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Yesterday, 67-year-old Valrico man died after collapsing in a Hillsborough courtroom during a foreclosure hearing. Frank Collelo was with his wife when he fell to the floor in the Hillsborough County Circuit courtroom of Judge Wayne S. It appears former professional football player and actor, OJ Simpson is having his due process rights violated.
Simpson’s rights are not being violated by prison guards or by other inmates but 1,500 miles away in the posh Miami suburb of Kendall where Simpson settled down after he was acquitted in the murder of his ex-wife Nicole and her drug dealer boyfriend, Ron Goldman. Problems began in 2011, roughly two and half years after he was convicted and sentenced to 33 years in a Nevada Correctional Facility after being found guilty of kidnapping and armed robbery when JPMorgan Chase began foreclosure proceedings against him on his home in Kendall, Florida.
JPMorgan Chase has been attempting to foreclose on Simpson since January of 2012 when it was reported their attorneys from Albertelli Law went into court claiming Simpson was dodging their process server and they had no idea where he was. Like many homeowners in Florida, Simpson is a victim of what appears to be an illegal foreclosure by JPMorgan Chase. First, there is no evidence of a mortgage assignment from Washington Mutual to JPMorgan Chase prior to Washington Mutual placed under FDIC receivership. Both Albertelli and GrayRobinson have argued that JPMorgan Chase acquired this mortgage through operation of law with their acquisition of Washington Mutual from the FDIC. As any who has followed this blog and MFI-Miami can tell you this is complete and utter bullshit. Along with my attorneys in Florida and Michigan, we have successfully argued to the courts in both Michigan and Florida that this is not what happened during the implosion of Washington Mutual and that a mortgage assignment from either Washington Mutual or the FDIC as Receiver for Washington Mutual to JPMorgan Chase must be filed on public record in order to foreclose. JPMorgan Chase acquired certain assets of Washington Mutual from the FDIC after the Office of Thrift Supervision closed Washington Mutual and appointed the FDIC as receivership on September 28, 2008.
Therefore, the FDIC would be the only entity to have rights as a successor “by operation of law” to foreclose on Simpson not JPMorgan Chase and a mortgage assignment must be recorded in order to foreclose. Simpson also has nearly $245,000 in IRS tax liens attached to the house going back to 2007.
Unfortunately, on August 20, 2013, Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Gisela Cardone Ely granted summary judgment to JPMorgan Chase and ordered Simpson’s house be sold at auction on October 19th.
Therefore, JPMorgan Chase’s foreclosure claim against Simpson is not only illegal but more than likely could be overturned by the 3rd Florida District Court of Appeals or by the federal courts if the IRS decides to file suit. The attorneys for both Albertelli and GrayRobinson strung enough BS together to convince Judge Ely not to review case law. Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert of the Keiser Report on RT flew to Miami a few weeks ago during the peak of European tourist season in Florida to interview MFI-Miami CEO Steve Dibert on the South Pointe Pier in South Beach.
On what was an extremely hot 95 degree (35 Celsius) afternoon, Max Keiser and Steve Dibert discussed the possibility of a tourism war between Florida and Cuba now that relations between Cuba and the United States are beginning to thaw. Max Keiser and Steve Dibert talked about the continued controversy of lenders using the MERS system to record mortgages and mortgage assignments. JPMorgan Chase Max Keiser mfi-miami RT Russia Today South Beach Stacy Herbert Steve Dibert The Keiser Report U.S. American banks and American businesses have been stomping on the rights of Hispanic-Americans since the U.S. That was until the Alianza Federal de Mercedes led by Juan Valdez and Reies Lopez Tijerina mounted a brazen daylight raid on the Rio Arriba County courthouse in Tierra Amarilla, New Mexico in 1967.
Unfortunately, with the aging of Reies Lopez Tijerina and the death of Juan Valdez last year, Hispanics are once again receiving broken promises by the U.S. Being based in south Florida and being a former Bank of America depositer, I know Bank of America offers services in a variety of languages including Spanish. With the decision handed down by the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals, saying Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are government entities, As Fannie Mae’s servicer, Bank of America should have foreclosed judicially and allowed the Garcias their day in court.
For Angel Garcia, the risk of facing these groups for the thousand mile trek through Mexico to the Texas border so that he and his family could live a new life filled with unimaginable opportunities they would never see in central Mexico was worth it. After settling in the picturesque Polish enclave of Cedar, Michigan, Angel Garcia was finally able to reunite with his wife Estela and their children in the mid-1990s. In December of 2003, Angel and Estela were able to do something they could never do in Mexico – they bought a house on a piece of property they actually owned. In 2011, disaster struck when Angel received a botched hernia surgery and couldn’t work for nearly a month.
At wit’s end, the Garcias turned to the CRA housing non-profit, Northwest Michigan Community Action Agency (NMCAA) for help since one of their major benefactors is Bank of America.

As word got around that I was working on another article about how Bank of America was reneging on modification offers made to Hispanic homeowners and then threatening them with eviction, I have received nearly 50 phone calls and emails from Hispanic homeowners with Bank of America loans across the U.S.
The problem really boils down to the fact that Detroit’s financial problems are only precursor of what will happen statewide and what is already happening in some communities and school districts across Michigan.
This freeways in southeast Michigan are filled with miles of potholes and broken concrete that make the freeways through war-torn Sarajevo look like a model of freeway construction because there is no revenue to fix it. As anyone who watches cable news during the day in Michigan can tell you, it’s apparent Michigan residents are aging because nearly all the advertisements are for scooter chairs and disposable catheter tubes. Wall Street is paying attention to what is going on in Michigan and to what the finance media is saying and they’re not liking it contrary to what Michigan Governor Rick Snyder and his GOP colleagues are saying. At least three Michigan municipalities in Michigan postponed bond sales (Genesee County, Battle Creek and Saginaw County) because interest rates were higher than they were willing to pay.
Yet, with all that is obvious, elected officials in Michigan refuse to see the hard reality that Michigan is dying. Collectively the state needs to start thinking outside the box like it did 100 years ago because the outdated dogma and strategies that made it great won’t work this time around. It is pretty clear that whomever is operating this site is an activist in the Michigan Republican Party because they vividly describe the less than enthusiastic crowd that greeted him at his reception at the Michigan Republican Leadership Conference on Mackinac Island this past weekend. The site also claims Trott is adamently pro-choice and gave generously to former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm’s two gubernatorial campaigns. Trott received international attention last year when he attempted to illegally foreclose on retired Green Beret Jeff Reed and in 2011 when he callously evicted 101 year-old wheel chair bound Texana Hollis in the rain and left her on the curb with all of her meager possessions.
Except for a single press release when Trott announced his candidacy two weeks ago, the Michigan Democratic Party has been unusually silent. Congresswoman Corrine Brown and her Chief of Staff were indicted on a 24 count indictment for operating a fraudulent charity.
Congresswoman Corrine Brown and Elias “Ronnie” Simmons have been indicted on multiple counts of mail and wire fraud.
Corrine Brown and others allegedly solicited more than $800,000 from contributors for a fake charity named One Door for Education.
Corrine Brown allegedly made false claims that donations would be used for college scholarships. Corrine Brown used the donations from the fake non-profit for her personal benefit according to the indictment. Ronnie Simmons is accused of placing tens of thousands of dollars into Brown’s personal bank accounts. Corrine Brown allegedly used an outside company owned by one of her employees to funnel One Door funds to Brown for personal use.
Corrine Brown also claimed tax deductions based on false donations she claimed she made to One Door and to local non-profits in the Jacksonville area. Ronnie Simmons used his position as Brown’s Chief of Staff to obtain congressional employment for a relative. Yes, that’s right you can learn how to pick yourself up out of the hood and move to the big deluxe condo in the sky just like George and Weezie in a matter of weeks.
Before you get too excited about Kiyosaki personally motivating you to pick yourself up by the boot straps, you need to know that he won’t be attending. Kiyosaki filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection last fall after losing a nearly $24 million court judgment from one his earliest financial backers, The Learning Annex. Simpson is currently serving time at the Lovelack Correctional Facility in northwest Nevada after being convicted of kidnapping and armed robbery in 2008. Unfortunately for Simpson, this time around he doesn’t have a legal dream team defending him. There also appears to be no evidence of an assignment filed to JPMorgan Chase by the FDIC acting as Receiver for Washington Mutual with with the Miami-Dade Clerk of the Court.
Under federal law if a homeowner has an IRS tax lien on the property, a foreclosing entity must notify and seek approval from the IRS prior to commencing with foreclosure. Simpson but at the end of the day he’s being treated no different than the average homeowner and his due process rights are being trampled on just like the average homeowner when it comes to way the Miami-Dade courts are handling his foreclosure.
Department of Justice’s figures that show convictions for white collar crimes are way down but yet the dollar amount of the fines and penalties are up. Bank of America even goes as far as to send Hispanic homeowners in Florida their mortgage statements in Spanish.

I compared Michigan the morbidly obese guy you see at Walmart with an amputated foot, heart disease and renal failure wearing a colonoscopy bag and carrying an oxygen tank in a man purse while shopping in a scooter chair because out of his own arrogance, he ignored his doctor’s advice 35 years ago to take better care of himself. Six other municipalities and seven school districts are under state control and another dozen are on the Governor’s watch list.
The Director of the Michigan Department of Transportation last month admitted that his department was so broke that they didn’t have enough money to cut down the six foot high weeds growing on the service drive of I-696 in suburban Detroit.
Once posh Oakland County, who still maintains an Aaa rating from Moody’s had to delay a bond sale. David Trott used his financial muscle and influence within the GOP along with $26,000 in campaign contribution to PACs affiliated with former skirt chasing Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox to get his wife Kappy Trott, a high ranking job in the Michigan Attorney General’s office. Rank and file Democrats in the 11th District fear the Michigan Democratic Party may have already capitulated the 2014 election to Trott.
Brown solicited donations from individuals and groups Brown knew by being a member of congress. Simmons allegedly made tens of thousands of dollars of deposits to Brown’s personal accounts. Brown allegedly filed false returns based on her substantial cash deposits to her personal bank accounts. Ronnie Simmons’ relative received approximately $735,000 in government salary payments from 2001 and 2016 despite performing no known work.
Acording to the New York Post,  “The Learning Annex was responsible for arranging the speaking engagements and platform that led to his massive success. Under Florida law a party foreclosing must present evidence that they have an ownership interest in the debt. In other words, JPMorgan Chase cherry picked the assets they wanted and left the rest for Washington Mutual’s creditors to fight over. Assets are purchased hereunder by the Assuming Bank subject to all liabilities for indebtedness collateralized by Liens affecting such Assets to the extent provided in Section 2.1.
Steve reveals the reason for that is because the DOJ are essentially shaking down innocent mom and pop investors for fines who the DOJ knows won’t have the financial resources to fight the federal government to prove their innocence. States with politically liberal politicians and non-Right-To-Work laws like Massachusetts (ranked #13), New York (ranked #21) and Pennsylvania (ranked #27) rank higher.
Labor supply is measured by educational attainment based off Census data and factors in migration and population projections. Although it was announced yesterday that Oakland County taxpayers after extensive lobbying by county officials, will only be paying 3.62% on that bond.
Lee Bentley said in a statement, “Our Office is committed to prosecuting all forms of corruption. Corrine Brown and others also led donors to believe that the fake charity was a registered non-profit. Brown also used One Door funds for a luxury box during a concert in DC and the use of a luxury box during NFL games. Brown is also accused of taking a tax deduction based on inflated and fabricated charitable donations. Simmons also diverted over $80,000 of his relative’s government salary for his personal benefit. He later admits Rich Dad is an composite of several people and compares Rich Dad to Harry Potter, “Is Harry Potter real? The subsidiaries, joint ventures, partnerships, and any and all other business combinations or arrangements, whether active, inactive, dissolved or terminated being purchased by the Assuming Bank includes, but is not limited to, the entities listed on Schedule 3.1a. Economic climate measures economic output as well as unemployment during the past five years. These companies give Trott a near monopoly on all things foreclosure and it allows him make between $25,000 to $50,000 off someone being in foreclosure which allows him to be generous to the politicians willing to do his bidding. Simmons then transferred the funds to his personal bank accounts to make payments on his boat. Notwithstanding Section 4.8, the Assuming Bank specifically purchases all mortgage servicing rights and obligations of the Failed Bank.

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