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Southwest Florida has been a haven for foreclosure and distressed properties over the past 10 years. There is a wide variety of Southwest Florida foreclosures including condos that are sometimes gulf access, freshwater Lakefront properties, multi-million dollar foreclosed homes, and sailboat access canal properties. Although there have been many foreclosed properties available in Fort Myers and Cape Coral area short sales are becoming more popular.
Foreclosures that represent condominiums being sold instead of houses or other residential structures.
Our experienced real estate professionals scour multiple sources every day to bring you the best listings of condominium foreclosures available anywhere.
A wrap-around sale is a sale in which the owner of a condo essentially sells the condo to a buyer while keeping the original mortgage. It can be difficult to get approved for a condo unit that is in a complex with a high rate of foreclosures.
If you manage this site and have a question about why the site is not available, please contact us directly. See past client reviews… Testimonials 105072 Mark was always there to assist me. SPECTACULAR VIEWS OF THE BEACH, THE FAMILY KINGDOM AMUSEMENT PARK AND OCEAN BOULEVARD ALL AT THE SAME TIME FROM THIS CHOICE 8TH FLOOR PREMIUM CORNER UNIT. Your opportunity to purchase a Fort Myers or Cape Coral REO or distressed property with the Cape Coral Central team is now is your thing it ever has. There is a property for everyone in the area from 10 Thousand dollar lots to multi-million dollar luxury riverfront in beachfront properties. Since it cost a bank a lot of money to foreclose on the property they have lately been more willing to work with sellers who are late on their payments to put cure short sale for their property.

Finding and buying the perfect property has never been easier because we've simplified the search process of foreclosed condos. This is because a high number of defaulting homeowners and vacant condo units mean fewer fee payments. If any kind of property has a mortgage and has a lien placed on it, failure to pay off the lien can result in foreclosure from banks or lenders. The buyer pays the owner monthly, and the owner uses the monthly payment to pay for the original mortgage. Getting a FHA loan, for example, depends on the complex being on the FHA approved condo list – and those high in foreclosures are not likely to be on the list.
I specialize in residential real estate and have been working with buyers and seller for over 10 years in the Central Florida market.
Our top ranked local website is updated daily with the most easily accessible available properties from our local MLS database. So go on and explore our local distressed property database for free without even having to sign up and if you see a property like let us know.
We here at Cape Coral Central understand this changing tide and are also focused on local Cape Coral short sales and short sales of Fort Myers. We have helped hundreds of happy customers purchase properties for sometimes fifty cents on the dollar of what they originally sold for. It gives you all the freedoms of apartment living, combined with the equity and investment growth potential of home ownership. Condo owners either have to pursue collection through legal means, which can be difficult, or have to increase fees to make up for the loss in income.
The same general process applies to condos as it does to other types of residential properties.

Below you will find multiple links allowing you direct access to desirable products like Sanibel Island foreclosures and Cape Coral condo foreclosed properties.
It is true that short sales can take longer to cook too close then foreclosed properties but there seems to be more short sale inventory available for the consumer to purchase these days. We are actually starting to see prices increase on foreclosures and seeing people make money after purchasing distressed properties over the past couple years.
But why pay full price when you can get foreclosure condos for up to 50% less than the current going rate?
These highly desirable homes typically sell pretty fast, so if you see one that you like reach out to us.
This is a great sign of things to come for a healthy real estate market in the Southwest Florida area including local communities like Pine Island, Matlacha, Sanibel Island and Fort Myers Beach. Whether you're looking for a basic condo home, a luxury condo, or anything in between, our foreclosure listings will help you find what you want for less.
Here at Blue Water Realty of Southwest Florida we would be honored to help you find your perfect property.
Our top ranked local team has sold properties in all these areas and would be honored to help you purchase your next super deal in Southwest Florida.

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