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And from my first impression — water glasses dumped in a group on the table by a passing waiter who never broke stride — to the last, it was clear that this was a whole other restaurant from the old Bombay House.
The kitchen redeemed itself somewhat with the marvelous sauce on the shrimp tikka masala ($13.95), a version of India's most famous dish, chicken tikka masala, which is actually Anglo-Indian.
Take Out: A favorite with Salt Lake City's young, trendy crowd, elegant Bombay House offers upscale dining complete with traditional Indian decor and a traditionally-clad waitstaff.
Utah has some seriously amazing restaurants, and these 17 should absolutely be on your bucket list. One of Utah’s most popular Indian restaurants, Bombay House has been in business for 23 years and has won countless dining awards.
If you’ve never eaten a meal in a restaurant and made new friends at the same time, you’ve never been to Communal. After the nail-biting, stress-inducing drive across Hell’s Backbone, you’ll be ready for a relaxing, delicious meal.

Iceberg serves up ice cream shakes the Utah way - so thick you have to eat ‘em with a spoon. One of Utah’s fanciest restaurants, La Caille presents gourmet French food at a 20-acre estate at the mouth of Little Cottonwood Canyon. Supposedly, chicken tikka masala was the result of a colonial Briton's imperious demand for gravy on his dryish chicken tikka — some stories say that the Indian cook just spiced up some tomato soup and poured it on. Listing of a menu does not mean that there is any affiliation, endorsement or sponsorship between SinglePlatform and the listed business. Hell’s Backbone Grill is serious about the food they offer -- the produce is grown at their organic farm, and the local lamb and beef is grass-fed. If you’re looking for a good vibe with great food and free wifi, Little Wonder is your spot. The cozy yurt, live entertainment and Viking-style dinner make this a night you’ll never forget.

At any rate, since then the traditional tomato-based sauce has been velvetized with cream, like the sauce on India's famous butter chicken, murgh mukhani, and Bombay House's version is stellar. If it's meat you seek, spicy and not-so-spicy chicken, fish, and seafood options are available.
But the table was so crowded with dirty dinner plates that there was barely a square inch to set anything down. He squeezed the dessert between a half-empty water glass and a cup of chai and, problem solved, plopped the check on top of the Styrofoam clamshell holding the remains of our food.

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