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One of the biggest barriers to an even more robust recovery in the housing market is a lack of supply.
Its yet another sign that the Spring market will be a strong one as we will not face a wave of foreclosure inventory hitting the market and suppressing home prices.
The number of new foreclosure filings in August hit its lowest level in nearly eight years, according to RealtyTrac, an online marketer of foreclosed properties.
Our continuing series of positive housing news continues with CoreLogic’s recent foreclosure report.
Lenders seized fewer homes in August, in part due to the rising popularity of alternatives to foreclosure.
About Mortgage SpecialistsWe’re a small team of mortgage professionals who understand not only how to get you approved for your mortgage—but also how the mortgage you choose affects your overall financial future. Brent and staff took excellent care of me and were more than timely with communications and turn-arounds so that I could aquire my home within 6 weeks. Brent and staff took excellent care of me and were more than timely with communications and turn-arounds so that I could acquire my home within 6 weeks.
I want to thank the hard working Sarah who worked through all the problems that arose and made it happen. I really appreciated the communication and status updates throughout the process.ed the communication and status updates throughout the process. My case was very complicated and Brent and Sarah did an amazing job keeping me informed and things moving forward!

Brent is so fast to respond to e-mails and Sarah was awesome about keeping me in the loop and answering my questions! I’ve already given out your contact information out to two other couples looking to refinance. Brent and Sarah were always available to answer any questions we had during our home buying process, even if that meant on the weekends.
I want to thank the hard working Sarah, who worked through all the problems that arose and made it happen. Just in from real-estate data firm First American CoreLogic: This handy map of the greater Houston area, showing foreclosure rates by Zip Code. If the lienholder is the same, they have lost an equal amount of money if all go into foreclosure and are sold for less than loan value.
Home prices are rising, interest rates are low, inventory levels have fallen and fewer borrowers are falling behind on their mortgage payments.
We treat your mortgage like any other investment, helping you find the right loan for your family’s individual financial situation, needs and goals—whether you’re buying a new home or refinancing to save money. He gave great, honest service and I would recommend him to anyone looking for the best service and rates in the mortgage world. We WILL recommend him whenever an opportunity arises with friends, family or random strangers ( he was that great to work with). We appreciated that great customer service that was extended to us throughout the entire process.

You may have 30 $100,000 homes in Southwest Houston and one $3,000,000 home in Piney Point.
As a strategic partner with a proven reputation you can trust and depend on, our experience and expertise make getting approved for your mortgage fast, simple, and stress-free for you and your family. I am also in the same BNI referral group with Brent and he brings a ton of professionalism to the table. He was always available to answer questions and made buying our first home a seamless transaction. I would highly recommend Brent Rasmussen at Mortgage Specialists for all your financial needs. The difference is, the big difference, the owner of the $3,000,000 home is allowed extra time, sometimes allowed to refinance or make interest only payments or just put it on the market with no real threat of actual foreclosure. In Southwest Houston it is posted as soon as it can be on the list of foreclosures to be sold on the courthouse steps.

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