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For some agents, working the Twin Ports foreclosure market has been a necessary way to create new business.
The house pictured above went on the Duluth Real Estate Market in August and is scheduled for auction this month.
This home in the Denfeld Nieghborhood of Duluth presents a good opportunity for an investor looking for a rental property..
Superior Real EstateSuperior, Wisconsin is the seat of Douglas County, and is home to numerous attractions; most notable are the 36 hole Nemadji Golf Course and Barker’s Island Marina. Hermantown Homes for SaleThis St Louis County community boasts everything from low-density housing to automobile-friendly mall areas. Northwest Wisconsin Lake Homes for SaleThis area continues to be the premier vacation spot for folks from Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota, and beyond.
Douglas County Land for SaleIn terms of beauty, value, and variety, Northwest Wisconsin raw land and acreage parcels can't be beat. Are you looking for a foreclosure in South Charlotte?  Every week new foreclosures hit the market and this week might be one that your looking for!
Foreclosures are providing a lot of work for field inspectors in the area of delinquency inspections. When the homeowner isn’t home, a field inspector will often leave a door hanger, which asks the homeowner to contact the lender. These quick foreclosure inspections pay around $10 and up, but it really is quite possible to do several in an hour, meaning you could make some nice money for very easy work.
There are some field inspectors that also do property preservation, doing things such as boarding up windows, cutting the grass, changing locks and draining a backyard pool. The high number of foreclosures is troubling news, but can actually mean a lot of work for you as an independent field inspector.
Homes are being foreclosed at a rate of 3,000 a week, which is certainly bad news, but for you, as an independent field inspector, it can mean a lot of profitable work. 7 Ways to Profit With a Field Inspection BusinessIt sounds like you’re interested in being your own boss and starting your own business. Millions of field inspections are completed each year by thousands of local field inspectors.

A judicial action is more complex and time consuming, with court dates to be scheduled, testimony to be heard, evidence to be submitted, appeals, the time and schedule of the court and attorneys, and so on. Where the seller is in the foreclosure process can add unique issues to the purchase of the home.
Pre-foreclosure: Typically, the seller is in a tough financial situation and is looking to sell the property to avoid foreclosure.
If you’ve ever experienced a move for work or other reasons, you know how stressful it can be. We’re developing a new project, a weekly newsletter focused on photography + visual culture recommendations carefully curated from across the Web.
Discover this vibrant, beautiful community, and explore the wide variety of Superior homes for sale.
People are having to cut back, many are losing their jobs and in particular, many people are losing their homes. When a homeowner is unable to make their payments, lenders and banks will often send a field inspector to the home to find out what is going on. As a field inspector, you might also be asked to take a couple photos to verify the condition of the property. Foreclosure Market Report,” 1 in 69 homes across the United States were in some stage of foreclosure or owned by a bank in 2011. Whether either or both processes are available depends on the state where the property is located. Typically, the non-judicial process isn’t nearly as complex and time consuming because the borrower doesn’t have the opportunity to present a defense to the foreclosure in court.
When you’re relocating and looking at homes, always use an attorney to help you navigate the difficult and tenuous road to buying a foreclosed property. In that situation, the only way to sell the property would be to get the lender to agree to a short sale. If this has happened, the sale may be handled through the bankruptcy court action, or at a minimum, the bankruptcy case will need to be dismissed before moving forward. Share it with Flak Photo's global audience by placing a graphic advertisement in this space.

It was not finished by the prior owner and has many needs but presents the opportunity for good sweat equity. If the homeowner is home, the field inspector will usually ask when they plan to make a payment. While this is a distressing statistic for many homeowners, it can have a positive spin for transferees looking for inexpensive, yet impressive, housing. But, if the foreclosure is in process, the lender must dismiss the action (if judicial) or cancel the sale (if non-judicial). That means that the lender agrees to take less than it’s owed to release its mortgage and allow the sale to go through. FlakPhoto Digest is currently in closed beta and will be available to the public later this year.
They visit a site, such as a home, construction site or new office building, and perform a basic inspection, which often means filling out a couple forms, taking a measurement or two, snapping a few photos and that’s it.
They also try to update contact information so the bank or lender can get in contact with the homeowner. If training is necessary, field inspection companies will provide that at no expense to you. Non-judicial foreclosures are not in court, but are sales held outside of the courtroom – usually by a trustee or the local sheriff. The lender will add any costs that may have incurred in the foreclosure to the payoff amount. On the lower level there is a fantastic shop area and 2 garage stalls with 14′ over head doors.
Here’s Your Ticket to Financial Independence With a Field Inspector JobAre you looking for a new and easy way to make good money? This property is listed for far less than the owner owes so anyone making an offer will have to wait for short sale approval from the bank.

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