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Banks are doing a much better job maintaining homes seized in foreclosures in predominantly white neighborhoods than in mostly black and Latino neighborhoods, according to an investigation by an advocacy group.
The National Fair Housing Alliance said it inspected more than 1,000 foreclosed properties in white and minority neighborhoods in nine major U.S. The investigation, conducted between May 2011 and February 2012, was funded in part by a grant from the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development.
The reviewers looked at 39 criteria in rating the level of property maintenance, including accumulated trash, overgrown weeds, damaged windows, steps or roofs, graffiti, peeling paint, missing shutters or gutters, and other visible signs of disrepair. The group said lack of adequate maintenance can have a lasting impact on neighborhoods because potential home buyers considering living there are put off by streets lined with run-down houses. The city of Detroit, for example,  spent some $20 million between May 2009 and November 2011 to demolish almost 4,000 vacant properties, according to a report last fall by Government Accountability Office.  That report cited complaints from local officials and community groups that said more funds and tougher oversight federal regulators are needed to force banks to comply with local property maintenance codes. The group, a consortium of more than 200 groups, agencies and individuals, said it plans to file complaints with federal housing authorities, alleging discrimination under the Fair Housing Act, against banks that are not maintaining properties. Every year, thousands of properties are placed in foreclosure, and are up for sale at auctions around the country.
You can generally found out if a property is in foreclosure proceedings through a few different avenues.
Sometimes, though, foreclosure listings are too general and can be difficult to find whether or not a specific property is in the foreclosure process. West Sacramento HAFA Certified Short Sale Specialist and Expert HAFA Short Sale Negotiator Forth Hoyt Explains The Benefits Of HAFA. A moving, evolving and improving system; HAFA is definitely getting better and better, moving towards becoming the solution it was supposed to be when it was first rolled out.
You see, the HAFA Government Short Sale Program was created in the wake of a Failing HAMP loan modification program that is only providing less than 50% of its applicants with any type of successful modification.
So you can see why the government had to step in and attempt to set up a program that would streamline and systematize the very hard to manage and difficult Short Sale Process. HAFA is a last-ditch effort to keep homeowners out of foreclosure, after failing a loan modification attempt. When HAFA was first introduced, these servicer, seller and lien holder incentives were touted as being designed to simplify and streamline the use of short sales and deeds-in-lieu of foreclosure.
However, in the last several months there have been major changes to the HAFA program and the way it is being administered and currently I have three HAFA short sales that are moving along nicely and look forward to an approved HAFA short sale in just a few days. Are you in,West Sacramento, Folsom, Granite Bay, El Dorado Hills, Natomas, Roseville, Elk Grove, Mather, Lincoln, Rocklin, or any other Sacramento area? Sacramento Foreclosures will continue until prices rebound, people get back to work and the economy improves. Even though there are signs California may be beginning to emerge from the recession; the numbers indicate there are many more homes to come through the “foreclosure pipeline”.
According to an article the other day in the Bee, even the Appraisal Institutes economic forum analysts agree that joblessness and politics have more to do with the economy than foreclosures. Analysts Friday told 150 residential and commercial appraisers that area recovery could begin taking shape in mid- to late 2011. Brown said retailers are again filling large area stores that went dark after 2008 retailer implosions.
He said 2009 was the bottom for capital-area home builders, who reported a half-century low of 2,814 sales for the year. Though residential foreclosures still cloud the housing market, Paquin said he doesn’t expect a double-dip recession or spiraling inflation, or, in response to a question about rising commuting costs, the death of suburbia.
Los Angeles economist Chris Thornberg sounded the same theme, saying the economy rests more on political decisions than fundamentals. He told appraisers he’s bullish on California and praised a return of cheaper housing once again aligned with incomes. Thornberg counseled patience in working off excesses from 15 years of large trade deficits, overspending and debt.
The whole state of California has been experiencing this too, lately, even though Fannie Mae said on Dec.
It is important to recognize that the decline in Foreclosure Filings is primarily due to a difference in the number of days documents can be recorded month-over-month and not fewer filings each day. If it is a Short-sale, have your Buyer’s agent ask the listing agent what the mortgages are- how many banks, which banks and what the balances of those loans are. If it is a Sacramento Short Sale, find out about Recourse on the Second Mortgage,  if there is one.
Look at the last three months of comparable sales, a mini CMA, for that neighborhood to determine how much this REO or short sale  is worth. If there are multiple offers, bear in mind that some of those offers might be all cash.
If you are obtaining financing for a bank owned, then you may need to increase the price on your offer to be considered.
If other buyers ask for 17 days, for example, to conduct inspections, and you ask for 10, you will be deemed the more serious buyer. On short sales, the most important thing to remember is that it is all about net to the bank- how much money are they going to net from your offer- do whatever has to be done to get your offer accepted by the seller and then approved by the bank. Some observers, who earlier this year warned that this shadow inventory would deluge the market with REO listings, have now redefined shadow inventory to include properties that should be foreclosed on. I am a Home Retention Counselor with Titanium solutions and the assignments have been picking up.
Lately though, I have run across situations where the homeowner has been in touch with the bank and working diligently either on a short sale or a loan modification. In my research for an answer, I came across information that suggests that the major banks, who have still got TARP money are being pressured to make some kind of FACE TO FACE contact with their borrowers before they can use foreclosure as a means of recovery. Could that perhaps have anything to do with the Sacramento Trustee Sale Postponements? Sacramento Valley and San Juaquin Valley small towns that have been hit hard by unemployment are seeing a dramatic increase lately in foreclosure filings. The foreclosure crisis in the US is moving into small towns and suburbs which have previously been untouched by the economic downturn, according to new research.
A new report from RealtyTrac show a dramatic increase in foreclosures from a year ago in suburban areas previously believed to be more stable, such as Boise, Idaho, up nearly 22% from the second quarter of the year and Provo, Utah, which saw foreclosures up almost 11% in the same period.

In several states foreclosure activities have reached smaller towns with previously self-sustaining industries such as Chico in the Sacramento Valley, California, which has seen a staggering 98% increase in foreclosures from the third quarter of 2008.
Sharga said that he expects a peak in foreclosures in 2010, only a marginal improvement in 2011 and a return to normal monthly foreclosure activity sometime in 2012. Meanwhile, a rush of property buyers is pushing up real estate transactions as they try to beat the government’s deadline at the end of November for the $8,000 tax credit for first time buyers.
The latest figures from the National Association of Realtors (NAR) show that its Pending Home Sales Index rose to 110.1 in September, its eight consecutive monthly rise. It could be a short lived blip though, as many analysts believe that the recovery in the US housing market is being propped up by the first-time buyer tax credit that was introduced by the Government to boost demand for houses. Home sales for April 2016 were down 38% compared with the previous month, and up 44%compared with a year ago. In April preforeclosures were up over March by 44.6% which continued the trend  from February which was a reversal of the downward trend at the beginning of the year.
For the state of New Jersey, we are seeing approximately one out of every 558 homes in foreclosure. For homeowners in preforeclosure it is recommended to set-up an appointment for a free consultation and an evaluation of your loan servicing file by calling at (201) 664-8855 or using our online form . The information on this website is for informational purposes only and is not to be construed as legal advice. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License. Buyers can use our website to search for bank owned real estate foreclosures for sale in the Houston Texas area including Cypress and Katy.  Kevan Pewitt and Houston Prime Realty are experienced in helping investors and first time home buyers in finding and purchasing bank owned Houston real estate foreclosure listings or REO listings. This page includes a comprehensive list of all greater Houston area foreclosed homes for sale organized by subdivision, zip code, and city.  Follow the links below to find listings of foreclosed homes for sale.
Buyers can receive an email update on new foreclosures for sale as they come on the market with our Foreclosure Update program.
Kevan PewittBroker - Realtor at Houston Prime RealtyKevan Pewitt is a real estate broker and Realtor with a 5 Star Client Experience Rating with the Houston Association of Realtors. So, if you are looking for an experienced real estate agent with a high client satisfaction rating and a track record of success you should choose Kevan Pewitt to help you buy or sell your next home. There are hundreds of thousands of foreclosures in California, and more and more of these properties are being unloaded by the banks every day.
After much government regulation to try and slow down and prevent foreclosures in California, we are still seeing record high levels of foreclosures.
While some California Foreclosures are beat up and trashed, others are in great conditions. Homes surveyed in minority neighborhoods were 82 percent more likely to have boarded-up or broken windows, for example. The lack of maintenance also puts a burden on municipalities with high concentrations of homes in disrepair, the report noted. Finding these properties and determining if a property is in foreclosure can help investors and prospective homebuyers alike hone in on possible buying opportunities.
The first way to find out if a property is in foreclosure is to consult foreclosure listings. Those who want a more specific way to find the foreclosure status of a certain property have to do a bit more research.
This office has records on properties in the area and can help you find out more information. A great deal of hoopla and fanfare over the new program made it sound like the HAFA program was going to be the short sale Garden of Eden. Talk To A Certified West Sacramento Foreclosure Prevention Expert and HAFA Specialist Today! 16–Even as Sacramento entertains ambitious proposals for a new NBA arena, economists Friday warned it will take up to four years for the region to recover from its overbuilding and overspending spree. But it will be prolonged, slow and susceptible to setbacks, they said during a 2010 economic forum sponsored by the Sacramento Sierra chapter of the Appraisal Institute.
Brown said rents are still falling and more stores, offices and industrial spaces are sitting empty. Despite apparent headline month-over-month declines in foreclosure activity, the real story requires looking at changes in the average daily activity. With just 18 recording days in November versus 22 in October, average daily filings of Notices of Default only declined 1 percent, while Notices of Trustee Sale declined 13.4 percent from the prior month. Generally, it is noted on the document itself, which you can get from the tax rolls or a title company.
Somewhere between the original mortgage balance(s) and the foreclosure sale price is the amount the bank will accept, if the home is under-priced.
Try to use only those homes that most closely match regarding square footage, number of bedrooms, baths, amenities and condition. Ask your agent to call the listing agents of those pending sales to try to find out the accepted offer price. Those are most likely the listings other buyers will use to formulate a price because they are the only homes those buyers actually tour. Some listing agents are exclusive listing agents for REOs, and they do not list any other type of property. If most of those listings are selling for, say, 5% over list price, then you may need to offer 6% over list price, and vice versa. However, if there are more than two offers, you will most likely need to offer above the asking price. Do not expect to use this lender for your loan, but submit the prepproval letter from this lender, along with the letter from your own lender.
If the you as a buyer offer to split those fees, the bank will feel more amenable to accepting the offer.
These are homes that the bank has already foreclosed on, but which, for no apparent reason, aren’t listed.
These properties aren’t grinding through the pipeline to foreclosure and into the shadow inventory. We need to abandon the obsession with shadow inventory, which distracts us from the national discussion we should be having.

Prior to ForeclosureRadar Sean spent 15 years building and launching software companies before entering the foreclosure business in 2002 where he has successfully bought and sold more than 150 foreclosure properties. I used to get one or so a week, but lately have been getting at least five assignments a week, even though I only cover four Zip Codes with Titanium.
This continued the trend of increasing numbers of homes in preforeclosure reported in February.
There are currently 4,244 properties in NJ that are listed in Zillow in foreclosure for sale. In May, the number of properties that received a foreclosure filing in NJ was 1% higher than the previous month and 13% lower than the same time last year. The top five counties are Atlantic 1 in every 283, Sussex 1 in every 337, Essex 1 in every 341, Camden 1 in every 347, and Gloucester 1 in every 372.
If we spot errors in the file it can give you the leverage needed to get the bank to work with you, or be the basis for a complaint to be filed against the loan servicing company and the law firm that represents you. On the top of basic services, Kevan provided tremendous help in setting my house "priced to sell", requesting feedbacks from potential buyers and keeping me abreast of market conditions by providing regular snapshots and answering my questions in details. Foreclosures come in all shapes and sizes, from single family homes, condos, and townhouses, to duplexes, fourplexes, vacant lots, and even subdivisions. While foreclosures are unfortunate for those going through it, they also represent opportunities for people looking to buy undervalued properties. When listed on the MLS foreclosure properties are usually not more difficult to purchase than traditional real estate listings. Some negligent borrowers who are in danger of forecloser decide to trash their homes, and or take away anything valuable with them before the homes actually go to auction. By far the biggest though is Bank of America, which took over struggling Countrywide financial. Houses in white neighborhoods were generally well maintained while those in minority neighborhoods typically looked abandoned and were in various stages of disrepair, the report said.
Smith said government mortgage agency Fannie Mae is providing additional funding to extend the inspections into other area.
These lists are broken out by region, and can be found at the state and local level as well.
These let you search with a particular address, so finding a certain property should be simple.
But economists agree that the California economy is more tied to joblessness than to housing.
Unfilled space and tenants struggling to pay rent are forces pushing many owners toward foreclosure, he said. November had only 18 days on which filings could be recorded or trustee sales held because of fewer days in the month, Veterans Day and the Thanksgiving Holiday, while October had 22 recording days, and 21 trustee sale days. This means as a buyer vying for a Sacramento Home, you could be up against stiff competition for that bank-owned home, short sale or foreclosure. Sacramento foreclosures that enter the market as bank owned or REO, or short sales and are priced under the market or below comparable sales are usually gone in days. This information can also be deemed from tax records, is usually pretty easy to figure: If the home was purchased in 2004 for $400,000 and mortgaged for $320,000, there is probably still well over $300,000 owed. But it’s still a good idea to let the bank choose title if you want your offer accepted. The act requires mortgage servicers or lenders who are participating in the Making Home Affordable Program (HAMP) to publicly report their progress in helping responsible homeowners stay in their homes. The implication is that banks are holding REO properties back from the market to restrict supply and prop up prices. They’re not moving at all because we as a society lack the political will to foreclose. With the current lack of inventory, its time to force banks to clean up their balance sheets by dealing head-on with the trillions in negative equity that remains, either though loan modifications that reduce principal balances to near current value, short sale, or, if necessary foreclosure.
Titanium Solutions contracts with loss mitigation departments to contact homeowners who for some reason or another have fallen out of touch with their servicer.
The median sales price of a foreclosure home was $130,000, or 54% lower than non-distressed home sales. California Real Estate was doing great during the boom as property values doubled in a matter of years. Foreclosure listings typically give you the address of any properties that are in foreclosure proceedings in a general area. Are their outstanding utility bills and HOA liens or Code Enforcement fines that may need to be dealt with at the eleventh hour of escrow? This actually seemed like a distinct possibility a year ago when the banks were clearly holding more inventory than they were listing.
Because the national focus is targeted on keeping homeowners in their homes, the drain is bigger than the spigot – REO properties are selling faster than distressed properties are being foreclosed on.
However, bad things happen to good people, and some foreclosures in California are actually in great conditions. Other banks with high numbers of California Foreclosure homes include, Wells Fargo, Wachovia, Citi Bank, Bank of the West, Bank of Sierra, Desert Community Bank, FirstBank, Imperial Capital Bank, La Jolla Bank, Northern Trust Bank, Summit Bank, and any number of other small banks and California credit unions. Since it is a public notice, it can be viewed by any member of the public, such as yourself. In addition, even if banks reversed course and started foreclosing aggressively today, it would be months before we saw those listings as it takes time to evict the homeowner, clean up and list the property.
They are well cared for homes where the previous owner was just unable to afford their mortgage payment.
In the past year, they have resold far more than they’ve taken back, eliminating any possibility that a shadow remains.

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