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Our Choices Whatever the outcome, if you’re planning on moving out of the country, call me and I’ll get your house sold! Buying a lake home whether it is a waterfront home in Livingston County or a cottage in Oakland County can be tough some times. By the way if you know somebody else looking to buy or sell a home I always appreciate a referral.
Saturday July 16th  1:00 Pm The fundraiser is finally here, this weekend on July 16th come join us and make a difference for which ever cancer charity you hold close to your heart!

1:00 Pm  The 2016 cardboard boat race is just around the corner, so you need to get started! I know I would, With the abundant amount of rooms, plenty of bathrooms and a lavish feel through out, you will feel right at home. This years race will be held again at the White Lake Inn, and will start at 1:00 pm Racers must be there an hour before to register. This Modern yet traditional colonial home has over 5,000 square feet of space to fill with great family memories.

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