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While finding a new place and moving can be extremely stressful, you can minimize your headache by keeping these tips in mind. Following are the most recent batch of spam, trogan, and virus alerts sent to my email filter. Your best protection is to keep your computer updated and keep your antivirus program running at all times. Feel free to pass these links along to others that may benefit from these security warnings. When you receive a low offer on your house, the best response is to counter with a price you’re willing to accept.
Unless you’ve received multiple purchase offers, the best response is to counter the low offer with a price and terms you’re willing to accept. Ask your REALTOR® whether any homes that are comparable to yours (known as “comps”) have been sold or put on the market since your home was listed for sale. Buyers sometimes attach comps to a low offer to try to convince the seller to accept a lower purchase offer.
If the buyers don’t include comps to justify their low purchase offer, have your real estate agent ask the buyers’ agent for those comps. If the purchase offer is too low to counter, but you don’t have a better option, ask your real estate agent to call the buyer’s agent and try to narrow the price gap so that a counteroffer would make sense. If you can remedy the situation, maybe by renting furniture or asking your agent not to mention in your home listing that you’re motivated, the next purchase offer you get might be more to your liking. Marcie Geffner is a freelance reporter who has been writing about real estate, homeownership and mortgages for 20 years.
BTW, this is a pretty cool listing of mine in North Knoxville just in case anyone has a buyer.
I found some of the technology do and don’ts for using technology in your listings to be especially relevant. I think a lot of us don’t quite realize yet is that most buyers (and sellers) are way more tech savvy than the average Realtor. You hear a lot these days about lower price, lower price, and lowest price as the only way to get a house sold. Here are 9 things you can do that will make your house stand out from the crowd, appeal to more potential buyers, and probably sell faster. You can find lots selling tips as well as get a free copy of my 52 page e-book titled “450 Ideas To Help Your Home Sell Faster” at www. My apologies to my regular readers for not posting anything in the past 2 weeks but I’ve been pretty busy listing and selling houses which is a good thing. The February sales numbers are now available from the Knoxville Area Association of Realtors for the greater Knoxville area and surrounding counties so let’s take a look and see how we did this past month.
While this just past February was up 42 homes over 2009 the total volume is still way down compared to the past 7 years or so. It appears this February is pretty much like January 2010; down from years past but up over last year a little. Another way to calculate the current state of a real estate market is by the absorption rate.
Currently in the Knoxville Area Association of Realtor’s MLS (Multiple Listing Service) there are 4,021 single family homes and condos for sale. If anyone is thinking of buying this year let me remind you the $8,000 federal tax credit expires at the end of April 2010 and most likely WILL NOT be renewed this time. You do have until the end of April to have your selected home under contract and then an additional 60 days beyond that to get it closed. Disclaimer: Information for this post was gathered from the Knoxville Area Association of Realtors MLS. This entry was posted on Tuesday, January 29th, 2013 at 3:51 am and is filed under Buyers, Farragut Neighborhoods, West Knoxville Neighborhoods.
Knoxville tn real estate & homes sale coldwell banker, Knoxville tn real estate and homes for sale. Downtown knoxville knoxville condos zillow: real estate, Why use zillow zillow helps you find the newest downtown knoxville real estate listings. Sellers will consider lease purchase for this extensively redone home, 5 minutes to downtown Knoxville. Below is a chart prepared by the National Association of REALTORS ® comparing the new changes to the Homebuyer Tax Credit.
The biggest change is that current Homeowners are now eligible if they sell their current homes and then buy AFTER the date of enactment of this extension which is November 6th, 2009. I was interviewed by WATE recently about the present and future state of the Knoxville area housing market.
So far this year Knoxville area sales are oddly resisting their typical seasonal downturn as we approach the colder months and the holiday season. Usually we see a downturn in sales around July-August when school starts but so far this year that is not happening. There are several bills in Congress to extend it but whether they will pass or not is is anybody’s guess. As the red line which represents 2009 sales shows, sales are holding up at least 1 month past the points in the past where they have traditionally started dipping down. The graph below shows the median price for a typical 3 bedroom home in the greater Knoxville area. As the chart above shows, we’re selling more lower priced homes this year compared to years past.
Knoxville buyers want to upgrade and personalize their new home so they can enjoy living there more.
So there you go, 5 ways to get some great deal for your new Knoxville area home or the one you’re selling.
This week’s property transfers from the Knox County Registrar of Deeds office brings the biggest numbers of the year with a total of 187 pieces of real estate finding a new owner.
As has been the trend all this year, most of the activity is in the low to lower middle price ranges, that is from $100,000 to $300,000.
Luckily for anyone still looking for a new home KAAR’s Realtors still have 3,633 active listings to choose from in all areas of Knox County and all price ranges from a staggering $4,375,000 price tag to a much more modest home offered at $9,900. First time buyers and those who have not owned a home in the past 3 years can likely qualify for the new, federal tax credit of up to $8,000 or 10% of the purchase price, whichever is less, to help you buy a home now.

Additionally many part of Knox County qualify for home loans through the US Department of Agriculture (USDA). Give me a call or email with any questions and let’s get going finding you a new home.
A glut of houses has increased inventories of both new and resale homes providing a huge selection to choose from. The federal government, in an effort to stimulate the economy is providing up to $8,000 as a fully refundable tax credit to encourage you to buy a home.
Because of the number of houses for sale I’m usually able to negotiate with a seller to pay most or all of your closing costs to get you into a new home with no cash out of your pocket. This informative local news story tells how the Knoxville area housing market is starting to heat up.
This beautiful, 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 2 car garage home in north Knoxville is currently listed at $159,900. Nice looking one level home in Farragut and on the market with 3 bedrooms and two baths for only $154,900. This west Knoxville home is 'move in' ready and offers 3 bedrooms and 2 baths for just $154,900.
This charming home, complete with red door, is located in Fountain City and can be yours for only $124,900.
So there you have it; world class interest rates, lots of credits and homes to choose from, time to get moving.
Knox County real estate transfers were back in triple digits for just ended week of February 15th with 138 transfers recorded. All the Knoxville area Realtors I’ve been talking with during this past week are saying their showing activity is up and lots of traffic coming through Sunday open houses. I was at a closing for a sale last Thursday on a home built by Saddlebrook Homes and the site agent said they had 8 more closings by the end of February. Maximum credit amount is increased to $8,000 or 10% of the purchase price; whichever is less. An eligible property is any single family residence; including condos, co-ops,A  or townhouses that will be used as your principal residence. An individual with adjusted gross income of not more than $75,000 or $150,000 on a joint return are eligible. Homebuyers who use state revenue bond financing, in Tennessee that would be the Tennessee Housing Development Authority (THDA) qualify under the new, $8,000 credit; they did not under the $7,500 program.
If you sell the house you buy and claim credit for during the 3 years following the purchase all of the credit is subject to recapture (you have to pay it back).
I’ve always been a big fan of statistics and like graphs and charts to display them in an easy to understand format.
I also take the monthly, quarterly, and yearly MLS data and make graphs with it and also information from the Knox County Register of Deeds Office and a statistical service that sends me market data.
This graph represent the numbers of real estate transfers in the various price ranges for 1 week. Interesting that even though sales are down somewhat the average days on market has not changed significantly over the past 9 years. 45% drop in 2008 compared to 2007 which demonstrates new home sales are way down in Knox County.
Not only do you have to deal with the extremely stressful transition into a new life in a new place, but you have to pack your old life into boxes and coordinate a move.
When investigating different neighborhoods, always snoop around during rush hour traffic in addition to normal business hours to really get a feel for the traffic you will be up against.  Being close to public transportation can alleviate this problem, so also investigate other means of getting to and from work. You can check out the crime rates in your prospective area by visiting sites like Family Watchdog. You’re excited and relieved, until you realize the purchase offer is much lower than your asking price.
Unless the offer is laughably low, it deserves a cordial response, whether that’s a counteroffer or an outright rejection. Some buyers make a low offer because they think that’s customary, they’re afraid they’ll overpay, or they want to test your limits. A low purchase offer might make sense if the contingencies are reasonable, the closing date meets your needs, and the buyer is preapproved for a mortgage. If those new comps are at lower prices, you might have to lower your price to match them if you want to sell.
If your home is vacant or your home’s listing describes you as a “motivated” seller, you’re signaling you’re open to a low offer. Probably something to do with their average age being in the 30s and ours being in the 50s. Some panoramic photos tend to distort a room, so stills only or stills plus a panorama are best to appeal to the lowest common denominator of viewers. Once you get buyers out of the car and walking up to your front door, you want to continue to set a good tone for your showing. This will alert you to potential problem areas you might not be aware of and let you fix or repair them at your leisure and also prevent a buyer from using some minor issue as a negotiating tool. This one is tough because you live there every day and some odors might not be apparent to you. That’s down considerably from the 150 or so we were averaging in 2009 which dovetails with the sales figures above from the Realtor Association. That means how long will it take to sell the current amount of homes for sale at the current sales rate. Here’s some FAQ about how it works, please call or email me with any additional questions or to get started buying your own home. Some active duty military personnel have more time under special circumstances; I can help with that as well.
Please let me know if there is anyway that we can assist you in your West Knoxville or Farragut area home search. The mechanical Estate E-Class range is reduced at this time, including gasoline versions E200 E250 with 184 hp and 211 hp….
You may not have enough time to qualify for the tax credit but there is a huge selection of homes for sale in the Knoxville area in all price ranges, interest rates are at historic lows which translates to payments maybe less than you’re paying right now in rent, and motivated sellers are willing to deal to entice you to buy their house over another. Knoxville area homes are still selling but you need to keep these three critical things in mind to make your home sell.

Realize you’re probably not going to net as much for your house now and you could have a year or so ago. In most cases you will save money by buying things in the greater Knoxville area instead of having them shipped from another location.
Knox County School coupons, coupons from places like the Half Off Depot, newspapers, and lots of other sources. Often you can find the same thing or a comparable item for much less if you visit a few different stores. This Easter Sunday is a bright sunshiny day with clear blue skies overhead although it’s still a bit chilly at 52 degrees outside.
The USDA provides up to 100% financing to encourage homebuyers in the more rural areas to purchase a home.
You can get 100% financing with these and most motivated home sellers will pay some or all of your closing costs to entice you to buy their house. And like the story above says, they’re starting to move so now would be a great time to get in the home buying game or at least give me a call to find out what you can do. Part of that bill includes a new, $8,000 tax credit for new homebuyers this year that meet the guidelines. Homebuyers who don’t intend to buy a home until the end of 2009 can legally alter their withholding to save up money for a downpayment. That means you can reduce or eliminate your income tax liability up to the $8,000 limit for the year of purchase.
Therea€™s a huge selection of homes out there and most buyers are willing to deal (a lot) so leta€™s get started finding you one.
The graph above shows 12724 Comblain has had it’s Visual Tour viewed 212 times from there. Take a walk around the block, visit the local coffee shop, mingle with the locals, and get a “feel” for the place.
Remain calm and discuss with your real estate agent the many ways you can respond to a lowball purchase offer.
Make sure your front entry is spotless, sweep away the cobwebs over your door, clean front door, paint if necessary, bright, shiny new door hardware if necessary, a new light fixture if the old one is rusty. No grease on kitchen appliances, bathrooms including tubs, showers, and sinks spotless and clean smelling, all light fixtures wiped down or washed including  the bulbs, clean the blades on your ceiling fans, cobwebs from along ceilings and underneath. Ask a friend, neighbor, or real estate professional to give your home the “smell test” to see if there might be something there you’re not picking up on. That means it would take 13.3 months at the current sales levels to sell all 4,021 listings assuming no new ones came on the market. BEAUTIFUL 4 BR, 3.5 BATH, 7 YEAR OLD BRICK KNOXVILLE HOME FOR SALE WITH LAKE VIEW IN DESIRABLE HIGHLANDS AT NORTHSHORE LOCATION. It’s also got a great open floor plan, updated kitchen with granite counter tops and center island, and the master suite is also locate on the main level. You have to have your house exposed to as many potential buyers as possible and once they find it you need lots of photos to encourage them to visit in person to look and buy.
Also lots of stores like Lowe’s, Best Buy, and other aggressive retailers will match sales or prices you find at other stores just to get your business. Just sign up for automated notifications on your cell phone and that will keep you updated if someone has outbid you or if you won your item.
So far I’ve used a credit card rewards program to get 2 new digital cameras, a Flip video camera, some Bose headphones, and a couple of other things just for using that credit card. Let’s get started today and have you in a new home with payments probably less than what you may be paying now for rent.
Any unused amount can be refunded to you in cash in the year following your qualifying home purchase.
One of the biggest components to buying the perfect house is choosing the right neighborhood for you — a task that can become complicated and frustrating if, say, you are perusing Austin real estate but know nothing about the city and its layout.
You may also want to look at real estate property near a park, playground, and local pool to make family activities more accessible.
To cover all your bases, visit the neighborhoods at all times of day in different circumstances. Set aside your emotions, focus on the facts, and prepare a counteroffer that keeps the buyers involved in the deal. A fresh, uniform coat of paint throughout your house if needed will bring a faster sale and more dollars in your pocket.
Don’t get carried away with scents to mask odors; too much is almost as bad as the odors you’re trying to cover up. MASTER BEDROOM ON THE MAIN LEVEL WITH HIS AND HERS WALK-IN CLOSETS, JACUZZI TUB and SEPARATE SHOWER IN MASTER BATH.
This home has lots of upgrades and tons of space and is in great condition for anyone looking to buy this winter or spring. Clearly, if you do not have offspring, you will probably want to steer clear of school zones. Chat with a realtor who specializes in the area and ask them how the neighborhood is at night.
If not, you might want to include in your counteroffer information about those homes and your own comps that justify your asking price.
This Farragut home for sale has 4 spacious bedrooms, a bonus room, storage closet, and large front porch.
Start with a thorough cleaning of things you might not clean on a weekly basis such as ceiling fan blades, ceiling corners, garage, and other areas.
I can send you a coupon for Lower’s that is good for 10% off any purchase or purchases up to $10,000! However, living in suburbia could have its perks — moving into a location near a school can help you sell your house later on down the road.
While that quaint house tucked in the quietest part of town may be charming, it may be more isolated than pragmatic.

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