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Buying a foreclosure as a future residence or as an investment opportunity can be both risky and rewarding.
Like the rest of the country, the Dallas-Fort Worth area has seen its share of foreclosed properties — especially at the height of the recent recession. Some buyers seek out foreclosures because it can be a cost-effective way to buy a home to reside in, while others may want to purchase a foreclosure to renovate and remodel the home and then resell it. Depending on the status of the property, according to Wells Fargo, a potential buyer must pre-qualify for a loan or pay in cash to purchase the property with the help of a real estate agent. Although a great price may be enticing, buyers should be vigilant and cautious when considering a foreclosure.
Ideally, the cost of the foreclosed home should come in under or at its market value after factoring in repairs and remodeling costs. For homeowners who've fallen behind on their mortgage payments, a short sale of their home (when a house is sold for less than the outstanding mortgage) may help them avoid foreclosure. If you are a real estate investor or a home buyer interested in Dallas County Foreclosures, please contact us today. We have connections with lender and mortgage providers with hands-on experience working with foreclosures. If you are a seller in this market, you may be becoming discouraged and wonder how you can just sell your Dallas-Fort Worth house fast, right?
If it seems like you keep putting more money out to improve your home (or if you have repairs but don’t have the money to do those repairs), but are still having a hard time selling your Dallas-Fort Worth house, you aren’t alone. Worse yet, due to the devastating consequences of foreclosure in Dallas-Fort Worth, many sellers in the area who hold out for the price they want are getting little action and no offers at all… sometimes leaving the house on the market for months on end.
When the housing market crashed and the foreclosures began to roll in, it flooded the real estate market in Dallas-Fort Worth. But, there are some things you can do in this market to reach your goals with selling your house. If you have any questions about our local Dallas-Fort Worth house buying service just reach out to us anytime. We are a real estate solutions and investment firm that specializes in helping homeowners get rid of burdensome houses fast.
For next month’s foreclosure auctions, 45 percent fewer homes are facing forced sales in the 4-county area, according to the latest statistics from Foreclosure Listing Service Inc. Home foreclosure totals in North Texas are headed for their lowest volume in 2013 in four years, if current trends continue. So far this year, home foreclosure filing totals in the D-FW area are running almost 43 percent below where they were this time in 2012.
Housing analysts credit the big improvement in home foreclosures to the area’s stronger economy, rising residential property values and a change in how lenders handle problem home loans. Also, the number of North Texas homeowners who owe more than their house is worth had dropped significantly during the last couple of years.
In the first quarter, only 8.3 percent of Dallas-area homeowners with a loan were upside down in their mortgage, according to the latest data from CoreLogic Inc.
Homeowners who are underwater in their mortgage are much more likely to allow the property to go into foreclosure. For July’s home foreclosure auctions, 2,360 residential properties in Dallas, Collin, Tarrant and Denton counties are posted for sale, according to Foreclosure Listing Service. The biggest year-over-year declines in home foreclosure filings are in Collin County (-51 percent) and Dallas County (-45 percent). Nu Home Source Realty has all the information you need to help you find foreclosures in the Dallas- Fort Worth Area.  Check out all of the available DFW foreclosed properties below.

What with the misery that foreclosures cause for the homeowners concerned, it's not surprising that many people look at them as something that is negative.
The most obvious benefit is that since the foreclosure crisis began in 2007, we have seen a vast number of new properties appear on the market, which means that homebuyers have never had it so good - their choices are numerous and widespread, and what's more, they can buy a property that is in excellent condition at a price that is far lower than they could have hoped for previously. This month witnesses another drop in foreclosure postings of homes in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. According to the Foreclosure Listing Service based in Addison, North Texas barely has barely over 4,200 forced sale homes as posted by lenders in the coming week’s foreclose auctions, which is 6% down compared to the prior year. This marks the third consecutive month of low Dallas-Fort Worth foreclose filings compared from the year before. Despite the increase in foreclosure rates from the previous month, the November D-FW foreclosure filings remain the lowest of the same month starting from 2006.
As of September 2012, the Federal Housing Administration has seen a 17.3% rise in the number of delinquent mortgages it holds. When the FHA formed in 1934, down payments with a 20 year mortgage were reduced from 50% to 20%. Buyers of resale homes who employ the services of a competent home inspector can avoid a lot of headaches and worries.
It must be emphasized, however, that a homebuyer need not be an expert on inspecting homes for sale to find out about defects or possible areas for improvement and renovation.
With the ending of the tax credit, buyers seem to have put the buying process again on hold and are back on the fence waiting for that next great deal to come along.
With this slow down in the market, Realtors are having to come up with incentives to encourage buyers to get motivated again, we all like free money, so one way is the 20% rebate Nu Home Source gives their buyers and now they are adding just a little more to the pot by running a summer special for sellers of a 4.5% listing fee. Texas de Brazil located in downtown Fort Worth on Houston Street, is known to area residents as the place to dine, if you are out celebrating an occasion or just taking that special person out for the evening. Mothers Day was my special occasion, my family all got together for this very memorable night out.
I have lived in the Fort Worth area for years but this was my first time dining there and now that I have seen what I have missed, I do plan on returning in the near future. Below are 10 simple rules to follow during the buying process that will bring the happy ending you are hoping for. Some buyers seek out foreclosures because it can be a cost-effective way to buy a home at a price below market value.
This process, also called flipping, can be a very competitive process, especially because some companies specialize in this type of real estate investing.
Josh Moody, a Dallas-based mortgage lender, offers a few tips for purchasing foreclosures on his blog.
When buying a foreclosure, a licensed real estate agent with experience in bank-owned properties will be especially helpful in determining value of a property and assisting with representing buyers throughout the purchasing process. While Texas provides a wealth of real-estate resources, consumers should also do their homework. Our team of experienced real estate agents specialize in Texas Foreclosure Properties and will prove an invaluable resource for your next foreclosure purchase. If you don’t have a god local agent, just reach out to us and we can connect you with some great real estate agents we know in town who have shown they can sell a house fast. We are investors and problem solvers who can buy your house fast with a fair all cash offer.
In many cases a new financial agreement is reached or the mortgage company delays the forced sale.
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Whether you are looking to purchase a foreclosed property or a short sale, it is important to understand the implications of purchasing such a property.
However, while it's never much fun for homeowners to be booted out of their homes, it's also true that they bring advantages to the rest of us.
The October 2012 edition of FHA watch showed that the FHA has lost $28.3 billion in written off mortgages, if the GAAP standards imposed by privately run businesses have been complied with.
However, this momentary stability was altered when congress, in the 1950s, permitted the FHA to allow a 30 year period of 95% LTV, which meant that, for the first time, borrowers had to fork out only 5% of the down payment. The home inspector is a home buyer’s partner and ally in finding the residence just right for one’s budget, needs, and requirements.
History shows that we gain nothing by waiting, someone else that took advantage of the deal now is reaping the benefits.
Do Not change jobs, become self employed or quit your present job during the buying process. The foreclosure section of Bank of America‘s website also offers insight on purchasing a foreclosure compared to a traditional real estate transaction.
No one likes to see their home picked apart, criticized, or devalued, but that is exactly what most sellers are dealing with.
When that happens, that drives the price of everyone’s house down because there are more options (at lower prices) for buyers out there.
We do need a discount so we can make a profit on our end, but you won’t ever pay us any fees or commissions. With a 4% capitalization taken into account, the FHA stands to lose up to $67 billion this year. What about the owner who, for one reason or another, can no longer make the house payments? In fact, MSN Real Estate named Dallas County as one of the top 10 markets for flipping homes after foreclosure. These types of properties are very enticing for buyers because the property’s worth can be significantly more than its listing price.
The site states that before a loan or sale of the home can be approved, buyers should have the home appraised and inspected, both of which are out-of-pocket expenses.
Instead, buyers should look for signs of foundation issues, plumbing problems, and pest infestations through a thorough inspection conducted by a licensed home inspector. Square footage and school information on any portion of this web site should be independently verified. Much of the other input and vital activities in the process of a home acquisition, like the purchase offer hinges on this exercise. Earnest money (funds to convey earnest intention to purchase the property) may be required as well. He also encourages buyers to look for damage caused by the previous occupants, which could include removed appliances and fixtures or cosmetic damage to walls and floors. TREC administers two recovery funds which may be used to satisfy judgments against inspectors and real estate licensees involving a violation of the law. Complaints or inquiries should be directed to Texas Real Estate Commission, PO Box 12188, Austin, TX 78711-2188.

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