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It’s particularly unusual because the 41-year-old Pino had already settled the case when the Supreme Court decided in December to take up a legal question it said could affect the mortgage foreclosure crisis statewide. At issue is whether a bank can escape punishment for filing flawed or fraudulent documents in a case by voluntarily dismissing it.
That’s what Royal Palm Beach-based foreclosure defense attorney Tom Ice said happened when he challenged a document created by the Law Offices of David J.
Greenacres resident Lynn McGee is so frustrated about the lack of action taken at a vermin-infested foreclosed home next door to her that she put up a banner hoping to shame the bank into cleaning the place up. McGee, 62, lives in a duplex with an adjoining house that has been in foreclosure since September 2009. Like an untold number of foreclosures in Palm Beach County, the vacant home is hung up in a foreclosure limbo.
The original law firm representing Bank of New York Mellon in the foreclosure was the Tampa-based Florida Default Law Group, which is under investigation by the Florida attorney general’s office for mishandling foreclosure paperwork.
In October last year, the bank, which did not respond to a message left Tuesday, asked the courts to cancel the sale. Unlike many municipalities in Palm Beach County, the City of Greenacres does not require banks to register foreclosures.

Canalakes is an attractive town home community located in the beautiful city of Greenacres between Sherwood Forest Blvd to the west, Fleming avenue to the east, and 10th Avenue North to the south.
For those with children, Canalakes is close to many schools like Greenacres Elementary, John I.
Palm Beach County has 1000's of properties coming up for foreclosure auction and now you can get in on the action.
The material and historical information herein should NOT be taken as legal advice and is NOT a substitute for the assistance of a licensed advisor. 38th Court is owned by Marciano Reyes, but McGee said no one is currently living in the home. Although a final foreclosure judgment was entered on the property in favor of the bank in May 2010, its auction sale date has been continuously pushed back leaving it officially in the ownership of Reyes. It has since been rescheduled for Monday, but even after the bank, or an investor, takes possession, it could be weeks before anyone moves to clean up the property. Palm Beach County also recently approved a measure for unincorporated areas where the name, address and a phone number for who is responsible for the home must be posted at the house so that neighbors know to whom they can complain. Residents enter the community via 57th avenue either from Sherwood Forest Blvd or 10th Avenue North.

As of January 2010, Palm Beach county has opened up their foreclosure auctions to online bidding.Take advantage of this opportunity and save 10's of thousands of dollars or your next home or investment. On the eve of those depositions, the bank moved to dismiss the case, blocking the court’s ability to address any sanctions.
The buildings are a light tan-orange, accented by dark green trim along the rooftops, apartment balconies and window panes. Within one mile alone there are five parks: Greenacres Community Park, Burrowing Owl Park, Ira Van Bullock Park, Veterans Memorial Park and Greenacres Freedom Park. Also a resident of Canalakes you can enjoy convenient shopping located nearby at Walmart Supercenter, Green Acres Food Market, Target, Big Lots, Family Dollar, Dollar General, Sears and Publix.
Town homes features covered patios, walk-in closets and a minimum of two parking spaces, in addition to great rooms, laundry rooms and utility closets. Wallace, Noby, Notary, Roman Pino, RULE 1.540, Sanctions, Supreme Court, tom ice, transcript, William P.

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