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The top three industries for women in Fort Wayne are health care, educational services, and finance and insurance. The percentage of Fort Wayne residents that are affiliated with a religious congregation, 50.2%, is less than the national average but more than the state average. Fort Wayne is home to the Orchard Ridge Country Club and the Georgetown Square as well as Swinney Park and Rockhill Park. In general, Architects and Engineers plan, design, and analyze physical, electrical, and environmental systems and structures, including buildings, factories, transportation equipment, communication equipment, consumer products, etc., to meet human needs.
Creative industry professionals cover a wide spectrum of positions such as Art Director, Craftsman, Multi-Media Artists or Animators, and Florists to Writers, Directors and Actors. People working in the Business and Financial Operations industry carry out a broad range of services to understand or improve the financial state of a wide variety of enterprises. The main functions for people interested in Community and Social Services are to provide counsel, support and assistance to members of the community in regards to their physical, mental, social, and spiritual needs. Professionals in the field of Computers and Mathematics solve a variety of technical problems including those involved in the design, development, installation, and ongoing modification of computerized data processing systems. Construction and Extraction industry professionals construct, maintain, and repair buildings and other similar physical structures, including facilities for mining minerals and oil and gas.
Professionals in the Education, Training and Library fields provide resources and guidance to students in almost every academic discipline. Farming, Fishing, and Forestry professionals plant, cultivate, and harvest field crops, catch and gather aquatic animals for human consumption, and perform labor necessary to maintain and protect forested areas.
Healthcare Practitioners and Technical professionals diagnose and treat diseases and injuries, and assist in the promotion of good general health and preventative care. Under direct supervision of nursing and medical staff, Healthcare Support professionals provide routine patient care as well as support to other medical professionals. Installation, Maintenance, and Repair professionals coordinate and perform activities to install and maintain a variety of electronic and non-electronic equipment and components.
Legal professionals deal with general legal proceedings, draw up legal documents, advise clients on legal transactions, and may specialize in one area of law or practice in several areas of both criminal and civil proceedings. Professionals in chemistry, physics, biology, psychology, and other physical, life, and social sciences study the nature and processes of the physical, living, and human world.

Management professionals determine and formulate policies to provide overall direction, guidelines, standards of practice, and daily operations for companies in the public and private sector. Office and Administrative professionals perform many diverse activities, ranging from clerical and secretarial duties to daily administrative tasks which support general office functions. Personal Care and Service workers provide assistance to consumers in personal hygiene, including care and maintenance to enhance an individual's appearance. In general, Protective Services workers provide an array of services to safeguard and protect the community from crime, fire and other illegal or harmful activities. Sales professionals implement and coordinate directed sales initiatives aimed at increasing sales and profitability. Transportation and Material Moving professionals coordinate and carry out logistical activities of labor and material movers, and operate transportation mechanisms and systems. Newcomers Club of Fort Wayne - About Fort WayneAbout Fort WayneFort Wayne is a city of Indiana with a population of more than 250,000. Kekionga is the Anglicized spelling of the name of the largest and most important of the Miami Indian villages, which was at the confluence of the three rivers at the site that has become Fort Wayne. Today Fort Wayne's economy is base on manufacturing, education, insurance, health care, logistics and defense and security. Baseball Trip 2016: Birmingham, Atlanta, Chattanooga and Kodak - any tips on what NOT to miss? Curzon at Coming Anarchy may try to impress us with his photographs of New York skyscrapers, but all the cool people know that Downtown Fort Wayne, Indiana is the place to be. Also beautiful in town (but not in downtown) is the University of Saint Francis, a Catholic college. Memorial Church, Bethany Church and Souls Harbor Church are some of the churches located in Fort Wayne.
Shopping centers in the area include The Uncommons Shopping Center, Decatur Road Shopping Center and Ayr-Way West Shopping Center.
Some of what I photographed including the old brewery building and the Fruehauf plant were demolished a long time ago.
It has survived several waves of the comings and goings of trends in transportation and industry.

The most prominent religious groups are the Catholic Church, the Lutheran Church and the United Methodist Church. Visitors to Fort Wayne can choose from Days Inn Airport Plaza, Purofirst of Allen County and Hometown Inn for temporary stays in the area. New single-family homes in Fort Wayne are valued at $141,700 on average, which is below the state average. Army built Fort Wayne last in a series of forts near the Miami Indian village of Kekionga in 1794. In 2008, one hundred thirty-eight new homes were constructed in Fort Wayne, down from one hundred seventy-three the previous year. Fort Wayne was named in honor of Wayne, it established itself as a trading post for European settlers.
Fort Wayne started growing in the 1840s and 1850s as an industrial center on the Wabash and Erie Canal.
Throughout the late 1800s and 1900s Fort Wayne hosted a wide variety of manufacturing plants. The manufacture of farm machinery, trucks and electrical appliances became very important to the city's economy in the second half of the 20th century. Plant closures in these industries hit Fort Wayne especially hard in the late 70s and early 80s.
During the late 80s and early 90s large sections of the central area were little more than empty parking lots and scattered modernist public buildings. Lately downtown has been coming back to life and new structures are filling in some of the empty spaces. Fort Wayne avoided most of the worst excesses of urban renewal in the mid 1900s which may have helped it survive the 1980s.

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