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If you are a borrower and have been served with a foreclosure lawsuit, it is especially important to see an attorney immediately to assist in defending your foreclosure action.
In addition to filing the paperwork to defend the foreclosure action, your attorney may be able to negotiate a loan modification with your Lender. While we recommend that you contact us as early as possible once you realize you are facing foreclosure, we still may be able to help you even if you are only a few days away from the sale date. How does the foreclosure process work?Florida is a judicial foreclosure state, which means that all foreclosures must be processed through the court system. Foreclosure Complaint – Once a borrower receives a Complaint, they only have 20 days to respond or a default may be entered against him or her. Standing: The bank that filed the lawsuit may not be the original lender that issued your note and mortgage. Securitization: Many notes and mortgages have been securitized and placed in trusts for the purposes of selling the notes and mortgages to investors. Conditions to Accelerate the Mortgage: Many mortgages require written notice of a default and a 30-day opportunity to cure. Verification of Complain: Florida Rules of Civil Procedure provide that when filing an action for foreclosure of a mortgage on residential real property, the complaint must be verified.
If you have received a foreclosure Complaint, it is imperative that you respond within 20 days. How long is the average foreclosure process?The timeframe for a foreclosure action varies dramatically and is difficult to estimate.
Am I required to have an attorney during a foreclosure?You are not required to hire an attorney to defend a foreclosure action. An understanding of the available defenses available and experience in handling real estate litigation. A detailed examination of the terms and conditions in your purchase agreement, mortgage, and other documents from your lender.
An understanding of your side of the story: your financial situation, your objectives and your current and future interests in the property. What's the biggest mistake made in the foreclosure process?Many clients come to our office days before their property is to be sold. We hope you choose The DeWitt Law Firm to represent you as your Orlando foreclosure attorney. When going through a family law matter involving minor children, you will undoubtedly be faced with calculating child support.
In Orlando, we have seen several law firms and lawyers that represent Men or Women exclusively in divorce and family law cases.
The Amended Complaint - I've Already Been Served One Foreclosure Complaint, Why Am I Getting Another?

What is Discovery?Discovery is an umbrella term that describes the process of requesting information from the other party in a lawsuit.It is an invaluable weapon in the fight to defend your home against the banks. We notice an alarmingly high number of clients that come through our doors wherein they've been served and either failed to file any paperwork whatsoever, or thought it best that they file their own paperwork and then seek out the advice of experienced counsel after the fact. Often times, the foreclosure process can be a time of overwhelming stress and doubt and this is never more true than when it comes to loan modification. All initial consultations are completely free and we contact you the same or following business day! We represent borrowers throughout the foreclosure process and handle both commercial and residential foreclosures. You only have 20 days from being served with the lawsuit to file a response or a default may be entered against you. If you own commercial property, then you may also need advice regarding the collection of rents on leases and payment of operating expenses. Negotiations do no protect property owners from the consequences of the ongoing foreclosure lawsuit. It must contain specific information in order for the lender to proceed with the foreclosure lawsuit.
The Foreclosure Complaint must plead standing, jurisdiction, that the proper notice requirement have been met, and the amount owed.
If the bank that filed the foreclosure lawsuit against you cannot prove that it rightfully owns and holds the original note and mortgage at the time it filed the lawsuit, then the lawsuit may be dismissed. The trust then must prove that they (1) hold both the note and the mortgage and (2) that they are authorized to proceed with the foreclosure lawsuit. Failure to do so may result in a default judgment and the bank may be allowed to foreclose on the property. However, it is advised that once you are served with a foreclosure complaint, you have an experienced foreclosure attorney review your paperwork within 20 days. This can include if you recently lost your job, substantial loss of income or serious illness or injury.. This not only makes our job as your attorney more difficult, but it limits the defenses available to you. While child support in Florida is based upon a statutory formula, there are still some common mistakes made.
These lawyers typically portray that one gender is underrepresented in the legal system and that the law firm fights on behalf of that underrepresented class.
People usually want to find the best divorce attorney, but the term best divorce attorney is subjective. It is crucial to your foreclosure defense to know exactly what an Amended Complaint is, what effect it can have on your foreclosure case, and how to properly respond once it is filed. It may seem like no matter how many times you call the lender and no matter how many documents you gather pursuant to their specific requests, that the lender just will not work with you.

Many times I've heard clients or prospective clients say "I have full coverage on my vehicle." Unfortunately, all too often this is what that person heard from an insurance agent who actually issued them Florida's minimum requirements to register, tag and operate a vehicle on Florida roads. As a successful Orlando foreclosure attorney, Sherri DeWitt has argued constitutional issues regarding foreclosures and has written articles addressing these issues. If a default has already been entered, you should speak with an attorney as soon as possible to determine if it is possible to have the default set aside. We also can arrange for a third party to conduct an audit of the lender’s accounting policies and procedures to determine any irregularities that might give you a defense to the lawsuit. You must continue to defend against the foreclosure action, while negotiations are pending. If the lender fails to include the required default language, the foreclosure lawsuit, once it is filed, may be dismissed. Additionally, the Foreclosure complaint must include a verification clause that is signed by an individual who has actual knowledge regarding your loan. It is important to look at the securitization agreement of the trust that holds the note and mortgage in order to determine the possible defenses that may be available. If the Court has already entered a default judgment against the borrower, we must show both a meritorious defense and excusable neglect to have the default set aside. As part of our commitment to personalized legal representation for our clients, we evaluate each client’s individual circumstances to determine an effective plan of action. If a borrower receives a Notice of Default and does not cure the default; the lender may file a lawsuit to foreclose on the mortgage. A foreclosure case is litigation and any attorney handling these types of cases should have extensive experience in handling real estate litigation. Although this is possible in many instances, it is always better to consult an attorney as soon as possible to discuss your options.
That Complaint will lay out exactly what the Bank is suing you for and the general basis for their argument. Fighting a foreclosure often can result in additional time to arrange for a sale, refinance or workout arrangement or in a mediated resolution that is more beneficial to a property owner than a final judgment of foreclosure. Additionally, an attorney may be able to work with your lender to determine if there are other options besides foreclosure. The longer you wait to get an experienced foreclosure attorney on your side, the fewer opportunities your attorney has to help you.

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