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Allegations of possible mortgage fraud against financial giants GMAC, JPMorgan Chase and Bank of America read like a corporate thriller. On Friday, PNC and mortgage servicer Litton Loan Servicing joined those three financial institutions in suspending some foreclosures while they review how documents were handled. In all, the banks will have to review the paperwork for hundreds of thousands of mortgages.
The alleged document fraud could open up the entire chain of foreclosure proceedings to legal challenge. Before a housing recovery can occur, all those foreclosed properties have to be re-scrutinized by the banks and then sold. That’s not to mention the questions being raised about missing paper trails on mortgages owned by people who have never missed a payment. In at least six states, attorneys general are calling for foreclosure moratoriums and launching their own investigations. The low-level bank employees in question were supposed to have reviewed mortgage documents in detail. The financial institutions insist that, in most if not all cases, there was no fraud, the borrowed missed their payments and the foreclosures are justified. But the pronouncements have done little to assuage those connected to the mortgage industry, and the uncertainty is spreading fast. Now Holmes, a former hospitality executive at such Boston hotels as the Ritz-Carlton and the Copley Plaza, says he wants to fight to keep the Victorian in which he grew up. Buyers can use our website to search for bank owned real estate foreclosures for sale in the Houston Texas area including Cypress and Katy.  Kevan Pewitt and Houston Prime Realty are experienced in helping investors and first time home buyers in finding and purchasing bank owned Houston real estate foreclosure listings or REO listings. This page includes a comprehensive list of all greater Houston area foreclosed homes for sale organized by subdivision, zip code, and city.  Follow the links below to find listings of foreclosed homes for sale.

Buyers can receive an email update on new foreclosures for sale as they come on the market with our Foreclosure Update program.
Kevan PewittBroker - Realtor at Houston Prime RealtyKevan Pewitt is a real estate broker and Realtor with a 5 Star Client Experience Rating with the Houston Association of Realtors. So, if you are looking for an experienced real estate agent with a high client satisfaction rating and a track record of success you should choose Kevan Pewitt to help you buy or sell your next home. EBENHACKRealtor Dorothy Buse stands in front of a foreclosed home last week in Kissimmee, Fla. Bank of America, which had already announced a halt for 23 states, expanded the suspension to cover the whole nation. On top of that, class action lawyers and state attorneys general have filed lawsuits and called for foreclosure moratoriums.
Only a month ago, housing watcher Mark Zandi, chief economist at Moody’s Analytics, predicted that a housing recovery would be under way by the third quarter of next year. With any foreclosure-related deal open to legal challenge, that inventory could be taken off the market while the legal challenges make their way through the courts. What started as simple paperwork bungling in a Pennsylvania office park now threatens to bring to a standstill the nation’s entire foreclosure machinery. Before the scandal erupted, forecasters at John Burns Real Estate Consulting predicted that 41 percent of residential sales this year would be on distressed properties. Problems with foreclosure procedures were discussed during two recent conference calls involving officials of the Treasury Department, Department of Housing and Urban development, White House and other agencies, an administration official said on condition of anonymity. 1 that title insurer Old Republic National -- which provides protection to the homebuyer and mortgage provider in case any unpaid taxes, questionable ownership or other problems turn up -- had ordered its agents to cease offering policies on foreclosed properties owned by GMAC or JPMorgan Chase.
He spent the past year and a half fighting to get a loan modification from GMAC, a process he says yielded a file the size of a Manhattan phone book and virtually no response from the bank.

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He made an extraordinary effort to find a home within our price range; that fit our needs and in the area that we wanted to live. Foreclosed homes have now been frozen as banks and mortgage companies review their procedures.Karl Case, the co-creator of a widely watched housing market index, was upbeat three weeks ago.
Now he believes the foreclosure scandal could prolong the housing depression for at least another few years. They’re hiring private eyes to track down former industry employees and holding marathon conference calls to strategize on how to get every speck of dirt on the banks that they can.
In scarcely two weeks, he and other housing analysts have watched as the once-staid world of back-office bank procedures has spawned a scandal that threatens to further unhinge the housing market. But even so, if the procedures that put them into foreclosure are deemed fraudulent, it will nullify the deals and require that the entire process start all over again.
Dorothy Buse, a Coldwell Banker agent in the Orlando, Fla., area, said that out of the 200 foreclosures she has listed for sale, 40 are now in the foreclosure freeze. 24, a district court judge in Maine threw out a ruling in favor of GMAC to foreclose on a house owned by an unemployed mother of two.
1, GMAC informed Holmes that the foreclosure on his Belfast, Maine, home had been put on hold.

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