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A long-time cat rescuing friend is offering to financially support anyone who chooses to foster a wonderful black cat who has chosen her deck to live on. We loved being fostered so much, we want other kitties to have a chance at being fostered too! Really, while we’ve lived with our foster human we’ve learned all about playing with toys and with each other—even with a dog—and with humans! Mostly, we’ve learned about how wonderful humans are, how good it feels when they pet us, how much fun they are to manipulate into getting treats and having them toss toys for us to chase. Really, Fred and Barney are spokescats for successful fostering—and you can take them seriously when they say they need to find another home before this frightened mama and her babies can come inside. But someone did step forward for Fred and Barney, several someones in fact, from the person who ran to the shelter to pick them up before they were euthanized to the person who initially fostered them to the foster home they live in now.
Abandoned, stray and feral cats are already having kittens outdoors, and every foster home possible needs to be able to open its doors to these homeless cats.
And they are right—they are both neutered and have had all their shots and their adoptions are sponsored so there is no cost to adopt them. Baxter after two weeks on a diet of peace and quiet and understanding, wary but accepting, photo courtesy his foster family.
Rescued from McKees Rocks, Roxy was on medications during her foster time in the past month, but all that handling only made her friendlier—she’s really sweet and likes to hold a good conversation. Leo is about 8 weeks old and while his person was outside at night stargazing, Leo decided to leap on his leg and crawl up. These two kittens were rescued together, and in fact they came right to the door and asked to come in. Their rescuer was in her cellar and the door was open, it was dark, and she heard a kitten crying.
Adopt one of the cats I’ve posted here, or from any shelter or rescue near you, or from Petfinder, to open up a space for another cat to be rescued and fostered. If you can foster kittens or adults cats to help prepare them for a forever home, please run to your nearest shelter and find a cat who needs you! At yesterday’s Homeless Cat Management Team clinic 64 cats were spayed or neutered, rabies vaccinated and given basic veterinary care if necessary—pet cats, rescue cats, community cats, all kinds of cats. From health and welfare to rescue and adoption stories, advocacy and art, The Creative Cat offers both visual and verbal education and entertainment about cats for people who love cats. From catchy and creative headlines to factual articles and fictional stories, The Creative Cat provides constant entertainment and important information to people who love cats, pets and animals of all species.
Click here for links for low-cost spay and neuter opportunities, after-hours emergency, financial assistance for care, pet-friendly rentals, shelter services and humane laws.
Now you can make a generous gift certificate donation to Tails High simply by clicking through the banner provided below.
FOSTER HOMES NEEDED!Foster providers are always needed for cats, kittens, puppies and dogs. We provide:Training on how to be a foster provider, food and medical care for your foster pets, and help in finding that perfect home.They just need a place to stay until they find their forever home! Maria manned the booth at Anneiville Park, North Delta event on Sun., another Delta Community Animal Shelter event. The melt down here is that we keep getting in more and more requests for trapping of moms and kittens, or found tame ones.. VOKRA always suggests adopting two kittens if no other cat in home or the other cat is old. The day was a great success and over $1000.00 was brought in which is badly needed to cover our vet bills right now.
Sitting in the lobby of the Courier Wednesday afternoon, Kitsilano-based cat rescue coordinator Karen Duncan looks exhausted as she holds two kittens less than a week old. As she reaches for a tiny bottle of formula to feed the squalling grey bundles of fur, so young their eyes aren't open, Duncan has noticeable red scratches lining her arms. Duncan, who formed Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association in 2001, has a right to feel overwhelmed.

As a major cat rescue group disbands, Karen Duncan and the volunteers of the Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association have their overworked hands full. The organization's volunteers trapped feral and abandoned cats and kittens, which they then had spayed or neutered.
Without Maverick Cat, VOKRA, which on its own rescued 800 cats and kittens last year, is taking on extra responsibilities.
Besides the almost 100 kittens and mother cats VOKRA has that need homes, there are dozens more in foster care that also need a place to live in a matter of weeks. Duncan said VOKRA is in desperate need of committed volunteers for trapping and feeding, foster homes and cash. Very slowly , we are sorting out the over 40 orange cats and kittens that we got in a couple of weeks ago. Lucy has teeny kittens and Elsie stayed in the same kennel with her when they were born and helped out with them.
The Amazing Race Canada takes on CubaOn second thought, maybe picking up the machete was a bad idea. And all about good food and a warm and happy place to sleep and what a happy kitty’s life is supposed to be. It’s hard to believe a few months ago we though humans were the enemy, so evil we tried to bite and scratch any human who came near us! And the best part—all our veterinary care is done and our adoptions are sponsored, so you don’t have to pay a cent, all you have to do is take us home! Two frightened kittens who would have been forgotten long ago are now happy playful companions, ready to fill someone’s life with joy for the next decade-plus. We can advise a place to get an inexpensive microchip, but all you have to do is take them home!
Along with his fur brother Bailey, Baxter lost his person and lived in her home for over a month in great confusions, they he lost his home too. Trapped as older kittens from a colony living outdoors, they were a little past the optimum age for socializing kittens easily, but they are by no means angry cats, just still a little shy. She thought maybe it was one of her feral young ones out there and wondered why it was crying. You may not have room to adopt another cat, but can foster a cat or kitten for a few weeks. Just let me know which one and I’ll be thrilled to put you in touch with the foster family! You can cancel at any time during the free trial period.Click here to subscribe to The Creative Cat on your Kindle. I can't name them all, but off the top of my head, Gingie, Hitchhiker, Honey, Jaspurr, Jewell, Marmalade, Peanut, and Winston are all looking for forever homes. Maddie's Fund is another excellent local rescue group that has a thriving adult cat foster program. Mama had been killed by a car and kittens were under five weeks and inconsolable as well as starving and being really hard to convince they should allow me to bottle, syringe or plop in formula and food. We do not suggest this to get kittens out the door, but to make things happiest for both the adopter and the kitties. Not only has VOKRA rescued a record number of stray cats and kittens this summer, Duncan and other volunteers are taking on the responsibilities of Maverick Cat Coalition, which is dissolving this month. Following their recovery, tame cats were fostered out until a permanent home could be found while feral felines, surviving well on their own, were placed back where they were found and fed regularly by volunteers. VOKRA has taken on the care of 40 orange tabby cats and kittens recently rescued from a home in Port Moody.
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He’s just been neutered and had his full vet workup and she is actively looking for a home while someone fosters.

If not, please share them and their story, and maybe someone they’ll reach the right person. These cats are located north of Pittsburgh PA If you are interested in Baxter, please contact me. He made a big fuss when his person’s son dropped him off in a shelter, and both were in danger of being euthanized for being unadoptable. He is neutered and has had basic shots, is extremely friendly, outgoing and affectionate all the time. She went out with a flashlight and saw the gray kitten, thought it was her gray feral and then saw a little black head pop up and realized these were new kittens. Sometimes I’ll show their addresses, but sometimes too many people who want to give up their cats will contact them directly or even find them so I try to protect their identity–many already have a dozen or more cats in foster! Introducing a new kitten into a home with one already there is much trickier than just getting the pair right at the start who are already best friends. Maverick Cat was the focus of a Courier cover story published in March, but last week in an email co-founder Cylia Wong said the board is disbanding the group because it's short on volunteers and cash. Wong didn't respond to email requests for an interview before the Courier's press deadline. The two grey kittens Duncan held on Wednesday had been rescued just the day before from a fish food factory near Southeast Marine Drive. We are so grateful for fosters and esp so when they will take a big gang like this and make it work. If you encounter a comment that is abusive, click the "X" in the upper right corner of the comment box to report spam or abuse.
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If not, we go to another foster home, which is okay but we are soooo ready for a real, forever home! They were pulled from the shelter and sent to a wonderful foster home where, in time, they learned to trust people again.
Ran and got food and they started to eat but when she was able to pick both up she was shocked. If you are interested in purchasing a print of this image or a product including this image, check my Etsy shop or Fine Art America profile to see if I have it available already. As is written below, they run off energy while you are at work so you don't have kitten on face at night. A worker there told Duncan a stray mother cat and at least two more kittens still need rescuing, so she's planning a return trip. SPCA won't respond to calls unless stray cats or kittens are contained, so the association contacts VOKRA, which responds day and night. If you are interested in fostering you will be offered assistance with many of the needs of the cats you keep including veterinary care and food. No matter which of these actions you take, you help to save a life, and make life better for all cats. If you don’t find it there, visit Ordering Custom Artwork for more information on a custom greeting card, print or other item.
It's not often you see such a diverse collection of adorable orange felines in one location.
If you would like to foster, several of these cats are looking for foster homes as are many kittens. Amazing what a day away will do for you when you feel burnt out and haven't had a holiday for months.

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