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Bluehost has been hosting websites for nearly two whole decades now. In that space it has accrued customer trust while providing affordable hosting packages. I have hosted several of my sites on Bluehost for the past 8 to 10 years and yet to come across an instance where the support wasn't responsive or experience a lot downtime of more than a few minutes spread across all these years. Yep. They're that good. 

  1. MOBILE FRIENDLY - In my experience so far only two hosting companies are worth their salt. One's Bluehost and another Hostgator. And luckily both are under the EIG umbrella.
  2. EASY AND SIMPLE-Both have great uptime and as mentioned before they host sites with excellent uptime, customer support and fast loading speeds.
  3.  UNIQUE - What else do you need? The customer support is what I generally laud about and the first thing I look for in any service. And more than once they've saved my skin. 
Reading through customer reports, survey sites, reviews ratings and experiences of friends family and extended blogging family I can say with confidence that they have the best service, the best uptime industry wide, great support system and pretty intuitive cpanel.
Since the past two decades Bluehost has been at the forefront of innovation. Born of this innovation, they use the latest and the best available technology in building their infrastructure. The quality of support, eagerness to help and speed of resolution for most problems is testament to their commitment to technology. If we had to put an exact date, Bluehost was established in the year 2003. Ever since then the brand has built itself on providing the best hosting service.
And the company isn’t adept at offering hosting for just simple one page websites. They also offer VPS and dedicated hosting— the features that are par with the best in the industry.
Cheap hosting
With our coupon you get access to the cheapest plans the company has to offer. The cheapest plan doesn’t necessarily mean the lowest quality plan. In fact, quality and affordability are the two principles the company is running itself on. The vision of the company is to provide excellent non-compromising quality of service at the lowest possible price point.
During Cyber Monday and Black friday I’ve seen deals that are up to 85% off on the regular price.
When you use our coupon you get access to hosting at $2.95 per month. This is the lowest the company offers and you will not get a better deal anywhere.
This plan only allows one domain. But higher priced plans let you choose and host as many domains as you want.
VPS provides you a virtual slice in a dedicated server. Hosting most of the websites in the online world is simple enough because the traffic is negligible. However in some cases the traffic or the number of visitors is extraordinarily high. For instance, if you’re running a popular celebrity entertainment portal or a tutorial site or any of the hundreds of sites that hog traffic then shared hosting where you’re put in a stack among so many other websites isn’t ideal.
VPS gives you your very own slice of a dedicated server. It’s shared among only a few hence you get full virtual access. The load speed improves dramatically as you’re not competing with hundreds of other sites for the same resources. You get better control and so on.
Other features: Google integration
Bluehost has one-click integration set up with Google apps. This simplies the way you can cross-access functionalities and also get access to features like Google’s cloud storage.
Cloud Hosting
This feature was released only a few years ago and makes up for scalable hosting.
On cloud you don’t have to worry about physical drive crashes at the dedicated host center or crashes due to spikes in website traffic. Bluehost decentralizes website load so that one server doesn’t handle the entire load.
The risk of downtime in much lower.
Plans on Offer
Three plans are currently on offer the first one being the basic plan that starts at $2.95 per month, the second one called plus that allows unlimited number of domains at $5.95 per month and third and last one called Prime $5.45 per month.
Bluehost offers 99.9% uptime which implies your site will stay up for most of the time.
How to host your Wordpress site on Bluehost
WordPress by far remains the most popular CMS there ever was. And you will be glad to hear that Bluehost has partnered with WordPress. WordPress recommends Bluehost as one of its partners.
Starting a blog or website of any kind of WordPress is easy. And here we will guide you on how to get started.
Select the plan that’s apt for you. If you want to host multiple websites the plus plan is ideal.
The plus plan orignially costs $10.99 nearly 11 per month but with our coupon you can host unlimited domains, with unlimited storage and email accounts at $5.45 per month.
Prime Plan costs $14.99 per month but with our discount you pay only $5.45/mo is the most valuable of the three.
You also get a free domain for one year with these plans.
With my experience on Bluehost I noticed that the domain pricing per year is more expensive compared to other registrars. So when the first year is about to be over transfer it to another registrar to save on some dollars. There’s no problem doing that.
When you host domain from another registrar to Bluehost you will need to change namesevers.
The default nameservers associated with Bluehost are
Domain name buying tips:
When purchasing a domain it isn’t necessary that you go for a keyword rich domain name. Those days are long gone and branded domains tend to do better in search engine results.
Choose one that makes you stand apart, is simple and easy to remember. Long-winded keyword stuffed domains are going to fly off people’s minds like ice cubes on a hot day.
Whether it be existing or new domain, complete the registration and then go to website manager to install Wordpress on the domain.
In the drop down you will see all the domains under the account.
Choose the new one and install wordpress.
The process will take a few minutes and will automatically install. .
Next you can enter details like site title and give an identity to your site. You get to choose username and password. Choose usernames that are hard to guess instead of sticking with the default admin.