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The graph below illustrates the up-and-down nature of home foreclosures over time in five of Florida's largest cities.
If you manage this site and have a question about why the site is not available, please contact us directly. Florida Foreclosure Resources - Directory of appraisers, realtors, associations, listing services, legal resources, mortgage lenders, construction firms, etc.
This Remarkable, move-in ready, 2 story home overlooking Lake Johio in the gated community of Willows on the Lake has everything is done for you!! Polk County has 1000's of properties coming up for foreclosure auction and now you can get in on the action.
Our Polk Foreclosure listings are not found on any other real estate or foreclosure site in electronic searchable format!
We take the time to sort through all the paperwork of find information about upcoming foreclosure auctions in Polk County so you don't have to.

We aren't some giant faceless generic real estate listing company that dumps a national foreclosure auction list in your lap and makes you sort through it. View 1000's of foreclosures for sale in Polk County, browse & search on site & download spreadsheets!
New customized property search hits texted to your phone or your email when they hit the listings! Download our Step by step E-Book explaining the entire Polk County foreclosure auction process! Foreclosure risk ratings are based on the numbers and rates of foreclosures, subprime loans, delinquencies and vacancies.
Each data stack represents either homes in default, owned by the bank or on the auction block. Miami generally had the highest number of foreclosures, and had greater dips and spikes month to month.

We maintain a local and professional real estate relationship in Polk county & Polk, and are actively involved in the real estate community here.
All five cities show a significant decrease in foreclosures during the last few months of 2010. Take advantage of this opportunity and save 10's of thousands of dollars or your next home or investment.

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