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Both judicial and non-judicial states require that the person being foreclosed upon receive some sort of notification that they are at risk of losing their home as a result of serious delinquency on their mortgage borrowings. Proper service of process initially establishes personal jurisdiction of the court over the person served.
One has to remember the timetable here: foreclosure notices take place during an active phase of the entire foreclosure process. It may seem incredible that the foreclosure mills aren’t bothering to provide summons; after all, how hard is it to provide service at someone’s home?
Due to ProVest’s aggressive style, and high volume of work, it is possible many servers, not direct employees, were forced to do the serves this way due to the volume and ProVest’s unrealistic expectations.
The information on this website is for informational purposes only and is not to be construed as legal advice. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License. Overview: What began as a small firm has become the largest property preservation and mortgage field services company in the nation.
Safeguard, a giant in the foreclosure cleanup industry, completes over 1 million work orders per month. For more information on starting a Foreclosure Cleanup Business, see Foreclosure Cleanup Business in a Box. Cleaning businesses are ideal for entrepreneurs seeking low-cost start-up business ideas.  They are one of the fastest and easiest businesses to start and are evergreen, with high income potential. Cleaning businesses are ideal for entrepreneurs seeking a low-cost start-up service enterprise.  They are one of the fastest and easiest businesses to start and are evergreen in nature, with high income potential.
Heavy equipment may include floor cleaning equipment such as carpet shampooers, buffers, industrial vacuums, and the like.  Equipment that cleaning companies do not have on-hand can be rented from stores like The Home Depot. The most expensive item for new businesses will be a vehicle for getting to and from jobs and hauling supplies and, if needed, workers.  However, many starting entrepreneurs already have a vehicle and many workers will already have transportation.
Grassroots marketing material for new clean-up services can consist of postcards, which can be ordered from printing sites online cheaply.
Tip: Order two sets of car magnets initially so when one set starts to fade from sun or rain, you’ll already have your second set on hand. Cleaning companies can also choose to vie for lucrative government contracts and bid on contracts for cleaning government run building such as libraries or court houses.
A burgeoning new industry that has shown incredible growth over the last three years has been foreclosure clean-up, which consists of cleaning foreclosure properties for banks, mortgage companies and the U.S. Duties involved in foreclosure cleaning can run the gamut, from cleaning, debris removal, minor repairs, painting, roof tarping, winterization, pressure washing, gutter cleaning, lock changing, boarding windows and doors, changing locks, initial and ongoing vacancy inspections and various other types of inspections.
Foreclosure cleanup can also consist of exterior work such as initial and ongoing lawn care, limb and tree cutting, removing yard brush, removing old vehicles, replacing broken windows, and more.
Cleaning foreclosures involves more than basic cleaning; but it can also be considerably more lucrative. Cleaning companies interested in specializing in foreclosure clean-up can contact larger property preservation companies and ask about becoming a small business vendor.
A cleaning company is also a flexible business that will allow the owner to perform as much of the work as they are equipped to handle themselves.  However, as their company starts to grow, duties the owner chooses not to handle, or is not setup to handle, can be subcontracted out, or referred out. To learn more about starting a niche, foreclosure cleaning business, visit How to Start a Foreclosure Cleanup Business.
New Homeowners: They are usually new homeowners who buy a foreclosure, and then look for someone to do the cleanup and minor repairs. These are preferred clients where you can make top dollar on jobs because there are no restrictions, as you’ll see with the other groups we’ll discuss here. Foreclosure Realtors: Realtors who handle foreclosures are an ideal client because they deal in bulk. The key to pricing foreclosure cleaning jobs from this type of client is to assess the potential for ongoing work. This is lucrative for both parties because a lot of times what prevents buyers from making an offer is the unknown.
Bonus Marketing Tip: Never charge so little for foreclosure clean up jobs that you can’t afford to hire help, or that you’re working for minimum wage. Most foreclosure clean up companies dream of getting a call from a realtor who handles foreclosures. A foreclosure clean up company owner in Atlanta was on vacation when she got the call from a foreclosure realtor. The kicker – he wanted it all in 48 hours (the lawn work completed and the estimates – with photos – submitted).
While the company was in good hands while the owner was on vacation, she immediately hopped a plan and came back the same day.
So when a foreclosure realtor calls, jump through hoops to meet their deadlines – for it can mean ongoing work.
Now, this doesn’t mean short yourself or work with margins so thin that you can’t afford to hire help.
If you just do what you say you’re do – when you say you’re going to do it – you’ll win many jobs. He said he’d gotten her marketing materials in the mail (a postcard) and had hung on to them. So keep your word – for it can lead to thousands of dollars in foreclosure cleaning contracts. The home buying market will continue to struggle until the foreclosure crisis comes to an end,” the report said. One day while looking through her paperwork to discuss her refi options she said, the FDIC rep who was handling her property noticed her business, a real estate cleanup service.
He then asked if she’d been getting a lot of foreclosure clean up jobs from banks (they do foreclosure cleaning, as well as a host of other real estate-related services). When she asked him to elaborate he said that the REO department of banks are simply inundated with foreclosures coming on the market. BUT, he said, they are so swamped with just handling the basic paperwork on foreclosures, that they don’t haven’t had time to vet vendors and start handing out foreclosure cleaning contracts.
This underscores what was discussed in the June 1 post here, ie, Foreclosure Cleaning Contracts on the Way? The house hasn’t been secured (eg, no realtors lock box) and there is no active agent or bank activity on it (eg, no agent’s “For Sale” sign or bank “Foreclosure” sign is in the yard). Yet another story comes from a homeowner who says that a close relative lives in a rather pricey neighborhood. Now everyone’s situation is different, so who knows what accounts for some people getting foreclosed on in 90 days, while others still occupy a residence after almost 2 years of not paying the mortgage. Once the dam breaks (eg, banks get their internal structures in place), foreclosure cleaning and real estate clean up businesses are literally going to rake in the business.
Hard money lenders (HMLs) are usually private individuals or small groups that make up a lending pool that lend money based on the value of the property that is being bought, not on the buyer’s credit score. FDIC reps work in several capacities (eg, as bank examiners, economists, research assistants, etc.).
Got some inside information from an FDIC (federal government bank) official regarding foreclosure cleaning jobs and contracts.
Because of the foreclosure crisis, there are many new foreclosure clean up companies who stand ready to help neighborhoods get back on their feet. However, there is another group that should be added to this list –HOAs (homeowner associations).
Hence, they call in foreclosure clean up companies to remove the initial trash and debris left behind by departing homeowners.
For all of these reasons, HOAs are an excellent group to market to to get foreclosure clean up contracts (jobs).
The CRL, a nonprofit research and lobbying group that favors aggressive policies to help troubled homeowners, estimates that there . Still wondering if a foreclosure clean up company — or other real-estate service business — is a good idea to start? Now, this is where it gets tricky and why it’s taking so long for the money to trickle down to all those foreclosure cleaning companies who are anxious to get contracts. Homebuyer Assistance Programs: Some are using this to help low- to moderate-income families buy homes.
Municipalities are using stimulus funds in numerous ways to help communities recover from the foreclosure crisis.
What’s Taking So Long for Stimulus Money to Trickle Down to Foreclosure Clean Up Companies? And, once they decide on how to use the funds, they must still set up guidelines (eg, a bidding process, vendor review criteria, decide how funds will be distributed, etc.). Add to all of this the fact that banks are backlogged and more foreclosures are coming on the market every day and what you have is the following . BUT, those foreclosure clean up companies that are lucky enough to be set up (eg, have the proper licensing and insurance) will be inundated with work.
Want to know how much stimulus money your state is getting to help clean up the foreclosure mess? It’s wise to get set up now so you can get jobs under your belt and learn about things like pricing, giving estimates, judging manpower, outsourcing to other contractors, etc.
And, that’s the skinny on how the stimulus money will trickle down to foreclosure cleaning business owners.

Property Tax Liens, Bankruptcy & Foreclosure: Will your tax lien will remain after Chapter 7 bankruptcy? Foreclosure Pricing Guide - How to Price Your Foreclosure Jobs to Make the Most Profit -- Every Time! This ebook is a companion to the best-selling, How to Start a Foreclosure Cleanup Business. Whether you are a seasoned business professional or a new business owner, the pricing guidelines outlined within will ensure that you price jobs – for profit – every time. We tell you who handles what, how they get paid, how they subcontract, how to price your services based on who is giving you work and more.
A foreclosure cleanup company does everything from maintaining lawns, securing windows and doors, and changing locks, to painting, inspections, minor repairs, tarping roofs — and much more. However, one thing you don’t have too much control over in this business really is the pricing — “if” you’re pricing to make a profit and keep your doors open for a long time. While you can think of this as a “quick-reference small business pricing tutorial”, keep in mind that entire books are dedicated to this one subject. While there are many ways to price goods and services, they basically fall within the three categories we’re going to discuss here though.
Once you are equipped with the knowledge of what HUD will pay for a service, you can better set your prices. Your company may be a subcontractor at the bottom of the list, but your profit margin will certainly be affected by HUD’s guidelines. HUD’s pricing caps change periodically, so we’ve started with the latest pricing caps provided. Below are some of the main, specifically, property maintenance and repair services, for which HUD uses M&Ms.
Some services examined in detail include property inspections, changing locks, boarding windows and doors, debris removal, yard maintenance, snow removal and more.
There may be several middlemen between your company and the pricing caps discussed in this chapter. You will be a sub, remember, and may have a sub or two before you, which means these figures are trimmed down even more. Now that we see HUD’s pricing caps, let’s take a look at how other companies providing foreclosure cleanup services charge and the pricing mechanisms they use, not taking HUD into account.
Some of your clients will be direct pays: homeowners who have bought a foreclosure, investors who have picked up a few foreclosure clients, etc. Following are the some concrete guidelines you can you use to price everything from carpet laying and removal to painting to general trashouts and debris removal. Listed are several more of the “soft factors” to consider when pricing so that you don’t get burned – and you will if you don’t consider these because they are every bit as important as direct, hard costs (eg, equipment rental). If you get a call for a small trashout of a 3 bedroom, 1.5 bath home that you know you can handle yourself, alone, with your existing truck (BECAUSE YOU WILL HAVE SEEN THE PROPERTY!), and you know you will get paid immediately upon completion of the job, you should price the job lower than if you were hiring a couple of laborers and waiting 60-90 days to get paid. Again, we go on to list several more of the “soft factors” to consider when pricing so that you don’t get burned – and you will if you don’t consider these because they are every bit as important as direct, hard costs (eg, equipment rental). Following are some links to helpful organizations that can help you grow your foreclosure cleaning business.
Also listed are organizations where you can apply to be vendors of larger foreclosure cleaning companies (ie, to get foreclosure cleaning contracts, where to find foreclosure realtors and more). This ebook is 129 pages of the most in-depth information you will find on how to price foreclosure cleaning – and other real estate related services – jobs. The information within will help you price competitively so that you win more jobs – no matter who is giving them to you (eg, a realtor, a bank, an investor or a primary homeowner). If you suddenly find that you can't afford to pay your monthly loan payment, your lender has the legal right to repossess your home and resell it to recoup the cost of the loan. As the real estate bubble in the United States has begun to burst, the foreclosure rate has soared. Additionally, a recent poll shows that more than six in 10 homeowners wish they better understood the terms of their loan, and 60 percent of borrowers in mortgage trouble aren't aware of services that can help them avoid foreclosure [source: FDIC]. In this article, we'll look at the foreclosure process and help you understand the different types of foreclosure.
4ClosureFraud has published an eyepoppingly long list of affidavits of lost summons in foreclosure cases. They’ve pulled records from across the state and find similar high volumes in every county. If the defendant ignores further pleadings or fails to participate in the proceedings, then the court or administrative body may find the defendant in default and award relief to the claimant, petitioner or plaintiff. What are the odds that these “lost” notices reflect legitimate lost documents, as opposed to failure to provide proper notice at all and lying to the court after the fact? All the process server needs to do is slip a notice under the door or tape it to their front door. There were some issues there of some of the servers just “drop serving” the summons, (just leaving at the door and saying they gave it directly) or Sewer serves, (saying it was served and they never even left at the door). You will periodically receive foreclosure clean-up job leads and consultative advice to help you grow your foreclosure cleanup business!
They handle jobs including the following: mowing lawns, replacing windows, cleaning out vacant homes after an eviction or fixing them up and preparing them for resale and a host of other foreclosure cleanup duties. And many multi-million dollar cleaning services started out as simple mom and pop type operations. For example, basic supplies needed include cleaning solutions, cleaning peripherals such as gloves, masks, buckets, mops, brooms, rags, spray bottles, scrub brushes, etc. There are a plethora of websites offering professionally printed postcards for very low prices. Further, if you have two vehicles in your household, you can place the extra set of car magnets on the other vehicle, even if you don’t use that vehicle for the business.  You can get tons of exposure by simply sitting in traffic or being parked in a parking lot.
For example, small companies can specialize in office cleaning, or restaurant cleaning, or luxury home cleaning.
Banks and mortgage companies have to clear out, cleanup, often repair and maintain these homes before they are conveyed back to HUD, if they are an FHA property, or until they are sold again. It’s not unreasonable for one property to generate an invoice of upwards of $7,500, especially if minor repairs are needed.
This work can be outsourced to local companies for a percentage of the outsourced or referred aspect of the job. The realtor may have received one of your mailers, or may have worked with you in the past in some capacity.
However, what you get in bulk, you sacrifice in profit on these types of foreclosure cleaning jobs. This way if you take a hit in your bottom line, at least you’ll be able to count on recurring work, which can pad – and make up for — any dry spells. You run a business, so even though the profit margins may be thinner on foreclosure cleaning jobs that you get from these types of realtors, they should be healthy enough to justify taking on the job.
This is because these professionals handle many listings, which usually means ongoing work. The realtor told the foreclosure cleaning company owner that if they were able to complete the job in the specified time – and the results were satisfactory – her company would be awarded the lawn maintenance contract until the properties were sold. Remember though that foreclosure realtors are usually working within a defined budget – a budget that’s either set by the bank, or some government program guidelines.
Stick to Your Word: The construction industry (of which foreclosure cleaning falls in) has a horrible reputation for on-time work. As an example, the foreclosure clean up company owner referenced here said the realtor told her that they were dealing with another company before they called her. After one too many times of getting the shaft from the other company, he decided to give her company a call. She said no, that most of her jobs had come from private owners and commercial property owners (not residential foreclosure cleaning jobs as one would expect in this economy). He said they NEED and will be looking to outsource jobs to smaller – qualified – foreclosure clean up and real estate cleaning companies.
He told her that once this happens, watch out for the phone to start ringing because she’s going to get swamped. She said she knows of quite a few who live in neighborhoods without an HOA and they are not so lucky. It’s in the greater Atlanta area, not too far from where former heavyweight champ, Evander Holyfield, lives.
But, one thing almost all lenders seem to have in common these days – they’ve never been confronted with home foreclosure numbers like these. But you must be a legitimate operation, ie, be licensed and insured in order to get foreclosure cleanup contracts. Hard money lenders make loans to people (usually real estate investors) who fall outside of mainstream lending guidelines. These loans almost always come with a higher interest rate than a traditional investment loan from a bank; origination fees are also higher. The FDIC rep discussed here was reviewing borrower files of the hard money lender that they had taken over to see what action should be taken (eg, should the loans be refinanced, foreclosed on, etc.).
Following them in the top 10 were Arizona, Utah, Michigan, Georgia, Colorado, Idaho and Ohio. Many of these enterprising business owners know to contact realtors, the REO (real estate owned) department of banks and mortgage brokers to get business.

And they may use them on an ongoing basis to, for example, keep the yard maintained until the home is resold or rented. Again, because board members usually live right there in the community, they usually meet, discuss what needs to be done, review submitted bids and award the jobs — all within a matter of days. Learn how to sign up with your local housing authority to get some of it flowing into your foreclosure cleanup business. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Neighborhood Stabilization Program, the federal government set aside some $4 billion to help communities recover from the foreclosure crisis.
This is the initiative that excites real estate cleanup and foreclosure cleaning companies. Obviously, property values decline and those properties tend to become vacant and may sit for a while.
As any American citizen can tell you, when it comes to the government, it’s like trying to run through quicksand. It tells you everything you need to know to successfully price jobs to make the most money in this industry. Actual pricing scenarios are given, as well as a detailed chart outlining what we call the “money trail” of this business.
No other pricing guide gives this type of in-depth detail that is critical to pricing jobs right in this industry. With the inside info you’ll only find here, you’ll be able to outbid the competition – and win contracts from the “big guys” in this industry. As a new foreclosure cleanup business owner, you can determine which services you want to offer and plan to grow your business as fast or as slow as you choose.
We say “blurting out prices” because that’s what many of your potential customers will want you to do. We cut through the financial speak to give you the knowledge you need to price your foreclosure cleaning jobs just right. Understanding this will make it so much easier to figure out how to price, because it gives you concrete models upon which to base your numbers. They have management, marketing and maintenance arms working for them to ensure their properties are taken care of to certain specifications and within budget. Their pricing chart is a jewel when it comes to deciding how to price your smaller company’s services. This type of detailed knowledge will set you apart from the competition – and help you to win more bids.
But for our purposes in this pricing guide’s chapter, we will explain in detail what is expected when you perform specific property maintenance and repair services outlined by HUD that may trickle down to your smaller foreclosure cleanup company in the form of subcontracting work via the M&Ms. When you consider putting in bids on jobs and you feel you can’t do the job correctly within the parameters below, you may not want to bid on that particular job. Below are some soft factors that should be considered before doling out hard and fast numbers in foreclosure cleanup estimates. What is someone in the subject county, city or zip code willing and able to pay for a foreclosure cleanup services? If you need help crafting a small business plan, marketing, financing, mentorship, etc., this is THE organization to go to.
We'll also let you know some steps you can take to avoid it and how it can affect you and your community.
Service of process must be distinguished from service of subsequent documents (such as pleadings and motion papers) between the parties to litigation. The sheer volume strongly suggests the overwhelming majority are the result of the utter disregard of the foreclosure mills for due process.
But the foreclosure mills are processing cases in such volumes that performing this task has, well, become a tad inconvenient. A few borrowers obtained legal counsel and executed their rights, as they were never properly served, but there are probably more borrowers unaware they have been “had”.
As an employee, server or not, if you did not meet their outrageous timeframes it provoked what I call “public floggings” of employees.
Cassandra Black is a Foreclosure Cleanup Business  Consultant, the Author of How to Start a Foreclosure Cleanup Business, and several foreclosure cleanup industry and field asset services Guides, Reports and Forms available via Stone Cottage Books and Amazon.
Safeguard has 900 employees and 10,000 cleanup contractors operating in all 50 states, as well as the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. Further, companies can opt to clean warehouses, or offer simple move-in and move-out cleaning for apartment buildings.
For example, handymen, debris hauling companies, painting companies, carpet companies, etc., can handle outsourced portions of jobs from cleaning companies.
Following are two different types of clients, and what you can expect to make from each foreclosure clean up job.
To sell more homes, many foreclosure realtors have started asking foreclosure cleaning business owners for estimates before a property is sold. But, an experienced eye can see past that “with a little paint, debris removal, and a thorough cleaning job,” a property is actually a good buy. Furthermore, he wanted estimates on three of the properties for other work (eg, HVAC, replacing sheetrock, painting, carpet laying, etc.). However you price your jobs, always price with bulk in mind when dealing with foreclosure realtors.
Right now, he went on to explain, they’re outsourcing jobs to large companies that they’ve been dealing with for years. It also makes sense when you consider the latest foreclosure numbers, as discussed in the June 11 post here, Home Foreclosures Headed Towards 2 Million by Mid-Year. The resident said that she feels lucky to live in an HOA-controlled community because the homeowners association maintains the yards of all the foreclosures in the neighborhood. He says they haven’t paid the mortgage in almost 19 months – and they have yet to be formally evicted or foreclosed upon.
It’s what banks call their foreclosure department (they don’t like to use the term foreclosure).
The FDIC was created in 1933 to maintain public confidence and encourage stability in the financial system through the promotion of sound banking practices.
For example, if a bank was thinking of using a particular foreclosure cleaning company as an outsource option, a couple of the things they would definitely check are does it have the proper license and insurance. After receiving what’s known as jingle mail, it make take them 3, 6 or 9 months or more to get around to getting a property ready to be put back on the market. In short, the longer it’s empty and has no care, the worse it is for other residents.
This is especially true in those states and cities hit hardest by foreclosure (eg, California). These types of business are evergreen and extremely lucrative, as discussed in the post here entitled, Why Foreclosure Cleaning Companies Will Be Profitable for Years to Come.
That is, what happens from the minute a house goes into foreclosure until it is sold again.
No worries – in a later chapter, we break it down for you in an easy-to-understand flowchart where you, the smaller foreclosure cleanup company, fall in getting paid. Clients in a metropolis like Chicago will expect to pay more than someone in a smaller city like Selma, Alabama. Below we list some hypothetical scenarios to help you determine what to consider when pricing.
These are retired business officials – from every sector – who volunteer their time to help aspiring entrepreneurs. Your mortgage broker was creative, accommodating and worked out a loan that fit your budget. Adjustable rate mortgages (ARMs) and subprime loans made buying a house possible for many people who never thought they had the money or credit to do so.
Note that these examples come not from all over the state, but a single  county (see the CA in the case identifier). Uniforms can consist of same-color t-shirts, which can be purchased from stores like Wal-mart for approximately three dollars each. They don’t have the staff or other resources to handle home foreclosures in a “normal manner,” because these are not normal times. And, this is why they use foreclosure cleanup companies — to keep a property looking lived in until it is inhabited by new residents (either renters or owners). You signed the closing papers, got the keys, moved in and settled into what you hoped would be a long stay in your home. As unfortunate as the foreclosure process may be, there are things you can do to save your home if you're faced with it. Mortgage brokers used both of these methods to get loans secured, and many of the borrowers soon found out they couldn't afford their monthly payments. If you're in the National Guard, you may have gotten called into active duty, forcing you to close your business temporarily. Or perhaps your variable rate loan increased your monthly payments and your home didn't appreciate enough to refinance.
All of these scenarios play out every day in real life, and the sad result can be foreclosure.

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