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120,000 SF nursing facility in Huntersville, North Carolina was built to replace an aging nursing home on adjacent property. Charlotte is located in Mecklenburg County in the southern part of the state about 170 miles southwest of Raleigh.
A petition to develop the 236-unit nursing home units has been filed with the city council and members of the community organization have given their  support to the plan. Many community organization members originally hoped that the new development would attract high-dollar homes. In 2010 there was a rezoning proposal by a developer for 238 apartment units for seniors to be built on the same site. But this new plan for nursing home units got the blessing of local residents so it appears that there is no opposition to the new plan.
There is expected to be a vote on the rezoning application on March 21, 2011 by the City Council.
Always Home Assisted Living is a Houston Care Home that provides various levels of quality personal care to seniors and the frail and elderly in a non-institutional setting.
FACILITY FAILED TO PROVIDE NECESSARY CARE AND SERVICES TO MAINTAIN THE HIGHEST WELL BEING OF EACH RESIDENT. Based on record reviews, staff and physician interviews the facility failed to assess a resident with a change in condition with increased pain and confusion for 1 of 4 sampled residents with a change in condition. A review of an emergency medical transport report dated [DATE] at 10:46AM indicated the emergency medical transport staff arrived to facility to transport Resident #12 to an Infectious Disease Physician appointment. Personal Note from NHAA Advocates: NHAA shares with all the families of loved ones who are confined to nursing homes the pain and anguish of putting them in the care of someone else. We can help you file a state complaint, hire a specialized nursing home attorney or help you find a more suitable location for your loved one. Contact us through our CONTACT FORM located on our website here below or on the sidebar or call our toll free hot line number: 1-800-645-5262.
I treated all nurses even office officers with Fruit-Food even tip money & I paid every month for my dad private room since 2009 until 2011 at every time I come to visit my dad 2-3 time a week, because I want they good care my Dad but my Dad alway complain with me that they beat my Dad, They let my Dad fall down from the wheel chair when they give bath to my Dad. I have wrote complain to health care department of county but no use & of course the nursing home will not accept what they did to my Dad. More over I knew 1 old lady also long term care staying at there death in closet in few days but no one know, this case went to the court and the judge told me to confirm what I heart from people staying at that nursing home.
Not only 1 case but some more case which I knew from some the relative of the resident in Liberty Nursing home, the OLD PEOPLE DIED because THE LIBERTY NURSING HOME DIDN’T CARE TO THEM.
My Dad already pass way at OCT 2012 but I feel so badly guilty that I brought my Dad to death place to make his life shorter and I am murder my own dad. Just because I have to work also traveling all the time for my work and many people advice me to bring my dad to nursing home to have better care but actually I am the one kill him.
PLEASE, Take a little of my few words to pay attention more to the OLD,they not deserve to be treated so bad and painful like that. Our brand-new facility located on Dallas-Cherryville Highway in Cherryville, NC is truly one-of-a-kind. Our Medicare-certified facility is designed not only for patients who have complex medical conditions but also for those who are recovering from surgery or illness. As a total healthcare provider, our Cherryville, NC adult rehabilitation center focuses heavily on patient advocacy. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our Cherryville, NC office today for more information or to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced staff members.
In addition to Cherryville, Peak Resources is proud to serve adults in Carthage, Charlotte, Durham, Gastonia, Graham, Nags Head and Shelby, NC. Carriage Club of Charlotte North Carolina offers superb amenities, stunning location and friendly people who call our community home.
Our independent living apartments and villas are spacious and well appointed with all the comforts of home including a fireplace, patio, plush carpeting, vertical window treatments, and a washer and dryer in every apartment. You’ll enjoy carefree living, with housekeeping services, and transportation is available for scheduled group outings, appointments, or shopping excursions.

Whether a resident’s needs are for short-term or long-term care, our skilled nursing homes are designed to promote comfort in a compassionate environment.
Our resident-centered Alzheimer’s and dementia care program is designed to meet the specific needs of those with various levels of dementia. Elmcroft of Southern Pines, North Carolina is conveniently located in the southwest section of Moore County, within minutes of Moore Regional Hospital. Total Care, Gastonia, North Carolina provides compassionate medical care for seniors at their homes in our area. Duke HomeCare and Hospice, Durham, North Carolina provides home health services for adult and pediatric patients needing nursing, rehabilitation (including physical, occupational and speech language pathology therapies) and home health assistance.
It incorporates many different aspects of construction, from site preparation, shell construction, and multiple use interior construction.
The Derita-Statesville Community was first organized in 1860 and, although it was never a town, it has had its own schools, Post Office and Rail Station and has installed street lights and maintained its own roads.
Of the 236 units, 176 units will be for skilled nursing care and 60 units will be for independent living. Quality care homes, assisted living facilities and home health care establishments benefit greatly when nursing staff is available. But upon learning that the planned nursing home includes rooms for patients with Alzheimer’s disease, residents felt that this was an acceptable option. Local residents objected because they felt that the area didn’t need any more apartments so that petition failed. In this plan the City Council is being asked to rezone the land to an institutional category from single-family residential.
The crew reported the facility reported Resident #12 was at her baseline mental status but the Infectious Disease Physician reported Resident #12 was not at her baseline mental status and he was concerned and wanted her to be transported to the hospital for evaluation. If you have a loved one living in this nursing home or any other nursing home where you suspect any form of abuse or neglect, contact us immediately.
Even at PRESBYTERIAL hospital go report, BUT I STILL CAN NOT DO ANYTHING, My father health is weaker what is the use for me to fight with them? Just like my Dad case : how they can let the food go inside my Dad lung and NO DOCTOR OR NURSES pay attention when he hard to breath or throw up? At the beginning I already doubt with what Doctor in Liberty said after they did checking on my Dad. A nursing home abuse and neglect specialist will contact you for more details regarding your loved one and their injuries very shortly. We provide you or your loved ones in this small town community with a convenient choice for adult rehabilitation and healthcare services.
By offering such a comprehensive rehabilitation program, we can help each one of our residents make a more complete recovery. We are committed to ensuring our patients receive all of their entitled healthcare benefits.
Centrally located on 44 acres of Southeast Charlotte’s most beautiful property, we’re minutes from the area’s best shopping and entertainment. At Brookdale, we believe that our dedication to exceptional service and personalized care will exceed your expectations. Outdoors it’s a feast for the eyes and you can spend hours exploring the miles of walking paths or enjoying the stunning surroundings of our landscaped grounds and natural water features. We develop an individualized in-home care program for each customer and assign caregivers with suitable skills. When medically necessary, our services help patients adapt and recover from illness or injury in the comfort of their home. The interior features living spaces, kitchen areas, an exercise facility, dining areas, common spaces, nursing areas, and offices. It also has a community organization called the Derita-Statesville Road Community Organization.
He explained he had seen Resident #12 about a month ago during a previous hospital admission because she had infected hardware due to back surgery and she was alert at that time.

We cannot emphasize enough to family members of nursing home residents; frequent visits are essential to our loved ones’ well-being and safety. But I couldn’t say anything just because I respect doctor in Liberty, even when my Dad come back nursing home from hospital (Presbyterian down town) after 1st stroke. We are centrally located between CMC (Cleveland Regional Medical Center), Gaston Memorial Hospital and CMC-Lincoln. We are a small rehabilitation, nursing and assisted living facility with 54 nursing beds and 57 assisted living beds.
Peak Resources works closely with families to explore every possible reimbursement option and accepts various types of payments, including Medicare, private insurance, Medicaid and private payments.
We are the only rental retirement community in area that offers independent living, while providing progressive levels of optional care including personalized assisted living, Alzheimer’s and dementia care, and skilled nursing care. He confirmed he saw Resident #12 when she came to his office on [DATE] and she was minimally awake but was not responsive and was receiving oxygen but her saturation percentage was 88% and her blood pressure was low at, [DATE], pulse 64, respirations 26 and her temperature was 97.6 F. She was at Liberty … My husband and I was there as much as we could every day and night .
A review of a laboratory report dated [DATE] for a urinalysis and culture and sensitivity indicated results of rare bacteria and moderate amounts of yeast. He explained he talked to emergency medical transport and they said when they picked the resident up she was on oxygen at 2 liters per minute but they had to increase her oxygen because her oxygen saturation percentage was in the low to mid 80’s and she was minimally responsive.
A handwritten note on the bottom of the results indicate Resident #12 was currently on Bactrim DS ,[DATE] mg daily by mouth and the Nurse Practitioner was notified on [DATE] at 10:50 AM.
He stated he took a quick look at Resident #12 and told emergency medical transport personnel to take her to the hospital emergency room. A review of a hospital emergency department report dated [DATE] at 11:12 AM indicated Resident #12 was admitted with altered mental status [MEDICAL CONDITION] (a life threatening complication of infection).
He explained after Resident #12 left the office he had his staff call the facility and they were told Resident #12 was a little confused when she left the facility. I had run in once with something about them not seeing and helping her eat, but they got better, we would try to make it twice day . He stated he received no notes from the facility and had no indication of what had happened with Resident #12. She explained Resident #12 was barely responsive, was not talking but was mumbling sounds and appeared to be in pain. He confirmed his office was just down the street from the facility so Resident #12’s transport would have only taken minutes. She stated medics transported her to the office from the facility and she was brought immediately into an exam room when they got there and stated documentation in her chart indicated her vital signs were, [DATE], pulse 64, respirations 26 and temperature was 97.6 degrees F. During an interview on [DATE] 11:40 AM with NA #9 she explained when Resident #12 first came to the facility she was independent but then she began to need more help.
He explained Resident #12’s biggest problem was infected hardware in her back but she also had a lot of medical conditions and was getting intravenous antibiotics through a PICC line and was followed by an Infectious Disease Specialist who managed the infected hardware in her back.
She stated during the past 2 days before she went out to the doctor’s appointment on [DATE] they had to feed her and she needed total help. He stated the Nurse Practitioner had questions about the antibiotics and did not want to make decisions about them on her own so she called the Infectious Disease Physician for his recommendations and he wanted to see Resident #12 at his office on [DATE].
She explained Resident #12 complained of bad pain in her back and she reported it to the nurse. He explained it was his expectation for nursing staff to assess residents who had a change in condition and call the physician. He stated a Physician or Nurse Practitioner was available by phone or pager 24 hours a day and there was no excuse for them not being notified.

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