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Kitchen cabinetry, available in an array of styles, materials and finishes, can set the aesthetic tone of your entire kitchen. All Marbles, granite and natural stones are products of nature and as such, may have small cracks, blemishes, voids and incosistencies, which are inherent properties in Stone, and are not considered defects.
Crown molding is the embellishment of wood beams at the top of your walls, or you can describe that section as the base of the ceiling, to add depth to the top of your wall.
The Different Kinds of Crown Molding: Crown molding can be found at your local hardware store for reasonable prices.
Get Help from the Start: The most difficult part about installing crown molding is making sure your lengths are accurate.
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While wooden cabinets finished in clear varnish will give your space an organic mood, a custom-made stainless steel option will result in a sophisticated, contemporary vibe.
Variations in colour, shade, surface, texture and slab thickness are also common in marbles and granites. Take very specific measurements of your walls and ask the lumber cutting department of your hardware store to make the cuts for you to be precise.  touch to your walls, making your home look more aesthetically pleasing and impressive. Our professional home staging team can help you show off your home by decluttering, replacing and adding items that will accent your space properly. By showing off your home’s assets and making your space look at its best, your home will be more attractive to home buyers.

However, choose wisely: According to the National Kitchen and Bath Association, cabinetry can eat up nearly half of your overall remodeling budget  Remember the kitchen is consider the HEART OF A HOME… IT’S WHAT SELLS YOUR HOME.
For crown molding made from wood you have the choice between softwoods that are easy to cut to size, or hardwoods which are a little harder to cut but more luxurious and expensive. Medium-density fiberboard (also known as MDF) and high-density polyurethane foam are good substitutes for wood because they are very easy to paint. However, if you are considering one of these two substances you may prefer the foam over the MDF because it is far lighter to work with, only needs adhesive to attach rather than screws, and does not shrink from age and weather like wood is wont to do.

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