San Diego Bankruptcy Lawyer Paul Staley is here to help

Why do we offer you a free bankruptcy consultation? Because in today's economy many hardworking honest Americans -  in spite of the news reports that the recession is over -  are still in financial trouble. They have thought about bankruptcy but worry that they'll be stigmatized. That's kept them from talking to anyone about it. Being in debt today doesn't mean you are a bad person. Finding yourself in the middle of an economic hurricane isn't a moral question. We are a San Diego bankruptcy law firm that is dedicated to helping people like you; people who find themselves in an economic hurricane. When you meet with Paul, you get the opportunity to understand your legal options. Things will then be clearer. Then you can decide what works for you.There are answers... you just need to ask.

What is different about this bankruptcy lawyer?

Paul is the  first bankruptcy lawyer in San Diego who guaranteed his work. That means if you file bankruptcy with us you can count on the results. If you want to know more about our results read our Bankruptcy True Stories. Paul wrote the book, "The Bankruptcy Lifeline."  It is on Paul has answered more - and more complex - bankruptcy questions on this website than anyone we know nationwide. He has done all this so you can better protect your and your family's financial future.  You have enough problems to worry about. Choosing your bankruptcy lawyer shouldn't be one of them.

Ms.Davis :" Another thing about dealing with Mr. Staley, he UNDERSTANDS how it feels and is very empathetic about it being embarrassing to go bankrupt. If you go to his website and read his background story on why he became a lawyer, you will understand and you will like this man as I did. The whole process went very smoothly (without a hitch) and Mr.Staley stayed with me (and his other clients) throughout the whole court process (which didn't take long). "

A bankruptcy lawyer you'll know well enough to call him by his first name.

Paul has helped more than two thousand people of San Diego. From a single mother to get back on her feet to the CEO who couldn't return his investors' money.He would have helped more, he says, but he's only one person. Big firms process hundreds of cases each month, losing sight of the unique needs of the individual.This is the San Diego bankruptcy lawyer where you can expect his personal attention to your concerns. Paul has taught the joint monthly meeting of the Bankruptcy and the Family Law sections of the San Diego County Bar to teach other lawyers about the intricacies of how bankruptcy affects family law. Paul's sweet spot is bankruptcy cases other San Diego bankruptcy lawyers have turned away because of their complexity. There is help, but the first step is yours. It is important that you fully understand your rights. The more you know about your choices, the easier it is.

Alfred R. :" The first time I met with Paul was in his office in the year 2013. At that very moment I felt very comfortable, safe and secured with him as my lawyer. He was so pleasing , approachable and very professional. I was able to tell him all my concerns without any hesitations and he explained to me everything clearly. He was very thorough and detailed. From that time we both have a good rapport. He always make sure that I understood everything he said before going to the next topic. "

What should you do next?

Call us.We will make an appointment so you can meet with Paul. If you need to know more before you call, review our videos.You will find the most exhaustive answers to bankruptcy questions anywhere in the nation. Our clients deserve answers.

 Sara W. :"  Paul just helped my husband and I through a bankruptcy.  We first went to one of those big bankruptcy firms that advertise on TV as inexpensive.  They weren't.  Then we were lucky enough to find Paul.  But more than that, he was pleasant to work with.  His intelligent sense of humor and his responsive, thoughtful staff made this experience as pleasant as something this unpleasant can be.I have already recommended Paul to friends and family, and I will use his services again for any legal matter that may arise in the future. "

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