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Tom and I took a tour of the beautiful, well-made Stranahan House, when we were on our road trip through Florida. This two and a half story, Dade County Pine house with verandas on both floors has been restored to its 1915 state, which was quite impressive for the time. During the restoration of this structure, all the woodwork, paneling and floors were refinished, and the outside of the house was painted the colors that Frank and Ivy had originally painted the house; white with green trim. The house has a fascinating history, as its main occupants, Frank and Ivy Stranahan were movers and shakers themselves, flowing with the punches of life, facing problems and making decisions, evolving as people, which explains the many renovations made to this home throughout the years. Eighteen year old Ivy Julia Cromartie Stranahan, born in 1881, was persuaded in 1899, to move to Fort Lauderdale, to teach school. After their marriage in 1900, Frank, who must have had skills in architecture as well, added a second floor to the house with not only a master bedroom, but also a sewing room, 3 or 4 other bedrooms, a bathroom, and an attic. After Frank died, Ivy rented out the rooms in the house to make extra income, when she needed money.
Ivy carried on, taking in family members, renting a room to her youngest brother, Albert, and continued to work for the causes she felt strongly about, living her faith.
The Stranahan House was given to the 7th Day Adventist Church, who sold it in 1979 to Fort Lauderdale Historical Society. People who kill themselves sometimes are afraid to go to the other side, because of what may await them there.
People who die before their time, sometimes to stay in this world, not ready to go to the other side for a variety of reasons. Ivy's sister, Pink, who was 7 months pregnant, came to stay with Ivy because her husband was on a business trip.
People who can't let go of the unfairness of their death, sometimes stick around to do what they were doing before they died. Sometimes people stay in this world after their death because loved-ones are staying, and they want to care for them. There are 6 entities that make this Stranahan House their home: one little girl and five members of the Stranahan Clan. Upon entering the Stranahan House, there is a welcoming aura, a friendly, cordial atmosphere, as both Entities of Mr. He must be pleased to see his labor of love in such good condition, and that it is now a museum. When homeless people have tried to sleep on the first floor veranda, an angry male spirit would bang on the outside of the house, and sometimes literally chase them off the property. Both Staff and visitors have seen the apparition of Frank Stranahan, as he must have the need to supervise the living, as he did while alive. Some of the apparitions seen inside the house have been attributed to him, perhaps keeping the staff on their toes, as he perhaps keeps on eye on the living. The apparition of Frank Stranahan has been seen jumping into the New River, as he relives his suicide. The third floor attic has a very narrow, difficult steps with no rail leading up to the attic. Staff feel an unseen presence close to them, and sometimes feel a cold gentle hand on their back, to steady their way up and down the stairs.
The friendly unseen presence of Ivy, and her actual apparition is accompanied with the aroma of her favorite perfume. Likes to hang out in his old bedroom, the gift shop, and supervise closely the staff who work there.

Shows his displeasure by startling the gift shop staff when they annoy him by changing things. Albert likes to play around, teasing the staff of Stranahan House, much to their discomfort. He knocks things over, moves objects, shuts doors and shows a lack of respect for the living. In a parlor seance, led by John Marc Carr, leader of South East Florida Ghost Research, Pink came forward, and in EVPs, cheerfully announced her presence, and asked where Clark was. The personal experiences of the staff, and visitors has been backed up by hard evidence gathered by The Stranahan House official paranormal investigators, SEFG. King-Cromartie House can be found in Fort Lauderdale's Historic Village, right behind the old school house, on second street, now far from The New River Inn building, now Fort Lauderdale's Historic Museum. Admission is $10 and includes a self-guided tour of the New River Inn and a docent-led tour of the 1907 King-Cromartie House and the 1899 Replica School House.
When the new owners planned to tear down the King-Cromartie house, The Junior League of Fort Lauderdale, made up of a bunch a young women, came to the rescue, and managed to raise the funds to save The King-Cromartie home. People who die prematurely without warning because of disease, accident or murder often aren't ready to go to the other side, and choose to stay in their favorite place on earth. John Marc Carr' team caught on film, what is commonly reported by many witnesses; The very gentle, deliberate movement of the curtains, that after a few moments, mysteriously close, when no one alive was inside.
The entities of children - The King-Cromartie House now sits on what was once the playground of the school that is located in back of The King- Cromartie House on the next street over.
The porch swing can suddenly start rocking with vigor, as if a younger person with lots of energy is having fun! The sounds of children running, playing, laughing and singing around and in back of the house are heard by the living.
As for the children being there; probably, though no hard evidence via the internet has been shared. It had electricity, indoor plumbing, running water, interior stairways, bay windows and wide porches.
The old trading post was once in the office area, and there are artifacts from that era on display, as well as his desk, with a candy jar on the top corner. The other parts of this house were built between 1902-1915, changing to meet the needs of the residents inside.
Frank Stranahan, born in 1864, was an early founding father of Fort Lauderdale, who did much to establish this city, by donating land, establishing commerce, and having his hand in several enterprises himself. Her brother, Bloxham was a merchant here, and her family followed her to Fort Lauderdale as well. Another wrap-around veranda on the second floor, with a glorious view of the river, was the finishing touch! She taught school for 17 years, and unofficially taught the Seminole children for 15 years. She had lost her last three pregnancies, and had hoped that this pregnancy would result in a live child.
Being a bit of a black sheep in a rebellious mood, He got involved with a wild crowd, enjoying the party scenes, the drinking and the loose women.
When he was very sick, Ivy took him in, and had him stay in the large guest room, where he died. Frank had hosted many events at his house, so tourists coming in to look wouldn't upset him, though vagrants don't fit that category.

Staff that have had to go there to retrieve items needed below worry Ivy, who doesn't want any of the staff to fall.
She likes to take candy out of the candy jar that sits on Frank's desk in his office, though she can't eat it. King built this original one story bungalow for his family, out of Dade County pine, using joists made of salvaged ship's timbers.
The interior rooms are furnished with Victorian era furniture, and other interesting pieces, such as Ivy's china, and other artifacts of the family, and turn-of-the-century decor and furniture. Throughout the years, it has been through many renovations to support whatever enterprise had made its home here. Ivy was involved with her 7th Day Adventist Church, women's suffrage, the Audubon Society, and helped to establish the Everglades National Park. Toward the end of her life, she leased the first floor to a restaurant, that kept going strong, until 1979, when the house was sold. The Stranahan House, Inc., that is a non-profit corporation, has been keeping this old home, now a museum, in fine shape, raising funds through tours, events and selling items in the gift shop.
Ivy's relatives, who lived in the family home just across the river from them, saw Frank jump, and tried to save him, but he drowned. Upon hearing that her husband was a two timer, and had another woman who was the real wife, she went into premature labor, and once again the baby was stillborn. As so many members of her family have decided to spend their after-life here, she has chosen to do so as well. If she couldn't have a live baby while on earth, she has this little baby in her after-life, and can finally experience motherhood at The Stranahan House. The kitchen had an old fashioned ice box, a pump in the kitchen, and other items found in an early 20th century kitchen.
She accepted under two conditions; Frank needed to shave his beard, and needed to agree that they wouldn't have children. Ivy had a traumatic experience as a younger teen, when she had to attend her mother during a terrible delivery of a child, which didn't end very well at all, causing guilt feelings in Ivy, though she had been given no training in childbirth.
He is still sulking, and resentful that his choices led to his end, but can be playful, and a bit inappropriate.
When Bloxham Cromartie, whose sister Ivy lived just across the river with her husband, Frank Stranahan, asked Mr. The Ferry also took folks directly to Miami, taking only 2 hours, instead of the usual 6 hours, if one drove around the long way. Ivy petitioned the authorities with vigor, to persuade them to let Frank come home, and die with family, allowing Ivy to take care of him. Paranormal investigator, John Marc Carr, in his book, HAUNTED FORT LAUDERDALE, that perhaps she is still trying to get her husband arrested because of the EVPs he recorded in the parlor. Rather than fight to the end, Frank, a devastated man, gave into his depression, and wound up killing himself in the New River waters, a sad end indeed for such a pillar of the community.

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