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A team of Philadelphia-based green building visionaries have joined efforts to build a LEED certified home for $100K. The100K House Project was started back in the fall of 2007 with two urban infill lots in East Kensington in Philadelphia.
As one intent of the 100K House Project is to get LEED certified, many green features will be incorporated into the project. These homes will be for sale once they break ground and the expected asking price will be around $200 – $250K. Please note that gratuitous links to your site are viewed as spam and may result in removed comments.
For clarification, the sale price of the houses is $200-250K because it includes the cost of the lot and a little extra for the team involved. They will be sold for 200-250 because they will have land under them, plus no one asked the builder not to make money on the project. Given that San Francisco is one of the most expensive residential real estate markets in the country, it would be pretty surprising to see home sales fall below the $100,000 mark — even in the not-so-fresh areas.
Still, if data on some real estate sites (such as Trulia and Redfin) is to be believed, a handful of places have sold for less than $100,000 over the last three months. Frankly, we’re skeptical — one place on 9th Avenue in the Richmond that supposedly sold for “$37,500” is appraised at more than one million dollars by Zillow, Eppraisal and CyberHomes — so we suspect that the sale was either a sweetheart deal for a family member or that the sales price was wrong.

As far as we can tell, there aren’t any residential properties listed for less than $100,000 in San Francisco proper, but when you get to Daly City, there are a couple mobile homes listed for $50,000 and $70,000; plus, there’s one weird house that includes a 60 year-old healthy occupant who inherited a “life estate”. After experiencing frustration at the lack of available modern, green, affordable homes, developer Postgreen, Interface Studio Architects and building company Level 5 Construction have set out to construct a 1,000 sq ft home for $100 per sq foot, and get it LEED certified. Their blog posts detail the process as they build out these homes, and include pictures, floorplans, LEED checklists, builder spec plans and even a construction budget. Some of these features include, solar thermal hot water, rainwater collection, low-flow fixtures, radiant in floor heating, passive air conditioning, ERV and dehumidifier, efficient lighting, SIP construction, low VOC finishes, and drought tolerant landscaping that is 100% permeable.
These houses are an attempt to meet the demand of average income consumers dreaming of a modern yet healthy and sustainable home.
I guess by the time all is said and done, the house will work out to be about $200-250 a square foot. The exterior can be worked still I suppose, looks like a 30\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s bauhaus project.
We also need to cover the cost of the land and the many soft costs that go into developing in Philadelphia. It’s a shame no one got the rights for a reality TV show for this, but the project team is diligently documenting the progress online. The team has placed a high priority on modern architectural design and cost effective green building.

The four bedroom and four bathroom 300 square meter house gives you plenty of space to spread out and enjoy the beach life.
In order to build an affordable home, the focus is on providing the best building envelope and mechanical design rather than on high-end finishes.
The large property is meticulously landscaped incorporating palm trees, fruit trees, and fresh herbs.Currently this house is a very popular rental property with a pool right on the beach, outdoor shower, and two refrigerators in the spacious kitchen. Or maybe the same idea withh 100 USD laptop for African kids which first costed 300 and now sells for around 500. This ensures easy on site security, cleaning for you and your guests, and makes general maintenance a whole lot easier.Playa Marsella is a family beach perfect for splashing in the waves and sunset beach walks.
With several restaurants all within walking distance of this house, and the famous surfing beach of Playa Marderas just a short drive away, you’ll have some conveniences along the the seclusion of the area.

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