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When a property owner is no longer able to make their mortgage payments and defaults on the loan, the property goes through a process know as foreclosure.
The trustee is required to advertise a notice of default of the property in the newspaper for three continuous weeks. Properties are considered to be in Preforeclosure from the filing of the initial Notice of Default  (NOD) until the property is sold at auction.
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Easy to understand information on the home foreclosure process including the prevention and purchasing of foreclosed homes. All properties below represented by Eric Rojas and Bob DePalma as listing or buyers agents.
Tour our second sale in 416 W Briar, a unique 4 unit boutique building with large floor-plans. Watch the video of our recent single family home listing 5321 N Bell in Lincoln Square's Bowmanville neighborhood.
Detroit’s historic Masonic Temple and Wayne County have reached an agreement to stop foreclosure proceedings, its president said Thursday.

But Sobran and chief deputy county treasurer David Szymanski said a payment plan had been worked out. When this occurs, the lender initiates the sale of the property by auction through a third party; called a trustee. Take a look in the classified section of your local newspaper and you’ll see a list of foreclosed properties for your area.
Anyone can bid at the auction, however, the first bid amount will typically be equal to the outstanding loan balances plus fees and must be paid IN FULL by cashier’s check at the actual auction. Buyers can try to purchase these properties directly from the bank but in general the bank will list the property for sale with a Realtor®  after clearing liens. Roger Sobran said the Temple paid $10,000 toward a tax bill Thursday and is expected to pay another $36,000 by early June. The owners of the property have until five days before the scheduled date of the auction to pay all monies owed. Impress your sphere in a wonderful house and enjoy urban amenities like Old Town School of Folk Music, Winnemac Park and Welles Park, easy transportation and fantastic Lincoln Square community events year round.
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More than $150,000 in unpaid taxes from 2010 and 2012 left the 14-story building in the hands of the Wayne County treasurer’s office. If they can not come up the money within the allotted time period, the trustee conducts an auction for the property on the steps off a courthouse located in the county where the property is located. They will usually not do more than cursory repairs prior to putting the property on the market and are looking for a quick sale to take the property off of their books.
It stabilizes our neighborhoods.” The building, which is on the National Register of Historic Places, takes up an entire block and has more than 1,000 rooms. It houses the Masonic Theater, a concert site that for decades hosted some of the biggest acts in music, including The Who and the Rolling Stones. “We’re rebounding.
When there are many homes in the process, banks may get behind and take much longer between steps.
Under state law, owners have time to catch up, but if they don’t, a court may order a foreclosure.

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