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Lesen Sie laut vor, was gesucht wird, damit alle gemeinsam den Begriff erraten können. We are a group of men and women 60 and over looking to meet other senior singles of the same age group for friendship or companionship.
The former manager of a Las Vegas care home has been sentenced to nine months in jail after prosecutors say she mistreated seniors. The Nevada Attorney General's office announced Wednesday that 49-year-old Mary Jennifer Agsalud was also ordered to perform community service, serve two years of probation and pay $6,000 in fines and restitution. Investigators say Agsalud had been caring for residents at the Las Vegas Home Sweet Home group home even though she wasn't qualified to do so. Officials say she moved one resident into an unlicensed personal residence and refused to provide the man with his wheelchair, leaving him stranded in his bed for about two weeks in the summer of 2011. For more information on this site, please read our Privacy Policy, and Terms of Service, and Ad Choices. Destinations Winterhaven offers luxurious apartments in a gated community, a resort-style spa, an incredibly wide range of daily activities, and free shuttle service all located near central Las Vegas. Destinations Winterhaven provides fun activities and amenities, such as club house, spa, group exercise classes, library and coffee bar, just to name a few. Senior CompuCare was born with its mission to help seniors in day-to-day computing, seniors taught by seniors and to provide them with computer screen repairs, diagnostic, repair and advocate-type services for those wanting the best buy in purchasing some form of computers, tablets, smartphones and digital devices. What makes Senior CompuCare unique is our training method – teaching Seniors, veterans, adults, kids, corporate training, assisted living, technology training, business training, groups and everyone what they want to know, on their own computers, in the comfort of their own home, business or group location. From Computer Courses, Remote Computer training, Computer Classes Online, PC training Online, PC Classes Online, Online Computer Classes, Smartphone Training & Repair, Computing Basics, MS Office Products, E-mail, Business Report Tools and Internet Fundamentals to IT training in PC Diagnostics and Repair, Security and Digital Photography.
Senior CompuCare is dedicated to providing quality computer training for seniors, taught by seniors, computer classes, Online classes, Veteran computer training, Businesses, Groups, and Kids interested in furthering their knowledge of computing whether day-to-day or in a corporate environment.

We have a variety of events each month, which may include Games, Movie, Happy Hours, Dancing, Pot Lucks and more. We are here to help you in Florida, Texas, Wisconsin, Georgia, Maryland, and other locations.
Senior CompuCare provides a wide array of services offering a well-rounded, competitive advantage to stand out in the hundreds of resumes that employers weed through daily. In fact, the Mayo Clinic states that as a person ages, their tolerance to certain drugs changes, making some medications harmful for the elderly to take.
A person purchases a piece of equipment and ends up using some but not all of a given unit’s functions.
Senior CompuCare believes a reputation of honesty, reliability and quality service affordable to the community is the recipe for success. Yet many nursing home residents in Nevada and across the United States are being given antipsychotic drugs on a regular basis, regardless of whether they need them or not.
There are charges from Meetup, there are costs for printing name tags and miscellaneous supplies. This form of nursing home abuse is concerning, and stories of antipsychotic drug misuse has raised the awareness of people across the country.Misuse of antipsychotic drugsAs many as 20 percent of America’s nursing home patients are given unnecessary antipsychotic medications, which can result in significant trauma and even death, according to a professor at the University of California.
Senior CompuCare allows you an enjoyable relaxed learning experience while you learn what YOU want to know, on YOUR computer, in the comfort of your own home or in a group setting.
These potent drugs are meant for people who suffer from severe mental illnesses, including bipolar disorder and schizophrenia.An AARP report indicates that many of these medications carry an FDA black box warning, which cautions people against using antipsychotic drugs in the elderly population or for people suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. In the same way, a person usually ends up using only a small portion of his or her computer’s functions on a regular basis. For those people, antipsychotic drugs may cause confusion, agitation, disorientation, anxiety and death.

One reason that most people do not use their computers to their fullest potential is the fact that most people lack computer training.
Prescription drug errors in dispensing or administrating these medications to the elderly can have grave consequences.Causes of drug misuseAccording to an AARP report, experts point to understaffing and inadequate training as primary reasons for errors involving antipsychotic drugs, but the issue stems out from there. Es gibt spezielle Memory-Spiele bei denen Bildern von Gegenständen aus der damaligen und der heutigen Zeit abgebildet sind. Because most people lack computer training, they simply do not understand or appreciate all of the functions that are available in their computer units.
One drug corporation was fined for allegedly providing compensation to physicians who would write prescriptions for their products.Lack of physician support also seems to also be a problem in many nursing home facilities. While nursing home residents are often in need of constant medical supervision, physicians are rarely present, according to California Advocates for Nursing Home Reform.
Medicare simply does not provide adequate reimbursement to doctors who work at nursing homes, which makes it hard to retain the services of top physicians. Much of the work is left up to certified nursing assistants and nurses, who carry heavy workloads.Case in pointAn otherwise healthy 79-year-old patient checked into a California nursing facility to receive assistance with her broken pelvis. When she arrived at the facility, the woman was on cholesterol and blood pressure medication, and needed an inhaler to help with her breathing. Although she was only in the nursing home for 18 days, she emerged an entirely different person, according to her daughter.
She had slurred speech and was chewing on her hand as she was wheeled out slumped over in her chair.

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