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If you want to own your own property, you may want to consider not only homes but also cheap lands for sale.
A Document review is when our researchers review your documents in order to determine the likelihood that fraud is prevalent in your foreclosure. You need to have some sort of proof that the party foreclosing is not really a party of interest in your loan and that they have no legal right to collect any payments from you or to sell your home for financial gain. Check out all of the samples listed below of Linda Green’s Signature, We have over 80 samples of her signature in our Database. Over the past 5 years we have obtained well over 20,000 documents signed by alleged robo-signers. Bryan Bly in an interview by the Tampa Bay Times was quoted as saying that he at one time was signing over 2,000 foreclosure documents each day. Our document review can help when we see who has signed those documents we can have a pretty good idea of just how helpful one of our products will be for your case. Watch the video listed below to see just how powerful exposing these fraudulent documents by pro se’ litigants can be when defending these foreclosures.
Buying Hollis NH foreclosed homes and bank owned real estate is property the lender obtains after an unsuccessful foreclosure auction. In New Hampshire, property foreclosure is conducted by various methods which include Judicial or Non-judicial procedures and by special methods like Entry under process, Entry and publication, or possession and publication.
After a bank  forecloses on the property after an unsuccessful auction, they mitigate items owed by the prior borrower, such as homeowner association fees.
Banks want to sell foreclosed property quickly because they don’t want to tie up their money in capital reserves. In most cases, the lender will list their foreclosures with real estate agents who market and manage the property. Generally, negotiating with a lender is an easier process than negotiating with a homeowner.
Before making an offer, have your agent obtain all available disclosures and information on the property and ask questions such as: Are there any documented inspections? The negotiating process can be very frustrating for buyers as the typical timelines do not apply and understand that lenders do not work on weekends.
According to a lawsuit filed in May in Volusia County, CitiMortgage is suing to foreclose on Steven and Ileana Lochte. I felt this was pretty low of the Media to post this story, however ,having it posted here seems to be the right place for it….
The information on this website is for informational purposes only and is not to be construed as legal advice.
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Buying inexpensive land and then selling it to developers or builders is a good way to make a profit.

If a specific piece of land is zoned for commercial use, you may have an easier time building commercial property there.
Our listings include foreclosure homes, land for sale, bank foreclosures, government foreclosures for sale, and other types of distressed home. The material and historical information herein should NOT be taken as legal advice and is NOT a substitute for the assistance of a licensed advisor.
Our Researchers will look thru both your origination documents as well as your foreclosure documents to try to look for red flags that would indicate that your documents are either fraudulent, invalid or contain multiple errors.
Most mortgages have been securitized, meaning they have been sold to 3rd party investors and are now being serviced by a servicing company or a debt collector.
Now these notations in these presentations only show the likelihood of fraud, but in order to utilize this information in court you will need an audit or report prepared by an expert concerning these matters.
Most audit firms when putting their audits together make claims that a signer is a robo-signer due to finding their name on a website that shows a list of alleged robo-signers. He is just one of thousands that foreclosure mills hired to sign these fraudulent foreclosure documents.
The lienholder usually sells the property by direct sale or markets their inventory through a Real estate agent. Buyers have the opportunity to view, investigate and inspect the property prior to final agreement to purchase. They usually state that they have no knowledge of the property and can make no representations as they have never occupied the property.
If significant unknown material defects are found, the mortgage lender usually will negotiate to either a lower price or make the repair. Your offer must be accompanied by your credit approval as a lender will not negotiate with a buyer who is not qualified.
Being a former teacher, and a graduate of the University of New Hampshire, she realizes how important the educational system is to families who are relocating or buying their first home. Yall has eased the uncertainty of the foreclosure process for me, which is worth the fee that I have paid in order to retain your services. Some investors also buy commercial land for sale in a desirable location and resell that land to businesses who wish to build commercial properties there. Always check to make sure that you can build the type of property you want on the land you are buying.
This review helps determine what the chances are that a full audit would provide information to determine that your foreclosure had a sustainable case in court against the foreclosing party or parties. Banks commit fraud in an enormous percentage of the loans that have been closed since the year 2000. You can make these assertions and present to a judge, however he will not listen to you as you are not an expert and are the party being sued for foreclosure. The lender is motivated to sell the property quickly and qualified buyers may benefit from an aggressive market price.

If the property is occupied, the lender will make arrangements for the owner or tenant to vacate by eviction or with financial incentives.The property is cleaned and minor repairs are made to the property. Lenders that have significant REO inventory often have a separate department to manage their inventory. Banks may or may not provide owner financing on their REO’s but in most cases, this would apply only to property that was in very bad condition. It is not in a buyer’s best interest to attempt to renegotiate a contract over trivial items that were disclosed or obvious prior to negotiation of the contract. Seniors who are downsizing will benefit from her knowledge of their needs and requirements.
I am very pleased with your services and it has given me comfort through such an extremely difficult process. You need a 3rd party to discover the irregularities and frauds of your foreclosure process. Stating someone is something with NO EVIDENCE is nothing more than hearsay, and is not admissible in court. In a NH foreclosure there is no right of redemption and deficiency judgments are permitted.
Consider all properties for sale as a foreclosure isn’t always the best value for every buyer.
As mentioned earlier, properties that need substantial structural and mechanical repairs will be negotiated aggressively.
If you have a specific idea for a home, you can build your home just as you want it by buying land to place it on. The thing is that you can not file a lawsuit against the foreclosing party without first having one or more causes of Action. I show you these videos to show you just to what extent these lenders and servicers will go thru in order to Steal your property. If our researchers state someone is a robo-signer or has signed a document without being of authority to sign that document, it is because we found variations in their signatures or in the titles and companies they claim to represent in other documents signed by that signer in our database. There are fewer qualified buyers for these properties so lenders will offer greater discounts.
In many cases, land just outside of major cities is far less expensive than land in cities. It often makes a great place to build a haven that still puts you close to major amenities.

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