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Five homes for the developmentally disabled on the list are in Kenner; and one is in New Orleans. The independent agency that was created to protect the rights of developmentally disabled people in Louisiana has issued a report highlighting poor living conditions and inadequate programs in what it calls the 16 worst group homes in the state.
View full sizeAdvocacy CenterThe Bessemer Group Home in Kenner"These homes were selected because of problems that never seem to 'get fixed' for long and are, in our opinion, the worst group homes in the state," the Advocacy Center said of the 16 in its report. The six local homes in the Advocacy Center report house a total of 46 people who live in dirty conditions where holes in walls aren't uncommon and upkeep and maintenance are spotty at best, said Nell Hahn, litigation director for the nonprofit agency. View full sizeProgressive Healthcare Providers' operations director, Stephanie Graves, said in a statement that company officials have not read the Advocacy Center's report, which was released Tuesday. The group homes are operated with federal and state Medicaid money and are regulated by the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals.
Health and Hospitals Deputy Secretary Kathy Kliebert said the report on 16 sites doesn't paint an accurate picture of all group homes in Louisiana.. The state department sends out survey teams annually to inspect each group home and also responds to complaints leveled against any particular home, Kliebert said. The five Kenner homes haven't generated an unusual number of calls or complaints to officers, Police Chief Steve Caraway said.
The Advocacy Center is an independent, nonprofit group that receives much of its money from federal grants.
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Genesis Group Homes (GGH) offers residential care to developmentally and intellectually disabled individuals in stable and well-supervised residential homes and apartments located throughout the northwest of Hennepin County.
At Genesis Group Homes, we advocate life's changes with residential homes that address some of life's most difficult challenges with outcome-based services. GGH provides superior, professional care tailored to individuals who require special assistance for daily living. Contact Genesis Group Homes to learn more about our specialized services designed to help families and individuals with developmental disabilities and other special needs.
Genesis Group Homes finds value in the community of caregivers and professional associations that lend support to their services and areas of expertise.
The Wallace Group Home in Nashville is designed to help teenage girls ages 14 and up to reintegrate into the community after completing residential treatment.
Civitan's Group Home, located on Hudson Street in Benton, is a semi-independent HUD subsidized home with twelve, single occupancy suites. First opened in 1983, this home provides a 24-hour staff supervised and structured treatment milieu for females between the ages of 12 and 21 whose personal, social, developmental, or family situations preclude them from living at home or in a less restrictive setting.
The Kinderhof Group Home is located in Valatie, New York, a small town 15 minutes southeast of Albany. Our youth attend the Ichabod Crane Central School District located three miles away in the village of Valatie (pronounced "Va-LAY-sha"). The Group Home Treatment Team aids in the cultural, clinical, recreational, and educational development of each youth by implementing the Berkshire Model of Care and Treatment (BMCT).

Staff members at the group home, as well as people from the community, facilitate group counseling for the youth five times a week. In addition to the Direct Care Group Home Counselors, our staff consists of a Clinical Coordinator and a Coordinator of House Management. We provide academic tutoring services in the group home five days a week during the school year to assist our residents in meeting their educational goals. Our residents participate in educational day trips throughout New York State, including visiting museums and places of historical interest such as NYS Museum, Fort Ticonderoga, Howe Caverns, Schenectady Planetarium, Lindenwald Historic Site, Olana Historic Site, American Museum of Natural History in NYC, Bronx Zoo, and The Wild Center in Tupper Lake. Two new and exciting educational in-house programs are being introduced this year: a€?VEGEa€? (Vegetable and Ecological Gardening Project), is a hands-on environmentally friendly horticultural program. The home's ample lawn allows our youth to engage in organized games such as basketball, soccer, and badmitten. Our youth, along with the Staff, participate in community wide and group home property clean up activities.
In an effort to integrate the community and programming, we encourage the youths to become involved in school sports and to participate in clubs. Five of those group homes are in Kenner, and one is in New Orleans, according to the report by the Advocacy Center.
Most residents are not provided with dental or mental care, and there seems to be little focus on offering individualized programs to determine the skill level of every resident with the goal of integrating as many as possible into the community, according to the report. But she said all the homes comply with state and federal regulations and that company officials are formulating a plan to move several of the homes out of neighborhoods that have "declined since Hurricane Katrina.
Since 2008, only three complaints had been received about the 16 homes on the Advocacy Center list. As a requirement of receiving federal Medicaid money, all states must have an agency that protects and advocates for the rights of disabled people. We are committed to providing the best human services to meet their unique and often demanding needs. Genesis Group Homes works with multiple funding sources, including governmental agencies, to underwrite the costs of their services. Homes are currently located in Brooklyn Park, Plymouth, Osseo, Fridley, Champlin, and Maple Grove. This model builds on each youtha€™s strengths, using "teachable moments" throughout the day to reinforce their positive behaviors. We also conduct a reading literacy program (now in its third year), which meets in small groups each week for 10 - 15 weeks during the latter half of the school year.
The youths will help create an organic vegetable garden consisting of raised beds and a compost bin. The YMCA is utilized as well where the youths can swim, work out, play basketball and swim.
We stress taking pride in your home away from home and the community in which you live.
This enables the youths time to socialize with their peers while demonstrating commitment and learning to work cohesively with others.

That included 11 medical calls, a vehicle accident, a suicide attempt and an armed robbery. Residents of the Civitan Group Home function as a family loving, caring for, and serving one another. Some of our group homea€™s residents who have completed high school have attended the Columbia-Greene Community College, but they can attend any local college or trade school.
In addition the Group Home is implementing the Sanctuary Model, which is treatment intervention-based on the tenets of trauma theory and addresses the ways in which trauma, adversity, and chronic stress influence individual behavior. Planned Parenthood from the community presents a three-part series to further educate the youth.
The Coordinator of House Management oversees the youth in program by supervising the Group Home Counselors, all of whom are dedicated to excellence in the field of child and family welfare.
The program provides supplemental instruction to the youths to further develop an interest in literature and hone in on their comprehension skills. They will learn the basics of raising food for themselves and, through hands-on activities, they will learn about botany and plant propagation, soil science and composting, plant lore, and history.
Youths are involved in local volunteer projects and are learning the importance of a€?giving backa€?.
Youth are encouraged to get jobs in the community and many have been involved in the Youth Employment Program during the summer months. Throughout the week, staff at the home work with each resident to develop skills learned in the Adult Day program, and the many recreational activities are used as an opportunity to teach valuable skills in money management, shopping, and general socialization.
We try to get out in the community once or twice during the school week, but most trips happen on non-school days.
Sanctuary is based on the idea that healing from trauma, stress, and adversity requires creating an environment that promotes healing. In collaboration with outside service providers and our community, these two services help to provide our youth with the tools and support they require to experience academic success. Youths and Staff working together will actively enter the living cycle by planting seeds, cultivating growing plants, harvesting the crops, preparing the food, and learning about proper food storage.
In the summer, we go to Taghkanic State Park on a regular basis for swimming and cooking outdoors. As it is with each of Civitan's service areas, the Group Home Manager has access to Koine, Civitan’s customized software program. Weekends are typically when we are able to schedule longer activities and individualize according to interest. This technology allows those spending time with an individual in the evenings and on the weekend to document information that may affect the clients’ Individual Habilitation Plan.

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