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John's Island, SC is one of the most beautiful parts of the greater Charleston area and most of the homes for sale there are keepers. If you've ever considered moving to South Carolina, then you've probably been looking at Charleston. As one of the most beautiful communities surrounding Charleston, John's Island, SC has recently gotten a lot of attention and more people are considering buying homes there.
John's Island truly is an island – The island is bordered on one side by the Wadmalaw Sound and on the other sides by the Stono River and Kiawah River. It has 350 years of history – Native Americans, including the Kiawah, Stono and Bohicket nations, have lived on John's Island since time immemorial. The island is known for its historic properties – With history spanning the Colonial, Revolutionary and Civil War eras to today, the island has many surviving historic structures including beautiful plantation homes. Development has been carefully controlled – Much of John's Island remains undeveloped rural land, including unspoiled wilderness with woods, meadows, tidal creeks, and shoreline. John's Island is known as a great place to raise a family – Between high-performing local schools, a strong community spirit, and an extremely low crime rate, it's hard to find a better place for kids to grow up on the eastern seaboard.
John's Island homes are surprisingly affordable – While the island certainly has its share of multi-million dollar properties, there are a number of beautiful homes under $500,000 as well.
Summer should be the season for getting away from it all, but taking a vacation isn't as easy as it looks.
If you aren't going on vacation because you can't afford it, you need to open yourself up to the possibility of going on an off-season vacation.
If you have to fly to your vacation destination, you could save a significant amount of money if you plan your flight for the right day and time. When most people consider traveling for vacation, they immediately think of taking a plane.
Most people, when they look to settle down and raise a family, have an idealized image of everything from the house they live in to the school district they send their children to and the places they spend their weekends. For those in the north, snowfall is a mere par for the course during the winter months, but for the residents of Goose Creek, snow is a rare sight to see.
One of the main factors that usually determine where people look to settle down is how the school district fares compared to those nearby.
The town of Goose Creek is relatively new, having been established in 1961, but the area has a long history ingrained in this country's roots.
Some people move to the Charleston area for work, and others just want to be closer to their families.
If you want to move to a place that has a rich history, and has made generous contributions to our culture, you should consider looking for Summerville, SC real estate.
The pines and breeze didn't just help people stay cool; some people think that the fresh air and generally agreeable weather had curative properties for people. Are you close to reaching the point in your life where you don't have to work anymore and can retire? Life's a Beach – Folly Beach is known to locals as "the Edge of America" and is a gorgeous town. Proximity to History – Folly Beach is an ideal place for retirement because, while the town itself is quaint and quiet, you are very close to Charleston. If you're looking to retire in an affordable beach town, with great weather and proximity to historical attractions, Folly Beach is the place for you. Those who are considering the purchase of a fixer upper in South Carolina are making a smart choice, if they do things properly. If the house in question is an older home, make sure that the inspector that you choose has adequate experience with and knowledge of structures in that age range. You'll need to decide what you can do yourself and what needs to be handed over to professionals. Purchasing South Carolina real estate can be an exciting and fun process, but you'll need to make sure that the fixer upper you choose is worth your while. The cold winter months may still be upon us, but many people are even now deciding where to spend their summer vacations. Ranked as one of the best family summer vacation spots, Charleston, SC and its nearby beach towns are an ideal location for people that are looking for a summer home. Mortgage rates can be higher for second homes and you may also asked for a larger down payment.
Like purchasing your first house, choosing a vacation home is a big decision and you shouldn't rush into making an offer. The city of Charleston is renowned for its eventful history, unique architecture, a popular restaurant community, and above all, its friendly people. In terms of educational facilities, since a large part of the city is situated in Charleston County, it is covered under the Charleston School District. Charleston is also known for its Medical University of South Carolina and the Charleston School of Law. Charleston also boasts of a number of historic buildings and art and history museums, among other tourist attractions.
All types of properties, from condos to single-family homes are for sale.Charleston Real Estate Listings & Charleston SC Homes for SaleSearch the largest selection of Charleston real estate with Carolina One Real Estate.
Carolina One Real Estate will not distribute your information to other companies without your permission. However, even the most beautiful house can come with surprises, and those can lead to regrets. Charleston is one of the biggest cities in the state, and is beautiful, affordable, and historic while still providing residents with many modern-day conveniences.
If you're a big nature lover who still wants to remain close to the city for easy access to your job, stores and other conveniences, then John's Island, SC is the perfect place for you!
Whether you're looking for farm land, beautiful bodies of water, or even just a nice tree to enjoy, you'll find it all on John's Island, South Carolina! This natural island has beautiful land and plenty of space because it was historically somewhat isolated from the surrounding townland.

The two bridges to and from the island include a 4-lane expressway, which means that traffic moves smoothly even at peak times and is rarely bogged down.
There is new development and both homes and lots are available, but this development has been managed to preserve the island's serene atmosphere. If you work in America, you're getting far less vacation time than employees in other countries.
Most rentals and hotels will be booked from May to August, and people who rent during those times will have to pay a lot more than people who go during the off-season. Goose Creek, SC has a lot going for it in the education department, not the least of which happens to be Marrington Middle School of the Arts.
Others come for the low cost of living, and some just love the architecture and feel of the city.
Summerville is just 20 minutes away from for Charleston, and it's the perfect place for someone that wants to live in a town with an abundance of southern charm. You may be interested to know that a lot of athletes have either called Summerville home, or currently live in Summerville. Today, these are made more than bearable by air conditioners and electricity, but back in the 1700s, summers weren't just unbearable, they were also terrible for your health. During the last decade of the 19th century, the International Congress of Physicians declared Summerville as one of the two best places on Earth for the treatment and recovery of lung and throat disorders. There are numerous surf spots here, and they have become some of the most popular on the East Coast. Another great thing about this part of the country is that winters are short, while the summers are long and balmy. Charleston is the oldest city in the state and is filled with tons of historical attractions. Purchasing a fixer upper can save you a lot of money, teach you a lot during the renovation process, and allow you to personalize the home.
Find a good home inspector in the area and have them look at the house to determine what needs to be repaired, and how much that would cost to do properly.
A person who only specializes in modern constructions may be inclined to think that everything in an old home needs repair. Improvements such as painting and wallpaper removal are simple enough to handle, but other things like electrical work and plumbing may be over your head; these issues need to be considered before purchasing the home.
But if you're like many others, you probably get tired of the yearly task of finding a place to spend your vacation, booking dates and paying a significant amount of money just to stay somewhere for a limited amount of time.
Understandably, buying real estate in South Carolina, or anywhere for that matter, is a huge financial commitment and one that shouldn't be taken lightly. Visit it several times to explore the neighborhoods, amenities and nearby shops, restaurants and activities.
Since beaches are some of the most desirable locations, Charleston and its surrounding environs are the perfect option. You want to be confident that the home not only meets your criteria now, but will later down the line.
The city is located on the Intracoastal Waterway just south of the midpoint of the SC Atlantic Ocean coastline and is the northern tip of what is known as the South Carolina Lowcountry.
The Conde Nast Travelers “2012 Readers’ Choice Awards” selected Charleston as the “Top Destination of the World” and the “Top U.S. The city is home to a campus for Trident Technical College, which is the region’s technical school, as well as the Roper Hospital School of Practical Nursing. One of the major attractions of the area is the Calhoun Mansion, which is a Victorian home sprawling over 24,000 square feet of area. After over a year, we listed with Rick Turner and were able to close our contract at almost our asking price withing 4 months. View nearly 4,000 listings and explore Charleston, SC homes for sale.Real Estate Charleston SCHomes to buy and sell - around the Charleston SC area. Here are four tips from us at Carolina One for making sure you go into the buying process with your eyes open, and come out with a dream home and no regrets.
Most John's Island residents are friendly and happy to talk to potential future neighbors, and they will have insider info on the neighborhood that you won't get from listings or even walkthroughs. Just a ten-minute drive from downtown, there are two bridges that tend to keep traffic flowing even at peak hours.
While much of America has since become more industrialized, replacing many farms with factories, strip malls, and offices, plenty of farms still exist – and many of them are closer than you think!
There are many nature lovers who have traveled hundreds of miles just to see this historic, breathtaking tree. Early relations between Europeans and Native Americans were friendly, and the settlements focused on growing indigo, an important dye export. While it is not the oldest tree in the United States, it is high on the list, with estimates of its age ranging from 400 to 1500 years old. The disparity in vacation time should explain why some people still haven't a chance to take some time off this summer, but a lot of people that aren't going on vacation made their choice because they can't afford to. When most people think about the ideal time to vacation they think about the summer, but you can have just as much fun during the fall, winter, or spring.
Simply booking your flight on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday could save you a couple hundred dollars. If you don't want to have to pay for a plane ticket, but also don't want to drive, consider getting to your vacation destination by train. Goose Creek has 14 schools within its district, and Marrington Middle School of the Arts happens to be one of two there that garner a perfect 10 in the GreatSchools rating.
While some developments are new and reflect a more modern look, there are still many old-fashioned homes on the market that retain the look of that classic southern home, complete with large porches, perfect for rocking chairs and porch swings.
The reasons that you might want to live in and around Charleston may vary, but they're all possible because of one thing: the area's long history.
There are over 700 homes and buildings on the National Register of Historic Places in Summerville alone, so this town has seen its fair share of historic events and has raised a lot of interesting people.
New York Yankees outfielder Brett Gardner may play for a team in a different state, but when it's off-season, he calls Summerville home.

Plantation families along the Ashley River had to deal with mosquitos and disease, along with the oppressive heat, so many would move to higher elevations from May to September. People started to flock to the town in the winter months, and Presidents Theodore Roosevelt and William Howard Taft liked to vacation in the area during the coldest months of the year.
After all those years of effort, you deserve the opportunity to relax and enjoy your time off. Go fishing, hiking, and biking or just spend some time looking for the unique Lettered Olive seashells that dot the coastline. History buffs will love visiting spots like Fort Sumter, the Charleston Museum (the oldest museum in the country), and the many plantations nearby. Also, have the contractor that you've selected walk through the home so that they can create a written cost estimate for the work they intend to do. If not, do you and your family mind living in a space that is being renovated for an extended period of time, since you can only work on the home on weekends?
You'll want to know what the area has to offer during the summer, as well as the off season. If you decide to rent out your property, make sure that it includes amenities that renters expect, such as cable, Internet, dishwasher, and maybe even a pet-friendly designation, to name a few. Also, if you'll be counting on rental income to help pay for the mortgage, make sure to ask renters to pay a price that's fair for them, but still benefits you. It's in your best interest to speak to a real estate professional to help you make a smart decision.
It is situated on Charleston Harbor, which is an inlet of the Atlantic created by the confluence of the Cooper and Ashley Rivers. Higher education public institutions in Charleston include the The Citadel, which is a military college in South Carolina, and the College of Charleston, which is the 13th oldest university in the country. The American College of the Building Arts in the city is the only college in the United States to offer bachelor’s degrees in the building arts.
Another eminent landmark is the Charleston Museum, which is one of America’s oldest museums, founded in 1773.
Ask whether anyone in the neighborhood has plans to do major renovations, what they like and don't like about their street, what the schools are like and anything else on your mind. For example, you should always contact your own insurance company and get a quote on the home insurance instead of relying on a seller's figures; they may have discounts that you won't. John's Island has many properties with generous acreage, some of which were farms in the past and could be again. John's Island has dozens of homes for sale that are located along tidal creeks, rivers, and other waterways. You may be planning saving up for a big purchase, or you may think that you just aren't making enough at work to take any time off.
Trains are bit more expensive than making your trek by car, but it's considerable less expensive than having to fly.
South Carolina was one of the original 13 colonies, and settlers have been living in the greater Charleston area for centuries.
The breeze coming through the pine-forested ridges of the area were just what people needed to stay cool. Many people look forward to retirement, but hate to see all their hard earned money and savings disappear. In addition, the city is known for its eclectic mix of low country foods, which include southern, French, and Caribbean.
Read on for advice that will help you make an educated and appropriate decision for your life . If planning on doing the majority of the work yourself, you should calculate the cost of supplies that are needed to complete the project.
Get up early one day and swing over to the Island first, then try driving to work at the hour you'd normally leave.
When considering buying in a neighborhood, we advise driving through several times at different times of day and night. Similarly, if the home needs repairs, don't rely on a seller's estimates for those repairs unless they can show you the recent quotes from real contractors. You may not be looking to start a farm, but you could always have a nice plot of fruits and vegetables for the summer. Not only is it believed to be at least 1,500 years old, but it is also 65 feet high and offers an astonishing 17,000 square feet of shade. The Wadmalaw Sound and the Kiawah and Stono rivers are some of the most popular places where people choose to invest in real estate.
It may seem like a vacation is out of your budget but, with the right planning, you could easily afford a week at a rental in Charleston or eventually your own Summerville, SC real estate to head to in the summer. Amtrak and other rail services offer great discounts for people that travel during weekdays, and you could save hundreds in travel expenses. South Carolina real estate is very affordable, which will leave you with plenty of money to enjoy during your golden years. It will be good to know if the neighbors are up later and partying after midnight, or if a street is too sleepy for you even on the weekend.
Many John's Island residents will tell you that the water is not only beautiful, but very relaxing and peaceful, making the area the perfect place to call home! Folly Beach is the perfect place to consider for your retirement years for the following reasons. The more time you spend in the neighborhood, the better you will know if it truly feels like home. Green started off his career playing football for the University of Georgia, and he was drafted for the Bengals in 2011. He made it to the 2012 Pro Bowl, and had been the first rookie receiver to play in the Pro Bowl since 2011.

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