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Legacy Farms and Ranches is a provider of brokerage and marketing services for landowners in North Carolina. Watch this video below and see why dozens of clients have trusted Legacy to sell their farms and ranches faster. The first, the Coastal Plains, are superb hunting and recreational land for those to whom duck hunting is more than a sport. Even though the Piedmont is the most populated area of North Carolina, and agricultural land for sale in this area goes for premium prices, it is still possible to find small, rural landholdings of between one and seven acres at an affordable price. North Carolina’s Coastal Plain includes Virginia and South Carolina, extending almost as far as Raleigh, the state capitol. The coastal plains have some of the most extensive instances of biodiversity in the world, according to The Nature Conservancy, a non-profit conservation entity working around the world to protect fragile and critical habitat. Farther toward the Appalachian foothills, ranch land for sale in North Carolina and Virginia is relatively easy to find and affordable. In the mountains, timberland is merely incidental to the marvelous fishing, hunting and nature-walks available. Whatever kind of acreage you are searching for, and whatever kind of adventure, our North Carolina land brokers at Legacy Farms and Ranches are sure to have at least one example of the perfect home or vacation site. Gardner Reynolds: (919)-749-3177 Are you interested in putting your farm on the market or searching for your dream property? Frank Gombatz: (919)-696-4249 With over 20 years experience and sales ranging from $50,000 to over $5,000,000, Raleigh Native Frank Gombatz is here to serve you.
The Ranches have an obligation to maintain the range land with good environmental stewardship and to keep watch over their cattle. Good land managers will move their cattle around the range over the summer so they dona€™t stay in one area and over graze it, while other areas do not get used.
Most rely on spring rains to get the crop going and once the hay is a decent height the ground stays moist until haying time a€“ usually July or August a€“ depending on the weather.
There are other facilities available for meat processing as well: Laffers Custom Cutting in Horsefly, 150 Mile Meats, and Margetts Meats in Williams Lake.
Horsefly has many smaller Ranches & Farms that produce a variety of products on smaller parcels of land.

Horsefly has six different valleys in ita€™s watershed that offer fertile bottom land for Ranches & Farms. The Beaver Valley Road connecting Horsefly and Likely Road is a beautiful valley that has many working Ranches & Farms. The Horsefly Quesnel Lake Road heads north from the village and is home to a couple of very large Ranches & Farms. The lower part of the Horsefly River flows through this valley and it has some of the lower elevations in the area. Horsefly Lake Road heads north east and is in the valley created by the Little Horsefly River a€“ the outflow of Horsefly Lake. Black Creek Road is the headwaters of the Horsefly River and has 30 km of fertile bottom land with Ranches and Farms.
The Horsefly Road leading to Horsefly from 150 Mile House is also home to many historic Ranches & Farms.
Gardner Reynolds and Frank Gombatz are here to serve you as a buyer or seller or rural properties.
Beyond Raleigh, the land rises, in most places so gradually it escapes the notice of drivers until they enter some definitive part of the Piedmont Plateau and sudden realize they are at or above 1,100 feet!
These include the floodplain forests of the Roanoke River, the savannahs of the Green Swamp, the Sandhills (the Calloway Forest Preserve), Onslow Bight, and the Black River conservation duo of the Chowan Swamp and Nags Head.
The soil is good to excellent, the climate (as noted above) suitable to growing almost everything, including peaches (but largely in the coastal regions – and even that may move inland and northward during the next decade of global warming. The swath of hunting land for sale in North Carolina runs the entire width of the Appalachians and includes some of the wildest and most beautiful scenery in the state. View GA horse farms here, these are horse ready farms in pristine condiition ready for you to use to practice for your next Georgia Horse shows. The land is fertile valley soil and there is ample water throughout the area from various lakes, creeks and rivers. Most grazing permit areas in the East Cariboo have lots of water and treed areas for cover for the cattle. An average production rate to expect would be 1 A? tons per acre a€“ there are many years where that would be a low estimate, and some where it would be high.

Rodear Meats in the Beaver Valley (250-243-2340) and Spokin Lake Meats (250-296-4355) closer to150 Mile House, are both approved facilities with good road access.
Beaver Creek and itsa€™ tributaries flow through the valley from Horsefly all the way through to the Quesnel River.
There are many pretty Ranches and Farms along this stretch of road that leads to the Horsefly Lake Provincial Park. The Land Conservancy owns and manages several km of riverfront.A  Black Creek Road is pretty drive heading up into the Mountains toward Wella€™s Gray Park. The 153 Mile Ranch, and the Pioneer ranch are interesting sights and there are many, many others along the scenic drive to Horsefly.
Not to mention the excellent eating that a brace of ducks provides on holidays like Thanksgiving or Christmas, or simply a good meal during the week.
The lease is with the Ministry of Forests and there will be a fee each year a€“ the amount depends on the amount of cattle grazing.
Ranches in the Horsefly area generally do not require irrigation but it certainly increases production.
There is a micro climate created in the valley and it is well know for itsa€™ longer growing season and warmer weather. There are many productive Ranches & Farms along Moffat Creek that flows through the valley, and into the Horsefly River at the townsite. The Ranches are able to get their cattle off their deeded land and on to the Crown Range, usually from May to September (these dates vary depending on the specific permit). Typically Ranches could apply for range for the amount of cattle they are able to feed with the crops produced on the land.

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