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The total number of zombie foreclosures was down 6 percent from a year ago, but the 25 percent share of total foreclosures represented by zombies was up from 21 percent a year ago. Despite a 35 percent decrease in zombie foreclosures compared to a year ago, Florida had the highest number of any state with 35,903 — down from 54,908 in the first quarter of 2014. Zombie foreclosures increased 109 percent from a year ago in New Jersey, and the state posted the second highest total of any state with 17,983 — 23 percent of all properties in foreclosure.
New York zombie foreclosures increased 54 percent from a year ago to 16,777, the third highest state total and representing 19 percent of all residential properties in foreclosure. Illinois had 9,358 zombie foreclosures at the end of January, down 40 percent from a year ago but still the fourth highest state total, while California had 7,370 zombie foreclosures at the end of January, up 24 percent from a year ago and the fifth highest state total. Other states among the top 10 for most zombie foreclosures were Ohio (7,360), Indiana (5,217), Pennsylvania (4,937), Maryland (3,363) and North Carolina (3,177). The greater New York metro area had by far the highest number of zombie foreclosures of any metropolitan statistical area nationwide, with 19,177 — 17 percent of all properties in foreclosure and up 73 percent from a year ago. Zombie foreclosures increased 53 percent from a year ago in the Philadelphia metro area, giving it the fifth highest number of any metro nationwide in the first quarter of 2015.
Other metro areas among the top 10 for most zombie foreclosures were Orlando (3,718), Jacksonville, Florida (2,368), Los Angeles (2,074), Las Vegas (1,832), and Baltimore, Maryland (1,722). Among metro areas with a population of 200,000 or more and at least 500 zombie foreclosures as of the end of January, those with the highest share of zombie foreclosures as a percentage of all foreclosures were St. Investors, businesses and government institutions can contact RealtyTrac to license bulk foreclosure and neighborhood data or purchase customized reports. To search and research real estate data for more than 130 million properties nationwide, sign up for a FREE trial to RealtyTrac.
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11 Steps in the Florida Foreclosure Process - A Homeowner's Guide - David Gongora, Esq. Florida Commercial Litigation and Real Estate Attorney focusing in the Financial Services industry representing Lenders, Brokers, & Borrowers.
Most loans give the homeowner a grace period of ten or fifteen days after which time a late fee may become due.

If a homeowner knows they will not be able to make the payment this month, either they lost their job, suffered a medical complication, or whatever – they should obtain a list of loss mitigation options available to them at this point. Never miss an opportunity to discuss loss mitigation options and attempt to work out an arrangement to avoid foreclosure if you know you will not be able to catch up in time (i.e.
The loan servicer typically waits until you are 120 days delinquent before filing the case in state court to start the foreclosure. Most homeowner’s do not understand, but now you will not be among them, that a Breach Letter is the first official step in the Florida Foreclosure Process.
The letter informs you that your loan is in default and gives you an opportunity to cure that default. A Foreclosure Defense Attorney should be consulted at this time if you know you will not be able to pay. After receipt of the Complaint and summons, the borrower has twenty days to file an answer.
If the lender was unable to obtain a default judgment, a lender will likely file a motion for summary judgment.
If the lender prevails at summary judgment or at trial, then it is granted Final Judgment of Foreclosure. A notice of foreclosure sale must be published in a newspaper for two consecutive weeks prior to the sale.
For equitable reasons, the foreclosure sale may be extended by the Court upon proper motion and notice. The borrower has ten days after the sale to file an objection to issuance of certificate of title in the name of the prevailing bidder. If you are a homeowner who thinks they need help with the Florida Foreclosure Process and may need a Foreclosure Defense Lawyer, contact David Gongora, Esq. Bill Would Alter Potential Prosecution For CCW-holders In Gun-free ZonesCCW permit holders would not be prosecuted for carrying their guns into gun free zones under the bill. State Takes Back $12 Million in Preschool FundingChanges in the rules involving preschool funding in Ohio have caught the attention of a state lawmaker.
Yost Blasts Cleveland Schools for Missing RebatesThe state auditor criticizes Cleveland schools in an audit over the district’s failure to cash in $1 M in tech rebates.
Cleveland Teachers Union Gives Strike NoticeThe Cleveland Teacher’s Union on Monday night voted to authorize a strike. There were 7,554 zombie foreclosures in the Philadelphia metro area as of the end of January, 27 percent of all foreclosures.
After this grace period expires, a diligent loan servicer may already start contacting the homeowner to determine the reason for the missed payment and anticipate whether the loan will become over 30 days past due. During this time, the loan servicer usually sprinkles your mail box with loss mitigation opportunities.

If no response is received by the Lender’s attorney (do not direct a response to the lender directly), then the lender can get a default judgment from the court. After ten days, the clerk issues a certificate of title which is recorded in the public records and issues a certificate of disbursements (disbursing the purchase price to the lender and junior lienholders, if applicable.). Gayle Manning of North Ridgeville wants communities to have to approve start dates before Labor Day.
Women Are The Biggest Winners At The Rio OlympicsAs in London four years ago, American women are taking home more medals than their male counterparts. Markets According to 2016 Rental Affordability AnalysisDec 21, 2015Renting Less Affordable Than Buying in Most U.S. His experience in Lender Representation in Florida Foreclosure Lawsuits assists in providing invaluable strategy into Foreclosure Defense cases. In that overheated period from 2001 to 2006, "you could buy a house and make $100,000 a year later by selling it," he says.But the party ended in 2007 and the hangover persists. She wouldn't address a direct question about intersex athletes, but she did talk about the need to be free to be who you are. Payments are typically collected by a loan servicer, which may be different that the actual owner of the loan. They say banks need to get a handle on finding promissory notes that have been shipped all over the country and on organizing their paperwork.Others, like Sharmon Lenth, blame foreclosure defense lawyers. She's the president of a small credit union that has been trying to foreclose on a house for years.
Eight months later we worked with them again, to help them to get through some tough times. They made 14 payments on that, they defaulted on it and hired one of these attorney groups."The homeowners didn't attend the trial, but their attorney, Satyen Gandhi, was at court. She says the members of her credit union needed to acquire that house and have it sold."The whole process is just broke.
It's just broke," she says.No Quick Solution SeenLenth says unscrupulous foreclosure attorneys are using delaying tactics to tie up the process.
But even with the complaints about the process, it doesn't appear that it will change anytime soon.Nor should it, says Hounchell, the real estate attorney. He says the judicial review is an important protection for homeowners — a protection that they don't get in most other states."But comparing one state to another is not necessarily fair, because Nevada is a nonjudicial foreclosure state," he explains.

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