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If you have any additional concerns about this issue, or your circumstances are urgent, please give me a call or fill out the form below and we well email you a link to all the Free Reports available on this site.
ELIMINTATE YOUR DEBT!Amazing formula to eliminate your debt, including your mortgage in 6-10 years. Government Help Is Here!Finally the Governement is REALLY doing something to help distressed Homeownerst stop foreclousre, it is call HAFA. In order to secure interest in your property, the property tax collector uses a tax lien so as to assure payment for the taxes which will limit your chances in obtaining and selling mortgages while you still owe taxes. To begin with get in touch with counseling agent to advise you for a home loan modification. The Evelyn Bruder Las Cruces Real Estate Dream Team is your best Las Cruces real estate resource. At EQUITY Realty Group our agents are experienced and trained to assist our clients through good and tough times.
Great  Valley Realtors love helping people find their dream homes, however, due to this recession, they find themselves helping people in unexpected ways… people facing possible foreclosure and loss of their homes. Today, loss of income due to “circumstances beyond their control”, many homeowners find themselves unable to make their mortgage payments. Short Sale – A Short Sale in real estate means the lender is accepting less than the total amount due. A short sale allows the homeowner to avoid foreclosure and salvage some of their credit rating. Forbearance or Repayment Plan – In this option, you the homeowner, negotiate with the mortgage company to repay the back payments over a period of time.
Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure – This process, also known as a ‘friendly foreclosure’, allows the homeowner to return the property to the lender rather than go through the foreclosure process. Bankruptcy – Many times, bankruptcy is presented as a ‘foreclosure solution’, but this is not true in all states or in all situations. Refinance – If a homeowner has sufficient equity in their property and their credit is still in good standing, they may be able to refinance their mortgage.

Sell the Property – Homeowners with enough equity can sell their property, thereby avoiding the foreclosure process and in some cases ‘cash out’ on their equity. Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (military personnel only) – Servicemembers that can show that their debt was entered into prior to deployment may qualify for relief under the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act. Even if you accept this offer and use our service, your lender may not agree to change your loan. By definition, a tax lien is the claim against the property so the property owner can ensure payment of his owed property taxes. Search for a lender that has the best loan program that will fit specifically for delinquent property taxes payments.  Have your financial documents ready as well. Department of Housing and Local Government has tips to help you avoid foreclosure that you can view by clicking here. This typically requires the property to be on the market and the homeowner must participate in the process by proving financial hardship. In addition, the homeowner avoids a foreclosure on their public record, and in many cases, the homeowner may be able to avoid a deficiency judgment. You, the homeowner, contact your mortgage company and request a total amount due – to date – and then pay it.
These types of adjustments require the homeowner to ‘qualify for the new payment and often requires financial documentation.
If the homeowner has non-secured debts that make it hard to pay their mortgage payments, a personal bankruptcy may eliminate that debt enabling the homeowner to continue making their home mortgage payment.
In some cases this action may lower payments, but not always, and it is an expensive process.
However, in this economy this scenario is not likely unless the homeowner has owned their home for a number of years.
Servicemembers should contact The American Bar Association to find an attorney to work with in this situation.
August 19, 2016Inventory throughout the East Bay has been climbing, pushing some area home prices down.

Many do not even realize that foreclosure is a process, and that there is time to make decisions that may result in a better outcome. To assist you, I’ve prepared a free report outlining the first steps a homeowner should take when facing a foreclosure. The county or the state or the local government has the right to foreclose the tax lien and then sell the property following the legal procedures that is required by the law. With these forms, you will have to include attachments such as pay stubs, proof of income, and significant statements that will show your debts and assets that may be asked by the tax collector. We are not attorneys, but real estate investors, so make sure you check anything we say with an attorney if you want professional legal counsel.
This will help you to retain your house as small monthly payments could be affordable and chances of skipping it will be less. All of our agents are trained and experienced with helping our clients and we may have other options available to have you avoid foreclosure.
This means that financial statements are presented along with a letter of explanation regarding what caused the hardship. However, if the homeowner cannot afford their mortgage payment regardless of the elimination of non-secured debt, a bankruptcy will only stall the foreclosure process. Whether you are looking to buy, sell, build, finance, rent, relocate or invest, we are the premier service real estate team in Las Cruces, Dona Ana County, and Southern New Mexico. Acceptable hardships include but are not limited to: mortgage payment increase, job loss, divorce, excessive debt, forced or unplanned relocation, and more. Kimberly Manning[Webinar] How to be the local market expert with Market Intel August 19, 2016With Market Intel, you can be the true market data expert, with the ability to chart the price history of multiple houses or multiple ZIPs in one metro.
Britt ChesterRockland County real estate sales and prices on the rise August 19, 2016The Hudson Valley real estate market has been faring well, especially in Rockland County, where home sales rose in the second quarter of the year.

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