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Paradise Point in Cape Coral, Florida is a 48-unit condo complex located right on the bank of the Caloosahatchee River.  It offers amazing views and unbeatable amenities. Cape Coral has 4 high schools in the Lee County School District: Cape Coral High School, Mariner High School, Ida S.
Search Cape Coral home prices, find Cape Coral homes for sale or try the Home Sale Maximizer home improvement tool on HomeGain.
HomeGain provides Cape Coral, Florida real estate information and resources to guide homeowners and homebuyers through the process of selling and buying a house, condo or other Cape Coral realty property. View Homes for Sale, find Home Listings, check Home Prices and Property Values on HomeGain. When selling a property in Cape Coral it is important to hire the right real estate professional for the job. This price will be based upon the projected market value at the time the lease ends and the sale is to take place.
The buyer puts down a $5,000 non-refundable deposit that will be used towards the purchase at the end of the term (usually 1-3 years). You will credit $200 per month for 24 months towards the purchase price ($4,800) and also credit the $5,000 deposit as well. Pine Island has a charm that is indescribable; it is reminiscent of a century old fishing village complete with quaint cottages and small hotels. We are all seeing a trend in the current Cape Coral housing market; prices up, inventory down.
The average buyer is really getting a bum deal, they now have to compete with big time investors; we recently had a listing receive 6 offers in the first 4 hours. For a no obligation market analysis, fill out this short seller form and we’ll send over the data to help you make an informed decision.
Children all over Lee County are anxiously awaiting the final bell to ring marking the start of the summer vacation.
Mike Greenwell’s is another local favorite, they offer Mini golf, 4 go-cart tracks, batting cages, an arcade, paint ball and much more.
In Cape Coral we have trended from an over abundance of housing inventory to some of the lowest levels in years.
We can further analyze this by the absorption rate, the ability of the real estate market to absorb or sell all of the houses for sale in a given amount of time. It looks like there is no better time than now to purchase that new homes, vacation home or investment property in Cape Coral FL. The simple advertising strategies in Cape Coral and surrounding areas no longer work but there is an easy solution, “the internet”. Next you will have your home entered into the Fort Myers or Cape Coral MLS (Multiple Listing Service) with a well thought out description featuring just enough to intrigue a potential buyer into seeing the property or calling to ask for more information. Now that you are on every website we can think of, you need to have great call to actions in your listing to entice the buyers to click for more information. Here at Florida Future Realty Inc, we have developed a wide variety of online tools made available to all of our agents which helps accomplish this massive worldwide exposure campaign. As if you wouldn’t have enough exposure with everything we have listed above give us a call for a COMPLETE       marketing plan explaining how we will sell your home in a reasonable amount of time at the highest price the market will allow.
See how we are different than the rest with the most aggressive Marketing plan in the United States. Finally, if you have not checked to see how your listing appears in the local MLS or on national & international websites PLEASE go check. 2012 has been a great year thus far; gaining positive momentum for our once troubled housing market.
If you have ever dreamed of owning your piece of paradise, but are in need of a little nudge, here it is. These statistics coupled with low interest rates, and less stringent lending policies make now the time to buy that new home or special vacation spot.  If we can help you in any way make your dream possible give a call.

Keep your personal contact info confidential until you choose the real estate agent you like best. This site will provide an approximation based on computer models of information available from public records and is not intended to be, nor should it be relied on, as a real estate appraisal. HomeGain has services to help you find a top Cape Coral real estate broker or agent, get the value of your Cape Coral home and a comparative market analysis (CMA), view Cape Coral real estate and MLS listings, prepare your home for sale, and more.
Muchos Agentes especializados en Bienes Raices de HomeGain hablan Español y pueden ayudarle a encontrar inmuebles a la venta, calcular el valor de su casa o su propiedad, y vender y comprar un hogar en Cape Coral, Florida.
We have a wide variety of homes and land available from waterfront pool homes to vacant land in Cape Coral.
We use unique marketing techniques as well to draw attention to the listings we represent so they’ll stand out against the competition.
If you are considering selling your Cape Coral house you can read our articles below for information. So say at the end of the 2 year term the buyer qualifies for a loan and purchases the house. First, shadow inventory refers to properties that are either in foreclosure that have not “hit” the market or sellers that are delaying putting their property on the market; waiting for the market to recover. They are waiting for the right time to start slowly releasing them; as to not negatively affect the current state. So do we think this shadow inventory will negatively affect the current state of the market?
As a seller you must be able to reach as many potential Cape Coral buyers in the shortest amount of time to be able to compete with all these foreclosures and short sales.
The internet provides us with some of the most valuable tools available to ANYONE in the real estate industry. You can have the most beautiful home with gorgeous views, swimming pool, granite counter tops, customs closets, and marble floors but without GREAT pictures you are just another house for sale. Our highly trained web developers and agents will custom build you a single page website like THIS ONE with a maximum rate of buyer lead capture. These QR codes will be placed on almost every piece of advertising across the internet we do. For one reason or another some homes are not selling while others are selling quickly and at a fair price. If your agent is not doing their best to show your house in the best light then let them know.
It shouldn’t be something you have to stress about after you hire a real estate professional! Modifying property characteristics may alter the approximation provided and should only be used as an estimate to determine a home's value. Our real estate library contains articles to help anyone selling a home or buying a home learn more about Cape Coral realty services, and how to choose and work with a Cape Coral REALTOR. Check back often to see what we have added to our home inventory or just sign up for email updates and receive any new Cape Coral real estate listings that meet your criteria via email. We continue to receive many calls a day from consumers looking to “steal” their next home or investment property for pennies on the dollar. We feel like our area is in a great position to absorb these properties and hold steady with the current prices. The pictures of your home should be focused on the main selling points such as kitchen, master bath, master bedroom, and spacious living room.
The MLS will provide your listing exposure to all of the other real estate agents and their buyers in the area. Virtual tours, E-flyers, printable flyers, share buttons and sign up forms, are a few helpful tools that lead buyers into making the next move, CONTACTING the agent!
A wonderful virtual tour that will create even more interest than your pictures and has proven to increase visitors by 20%.

After about 30 minutes we hung up and agreed to meet tomorrow for coffee and discuss his options. Sometimes short sales take a little longer to sell but we still market them just as well as any other listing! We will give you the REAL market value of your home & market your property to its full potential.
Through our partners, we also provide real estate and financial services to consumers looking for houses for sale or selling their home in Cape Coral, FL, such as mortgages, credit history, new homes, foreclosures and other services. To add your home to this page please call 239-542-8521 for your no obligation listing presentation and Comparable Market Analysis.
Just like all other types of sales; regular or short, the inventory of foreclosures is down significantly.
We have the knowledge and experience to properly market your Cape Coral real estate listing across the internet for maximum exposure.
Next is one of the most important tools that we have available, a great “syndication” program. These interactive tools are critical to the success of the marketing campaign for your Cape Coral house. The first week your home is listed you will want to let everyone you know that it is for sale, send them a custom made JUST LISTED eflyer via email, share it on your Facebook wall and have us share it on Facebook and Twitter with our 1000’s of followers. Naturally I started researching the property and found why it had not sold almost instantly.
This consists of one front photo (with a truck in the driveway & garage door opened) and an aerial photo showing the roof. We use multiple photos, a great description, video, national advertising, virtual tours, and many other online marketing tools we have developed! Paradise Point is located within the Gold Coast community, and is convenient to all Cape Coral has to offer. We currently have in Cape Coral FL only 92 foreclosure listings that are active in the multiple listing service (MLS); a considerable difference from what we experienced in 2008-2009.
We need to give the regular buyers time to find that perfect property all the while taking advantage of the super low interest rates.
You may also have an ad in the Sunday newspaper where a reader happens to see your tiny ad in a 200 page newspaper with no pictures and hope for the best. Be picky with your photos and do not be afraid to ask your agent to change out the ones you do not like. The syndication will send out your home listing to 100’s of nationally recognized websites with millions of viewers each day.
Two photos of the living room with the television on and him sitting in the chair drinking a glass of Iced Tea.
Instead of shuffling their family from home to home they long for a place to call their own.
We need something to sell, so would a shadow inventory released properly and strategically be such a bad thing? We live in Florida with sunshine 350 days a year so there are no excuses for dark boring pictures.
Maybe you have heard of a few, Realtor, Zillow, Trulia, Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, Bing, Homegain, Craigslist, Homes, New York Times, and hundreds more.

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