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Members, family and friends alike give, dine and celebrate during our nationwide charity event. The former Clay High standout missed out on capturing his second medal of the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro on Wednesday night, taking sixth in the 100-meter freestyle with a time of 48.02. Canadian Santo Condorelli, a Bolles graduate, narrowly missed a podium finish, taking fourth with a 47.88.
Dressel’s former club swimming teammate with the Bolles Sharks, Ryan Murphy, remained on track for another Olympic medal.
The Bolles graduate and senior at the University of California qualified for the finals of the 200-meter backstroke with a fourth-place finish in Wednesday night’s semifinal round. Murphy hit the halfway mark in second place in 56.28 and then pulled away over the course of his final turn. The blue and gray of the Navy's new working uniform is designed to make sailors a little bit harder to see on the decks of ships. And until recently, it was pretty hard to see the new duds around Jacksonville - but that was due to regulations, not camouflage.
With those regulations now changed, people spending some time at fast-food restaurants and gas stations around Mayport Naval Station or Jacksonville Naval Air Station are seeing the culmination of a six-year project to change the look of the fleet. Officially rolled out earlier this year, the new Navy Working Uniform recently began showing up on sailors off base, adding a new dash of color to this Navy town. The switch from utilities for junior enlisted and wash khakis worn by chief petty officers and officers took even those in the Navy some time to get used to, with jests that they had been swiped from the Smurf army. Among the pros, sailors said, is that the new uniform doesn't have to be ironed and does a better job of handling stains.

The new outfits started becoming available in Navy Exchanges toward the beginning of the year.
Those prohibitions upset many, who had been looking forward to looser restrictions as the Navy did away with the dungarees-and-blue-shirt combo that some said made sailors look like janitors. Even the lesser limitations now in place for short-term excursions - sailors can get gas or pick up a gallon of milk, for example, but can't go to a football game or a movie in the uniforms - rankle some. Those wearing the new working uniforms out to lunch this week say the new uniforms do exactly that.
With the attitude of some of those who comment here, it's no wonder the Navy ever moves forward.
For those that complain about the color, don't forget we wore coveralls that are dark, so the argument about falling over board and not being seen is pointless. Let the Navy move forward and those who aren't in it, thanks for the opinion but you can continue to collect your retirement check and we will continue to protect your freedoms, in new camo uniforms.
A wounded infantryman isn't likely to die of drowning or exposure quite as quickly a seaman is. He swam the first leg of the United States’ gold medal-winning 4x100 freestyle relay on Sunday.
Featuring the digital camouflage pattern used throughout the military, it brings the Navy's look more in line with the other services. Among the cons: The nylon-cotton blend can get pretty warm, particularly because since the uniform includes both a T-shirt and a blouse.
But sailors were basically prohibited from wearing them in public, with the brass saying they wanted them to get comfortable with them first.

Sailors wearing that uniform weren't allowed out of their cars off base except for emergencies. I'm glad to see that those who retired before 99.9% of the current day Sailors even joined the Navy are so vocal over our uniforms. Defending Olympic champion Nathan Adrian took third (47.85), just in front of Condorelli for a spot on the podium.
Chalmers pulled away over the final 30 meters, and Belgium’s Pieter Timmers outkicked Adrian to the wall. Dressel could still be in the mix for another medal as part of the 4x100 medley relay team. He set an Olympic record in the 100 back on Monday in becoming the first swimmer from Cal and the first swimmer from the First Coast area to win a gold medal at these Olympics. It is way more comfortable, allows us more mobility and is a step forward from having so many uniforms in our sea bag.
Back   Photo: 8 of 8  Next APPhotos by Lee Jin-man Associated Press Australia's Kyle Chalmers celebrates after winning the gold medal in the 100-meter freestyle on Wednesday night in Rio de Janeiro.

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