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Eight school districts in Mercer County saw their debt service costs for state grants for past construction projects skyrocket this year. ROBBINSVILLE - Eight school districts in Mercer County saw their debt service costs for state grants for past construction projects skyrocket this year. The Princeton school district, for example, paid about $215,000 to the state for a 2001 grant that helped fund an $80 million project. Kennedy said the district expected the assessment to rise, but not as significantly as it did. In Ewing, the public school district went from paying no debt service costs in fiscal year 2013 to paying more than $7,500 in fiscal year 2014. The district is paying off its regular operating district grants, which it uses to improve facilities, Ewing schools superintendent Michael Nitti said. Statewide, districts will pay about $34 million in SDA assessments during the next fiscal year. The state treasury department determines how much a district pays by looking at how much grant money it received, treasury department spokesman Bill Quinn said.
Quinn said the SDA assessment fluctuates from year to year, and this year’s amount was not unusual. Kennedy said she wishes districts were notified about the assessment, which was announced in March, earlier in the budgeting process. Elsewhere in Mercer County, schools in East Windsor will pay $313,000, Hamilton will pay $146,000, Hopewell will pay $166,000, Lawrence will pay $132,000, Robbinsville will pay $120,000 and West Windsor will pay $64,000 in assessment costs next year.
All of the districts saw double-digit increases in their slice of the assessment from last year. From local news to politics to entertainment and sports, the twice daily Right Now eNewsletter has all of the New Jersey news you need!
A new free shuttle service that will take workers to Amazon's soon-to-be-opened 1.2 million-square-foot warehouse will begin tomorrow. The Gordon Road entrance to the Amazon warehouse under construction in Robbinsville on Friday, May 23, 2014.
The transport, known as the ZLine, will operate 365 days a year between Hamilton Marketplace and the Matrix Business Park in Robbinsville. The Greater Mercer Transportation Management Association, which is managing the shuttle, designed the ZLine in conjunction with NJ Transit.
According to a news release, NJ Transit expanded and adjusted its bus schedule to improve connectivity with the ZLine and work shifts at the office park. Kastrenakes said the association is exploring the possibility of improving connections between the new service and the Route 130 Connection, which provides bus service for East Windsor and Hightstown residents.

Amazon is contributing $80,000 for the first year of the shuttle service, with the county chipping in $10,000, according to county officials. The warehouse, one of two planned for the state, will bring 700 full-time jobs and more than $22 million in tax revenue for the township, school district and Mercer County, township officials said. At the fulfillment center Amazon employees will pick, pack and ship small items, including books and DVDs.
In October, Mayor Dave Fried confirmed talks with Amazon officials about bringing a warehouse to the township. The township is reviewing plans for a 1 million-square-foot warehouse at the Matrix Business Park at 7A, located at the intersection of the New Jersey Turnpike and Route 195, which Amazon would occupy. Robbinsville also approved a payment in lieu of taxes agreement, under which warehouse builder and owner KTR Capital Partners will pay a fixed $14 million over 20 years instead of property taxes.
When Amazon began planning to build warehouses in New Jersey the company also sought a two-year sales tax holiday.
The federal law has drawn the ire of in-state merchants who claim they are at a disadvantage because they must charge the tax.
In May the state announced that Amazon had agreed to begin charging New Jersey customers a 7 percent sales tax in July, whether the warehouses are built are not.
Since the warehouse opened at the Matrix Business Park at 7A in July 2014, Amazon has employed more than 1,500 people. Mercer County and Robbinsville officials partnered with the Greater Mercer Transportation Management Association to introduce the Z-line, a free shuttle service from the Hamilton Marketplace on Route 130 to the business park, as a way to get people from elsewhere in the county -- especially Trenton -- to jobs at the facility. In a statement, Mercer County Executive Brian Hughes said that 30,000 trips have been made on the Z-line, with a survey revealing that 96 percent of respondents were pleased with the service. In October, Amazon donated 50 Kindle devices and $2,500 in gift cards to the Robbinsville school district's special services department to encourage the use of technology in the classroom.
Editor's note: This article has been updated to include comments from Mercer County Executive Brian Hughes. In September, irate JCP&L customers lashed out at the utility at a BPU hearing in Monmouth County investigating how utilities in the state responded to Hurricane Irene. Greg Reinert, a spokesman for the BPU, said the utility has 20 days to respond after a complaint is filed.
At press time, Reinert said he could not confirm that Robbinsville’s complaint had been filed. This year, it will pay more than $331,000 — a 54 percent increase that shocked business administrator Stephanie Kennedy. All rights reserved (About Us).The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of New Jersey On-Line LLC.

Mercer County officials expect the Amazon warehouse to have a soft opening in June and slowly ramp up employment through the rest of the year. These NJ Transit bus lines will have earlier morning service and greatly expanded service on the weekend.
Hughes said the $90,000 would be matched by a NJ-Job Access and Reverse Commute grant from NJ Transit.
The full-time jobs pay about 30 percent higher than traditional retail jobs and include full-time benefits and stock grants, the retailer said. Under federal law, retailers without a physical presence in a given state are not required to collect that state's sales tax, but the opening the warehouses would obligate the company to collect the tax. Shoppers are supposed to pay a so-called "use tax" in lieu of sales taxes on out-of-state purchases when they file their income tax returns, but few actually follow suit. Half of Robbinsville residents are currently served by JCP&L and the other half by PSE&G, Fried said. Most of the complaints during the hearing were aimed at JCP&L, whose territory was the hardest hit by Irene, with 45 miles of downed wires, 400 fallen poles, and 670,000 outages from a total of 1.1 million customers. The county is trying to get a federal Job Access Reverse commute grant which, combined with $10,000 from both the county and Amazon, would go towards setting up a shuttle route that would link the Matrix Business Park to NJ Transit bus routes. In fact, New Jersey now leads the nation — close to 12 percent of mortgages in the state are more than 90 days delinquent. NJ Volunteers Help Louisiana Flood Victims8-19-16The Red Cross says it has 15 volunteers from New Jersey in Louisiana right now and that number is expected to grow. NJ Received $59M from Pharmaceutical Industry8-16-16According to a report, 23,000 doctors in NJ received payments from the pharmaceutical industry.
New Term for Inner-City Kids' Anxiety8-1-16One school official uses urban traumatic stress disorder, UTSD, to describe the chronic anxiety felt by inner-city kids. 17, 2016Calls to oust Paterson's mayor after approving his budget that would raise tax levies without raising taxes. 18, 2016Extreme measures employed by Christie to reboot road and bridge repairs at the height of the construction season, whether or not lawmakers agree. 18, 2016 Extreme measures employed by Christie to reboot road and bridge repairs at the height of the construction season, whether or not lawmakers agree. Grassmann Trust, The Healthcare Foundation of New Jersey, The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, The F.M.

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