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In late April, the city of Houston launched an effort to scoop up dangerous properties left to rot in aging neighborhoods, raze them and resell the land. Since the so-called “strike-off” program was approved, the city has resold 42 tax-delinquent, dangerous properties at auction, reaping $183,705.
Officials estimate the city would have recovered about $1,470 from the sale of the 42 properties prior to the program. City officials estimated the program could more than double the number of buildings demolished each year, help the city recover more of the money it spends fighting blight and get the lots back on the tax rolls more quickly. The dangerous, tax-delinquent buildings that don’t sell at auction can be acquired by the city and cleaned up for resale. Prior to the new approach, Houston typically got back less than 1 percent of its cleanup costs when it condemned and razed a property, because it was last in line to recoup its costs under state law. Houston has about 4,317 blighted houses, strip centers and apartment complexes, most of which are clustered in poor and minority neighborhoods.

Hurdles to razing more of these structures have included a lack of resources, state laws that limit the city’s ability to interfere with private properties, and often muddled ownership that makes it hard to hold someone responsible for a property’s poor state.
Another seven properties are expected to be posted for sale in August and September, officials said.
Click here for an interactive map of all the dangerous, tax-delinquent properties eligible for the program as of its launch. See below for an interactive map of the 42 properties that have been resold under the program since April. Three and one half cargo containers that entered the world intended for international shipping have been given a new lease on life as a mountain retreat in the hills near Santa Cruise, California. The high cube cargo containers, cut into sections to make them easier to navigate through the mountain roads, have been assembled to form a beautiful 1,200 square foot, two story house. The containers were cut into size in Oakland, at the same time the windows and doors were installed.

In all, very few trees were displaced during the construction, and two fortunate trees were recycled and used in other parts of the house. In terms of costs, the cargo containers were purchased for around $15,000 at the port of Oakland.
The key here is that the city takes a more active role, holding the property in something akin to ownership. That makes Houston responsible for maintenance, but also puts the city first in line to recover its cleanup costs before other local governments get the taxes owed them when a sale occurs.

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