you can do to promote your funeral home services. Here you’ll find information on some of the spookiest haunted houses in the surrounding Fox Cities area!
Also be sure to check out Phobia Haunted Woods, a wooded trail that makes you to feel like you are part of a horror movie set in the woods. You want to be sure that you can run the haunted funeral home without disrupting your core business. You should consider giving away a lot of free passes as a promotion, as you know that nobody will come to a haunted funeral home along.
Turning your funeral home into a haunted house will generate a lot of awareness for your business throughout the community and it will also make you a few extra bucks. The inhabitants of these monstrous mansions are ghosts for goodness sakes – can they truly appreciate or do they even need all that space?

Halloween in Disneyland, Paris Godzilla throw Gabara ghost corpse bride my homemade Jason Voorhees costume Witches Jack-in-the-box costume ? Halloween ? Haunted House ? Happy Halloween ? Happy Halloween! This could be a great way to get groups to come to your haunted funeral home instead of your competitors’. Traditional advertising tactics might also be a good route to go if you can keep your costs down. Another thing, if these houses weren’t so poorly looked after, they would be beautiful homes! Excellent special effects and dedicated “evil minions” weave together to make a truly scary, in-your-face haunted attraction.
Happy Halloween Halloween Frank and the vampire This is Halloween Terry the Monster Halloween is Child's Play Door of Doom Threshold of Doom Monster Fridays dummy with pumpkin head this years pumpkin graveyard with ghoul Happy Halloween Night Skull Blood Skull Halloween ghoul hanging from tree spiderweb in the garden Vampire Bat Flying Happy Halloween Candy Corn Butterfly Playful Pets Playful Pets Playful Pets Death Seeks Haunted House Disney Halloween ? Too much candy! Public safety should be a big concern and you may want to look into temporary insurance for the event. If I have a free pass to your haunted funeral home then I’m trying to convince my friends to go there instead of the one down the street. So common Casper, get your ish together and stop scheming on how you can passive aggressively spook people to leave your place and get to work on some much need, long over-due home improvement.
101 Dalmatians with Cruella De Vil Awesome Jack O' Lantern :D creepy eye Witches soap dispenser Spooky Makeup Haunted House Haunted House Autumn Halloween Night awesome pumpkins Trick-or-Treat Halloween Skull Happy Halloween Halloween ? Lizard dog ? Scary scarecrows?
Many people believe funeral homes are truly haunted, so people would line up to walk through the Haunted Funeral Home on the Hill. These are all things that need to happen, but all things that when planned for, can be very easy to execute. Art work from Nox Arcana Art work from Nox Arcana Art work from Nox Arcana Art work from Nox Arcana Art work from Nox Arcana Art work from Nox Arcana Art work from Nox Arcana Witches Witch Trials Salem Witch Trails Giant Squid Pumpkin Halloween in Disneyland, Paris Halloween in Disneyland, Paris Spooky Makeup Spooky Makeup Spooky Makeup Pumpkin Head Disney Halloween Halloween Witch Trials Happy Halloween Halloween Village The Monster Squad vs. Our advice is to get creative, use free online tools if you can, and save yourself a lot of money when it comes to promotion. Monster High: All Halloween Attacks (Title) Pumpkin Jack Pumpkins, Pumpkins Everywhere Happy Halloween cave woman clothes Aladdin with Jafar Art work from Nox Arcana Halloween 1 Halloween black cat image Monster Squad The Monster Squad vs.
Invitation Happy Halloween Skeleton Creeper Pumpkins, Pumpkins Everywhere Pumpkins, Pumpkins Everywhere Happy Halloween Happy Halloween Happy Halloween Happy Halloween wicked women Happy Halloween 2008 Trick Or Treat Haunted House Top 16 Favonte Monster Toons Gamera Cute Halloween Pug Costume A Human Glass Of Blood LOL!!!!!! Jack-o-Lantern Pumpkins, Gourds and Winter Squash Spooky Bleeding Cake Halloween 2 Witches Halloween in Disneyland, Paris Halloween in Disneyland, Paris pirate wreath Halloween movies Bats Are Good Scarey Ghost Monster Toons Monster Toons Top 10 Vampires Meme ? Halloween ? Scooby and Shaggy Haunted House Creepiness Hello Kitty Halloween Happy Halloween!

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