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Baptismal Sideshow

More than just a feeling

I made a startling discovery last Sunday. I discovered that even in good Christian churches, churches where preaching is Bible-centered and lives are being changed, the great church traditions are being relegated to being mere sideshows.

How so? Well let me explain the scene of my discovery.

A contemporary worship service had been going on and after the normal "staged" singing there was scheduled a baptismal service. Now I love these services. It is where you can hear the testimonials of recently converted Christians fresh from the flesh-pots of the devil. The stark honesty is so refreshing that I get a charge out of it all.

So, surrounded by a rock landscaped baptismal tank and with a real wooden cross as a backdrop, the service began. However, soon it was being upstaged by the very loud 'swing' choir singing current 'praise' songs. They sang so loudly that the people being baptized couldn't hear what the pastor was saying even though he was standing right beside them. And of course we in the congregation had no chance of hearing them at all.

So why was the choir singing so loudly? I have no idea.

Maybe it was a way for them to provide 'background music' for this dramatic event. I thought it was merely as way for them to 'pleasure themselves' with their singing. But whatever the true reason it did accomplish making the baptismal service a mere side-show for their performance.

How sad.

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